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  1. Somalia attack: Al-Shabab ‘kills 30’ at AU military base (BBC, June 26, 2015)

    “At least 30 people have been killed after gunmen attacked an African Union military base in southern Somalia, witnesses say. A suicide car bomber drove into the main gates of the base in Leego, along the main road connecting the capital, Mogadishu and the city of Baidoa. The militant Islamist group al-Shabab says its fighters have taken control of the base but this is not confirmed. Al-Shabab is battling Somalia’s government for control of the country.”

  2. Italy arrests accused Pakistani in Rome

    Italian police on Friday arrested a Pakistani in Rome, who is suspected of involvement in the 2009 Peshawar market bombing – one of the country’s bloodiest attacks.

    The man, who has been living in Italy, is accused of taking part in the attack in 2009 in which 134 died, including many women and children. He was held at Rome’s Fiumicino airport after stepping off a flight from Pakistan.
    Anti-terrorist police believe he also hid a “suspected suicide attacker who was supposed to carry out an attack” in Italy.
    In April, Italy claimed to have dismantled an Islamist terror cell on the island of Sardinia led by two former bodyguards of Osama bin Laden who were plotting a possible attack on the Vatican.

    Arrest warrants were issued for 18 people, several of whom are also suspected of being part of Islamist networks in Pakistan. Nine were arrested across Italy, including three on Sardinia. The Vatican has played down the threat to the pope’s life.

  3. Kuwait – Shia mosque ‘hit by suicide blast’

    A suicide bomber has targeted a Shia mosque around the time of Friday prayers in the Kuwaiti capital, security officials and witnesses say.

    The scale of the attack is not yet known, though a number of fatalities has been reported.

    The blast hit the Imam Sadiq Mosque in al-Sawaber – a busy area to the east of the city.

    Attacks of this kind are extremely rare in Kuwait. No group has yet said it was behind the blast.

    A security official and witnesses said a suicide bomber had carried out the attack.

    According to Qatari Al-Jazeera TV, at least eight people were killed. Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida said another eight people were wounded.

    A Kuwaiti MP, who saw the attack, said the mosque was packed with some 2,000 people when there was a loud explosion, Reuters news agency reported.

    Footage posted online said to be from the scene of the attack showed men, some in blood-splattered clothing, walking around a smoke-filled room with rubble on the floor.

    Al-Jazeera also reported that the Kuwaiti emir was heading to the scene of the blast.

  4. TUNISIA – SOUSSE – 7 killed in attacks on 2 Tunisia beach hotels: Interior Ministry

    TUNIS: Two tourist hotels in the Tunisian town of Sousse have been attacked and at least seven people were killed, the Interior Ministry said.

    A security source had said that an exchange of gunfire with security forces erupted and that at least one gunman was killed.

    There were no other details immediately available.

    Tunisia has been on high alert since March when Islamist militant gunmen attacked the Bardo museum in Tunis, killing a group of foreign tourists in one of the worst attacks in a decade in the North African country.

    Unconfirmed reports: Multiple tourists dead

    Unconfirmed reports suggest multiple tourists have died.

    Local station Radio Jawhara FM has reported there are 13 tourist deaths, with other local reports claiming tourists were show from boats.

    An unverified and graphic photo, whose author claims to have taken it in the resort, appears to show a man face-down on the beach after the attack.

    Tunisia hotel ‘terror attack’

    A beach resort in Tunisia popular with British tourists has been gripped by panic after a reported terror attack.

    Tourists say they have heard gunshots on the beach and an ‘explosion’ in the city of Sousse.

    One wrote on Twitter: “Actual terrorist attack on the beach next to my hotel. Gunshots and grenades going off all over the place.

    “Sat in the pool and hear a noise like a gun, then an explosion then multiple shots and staff getting us back to the rooms.”

    Another witness reported that tourists have been told to stay in their rooms and stick together.

  5. Breaking News BBC

    At least 19 people have been killed in an attack on a tourist hotel in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse, according to the interior ministry.At least one gunman has been shot dead and another is being pursued, officials say……. The interior ministry told the BBC “a terrorist attack” was ongoing……..

  6. 26 June 2015 at 1:17pm … news…France terror attack

    Marine Le Pen calls for action against Islamic extremism

    Leader of the French National Front Marine Le Pen has called for action against Islamic extremism following the terror attack near Lyon.

    Le Pen, who leads France’s third largest political party, wants extremists to be deported.

    The attack at an Air Products is suspected to have involved Islamic extremists.

    “Big declarations must now stop. The marches, slogans and emotional speech must now give way to action. Nothing has been done to stop Islamic fundamentalism for years,” Le Pen said in a statement.

    “Our borders must be restored. All foreigners suspected of Islamic fundamentalism should be as soon expelled from the country”
    Last updated Fri 26 Jun 2015

  7. Iraq confirms its pilot died in Arizona military plane crash

    BAGHDAD – Iraq’s Defense Ministry says the body of a pilot whose military plane crashed during a training mission in the United States has been found at the crash site.

    Friday’s ministry statement says search teams found the body of Brig. Gen. Rafid Mohammed Hassan at the crash site in southern Arizona.

    He was the only person aboard when the F-16 Fighting Falcon plane went down during a Wednesday night training mission with the Arizona Air National Guard’s 162nd Wing.

    The crash site was 8 kilometers (5 miles) east of Douglas Municipal Airport, southeast of Tucson.

    Iraq is to expecting its first batch of F-16s with U.S.-trained Iraqi pilots and spare parts. Iraqi military has said the planes would be immediately used to carry out operations against the extremist Islamic State group.

  8. What If There’s No Deal on Rescuing Greece by June 30 Deadline

    To answer the question in the headline, it will be a slow motion train wreck, as time passes it will accelerate and take other nation down with Greece. The think to watch is how the merchant banks are doing, if/when any of them get into trouble there will be smaller commercial banks failing. It will be bank failures that cause the most damage.

  9. Nigeria court in Kano sentences nine people to death for blasphemy<

    An Islamic court has sentenced nine people to death for insulting the Prophet Muhammad in the northern Nigerian city of Kano.

    The accused, who were all Muslims, had pleaded guilty, the head of Kano's religious police, Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, told the BBC.

    The trial was speedily done in secret after a section of the court was burnt down by angry protesters last month.

    It is not known if they will appeal against the sentence.

    The alleged offence was committed last month at a religious gathering in honour of Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse, the Senegalese founder of the Tijaniya sect, which has a large following across West Africa.
    The nine, eight man and a woman, were reported to have said that "Niasse was bigger than Prophet Muhammad", triggering unrest.
    The venue was burnt to the ground by an angry mob and the nine were arrested,

    "There has been consensus among Muslims scholars that insulting the prophet carries a death sentence," Mr Daurawa told the BBC Hausa service.

    "We quickly put them on trial to avoid bloodshed because people were very angry and trying to take law into their hands," he added.

    Kano has a predominately Muslim population and Islamic courts operate alongside secular courts.

    BBC Kano reporter Yusuf Yakasai said people celebrated in some parts of the city when news of the judgement emerged.

    Tijaniya at a glance

    The Sufi sect of Tijaniya was founded in Algeria in 1784 by Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tijani.

    It spread all over the world, with large following in north and west Africa. It also has followers in South Africa, Indonesia and other parts of the world.

    There are other Sufi sects in Islam but Tijaniya is the largest.

    They have three main daily practices: Asking the forgiveness of God; sending prayers to the Prophet Muhammad and affirming the Oneness of Allah.

    Senegalese-born Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse was credited with reviving the sect in the 20th Century. People travel from across the continent to visit his shrine.

    They have several factions including the Haqiqa (Realist) group, whose leaders were convicted accused of blasphemy in Kano.

    Several states in predominantly Muslims northern Nigeria have introduced Sharia law after the country returned to civilian rule in 1999.

    This is the first time a death sentence has been handed down for blasphemy in northern Nigeria.

    The sentence has been delivered for other offences such as adultery but none has been carried out.

  10. CANADA – TORONTO [ Muslim ] Sex offender working as principal of private tutoring program
    Yusuf Ali Talukder was convicted of sexually assaulting a student in 2010.

    Because provincial authorities have no jurisdiction over private education, he can work at his own after-school program.

    A convicted sex offender banned from working in public schools is tutoring children in a private classroom in Toronto.

    Yusuf Ali Talukder, principal of the Dhaka Learning Centre, was sentenced to six months in jail in 2010 for sexually assaulting a female student under the age of 14.

    He was found guilty of putting his hand inside the student’s bra, squeezing her breast on multiple occasions and rubbing the zipper of her pants during class, according to the court decision.

    Talukder, 52, pleaded not guilty, and in an interview last week he told the Star he was innocent.

    The Dhaka Learning Centre is an afterschool tutorial program owned by Talukder.

    Because it is a private business, provincial education authorities had no power to stop the principal, who is on the sex offender registry, from walking out of jail and back into his office.

    The court forbade Talukder from being in a public area where children would likely be present, such as a park, playground or school. It also banned him from working “in a position of trust or authority towards persons under the age of fourteen” for 10 years, according to his prohibition order.

    But, in a handwritten amendment to the order, Justice Donna Hackett granted Talukder the right to be employed around children — only if he was “in the immediate presence of another adult in the same room.”

    When the Star visited the one-classroom learning centre last Tuesday, Talukder said a 22-year-old university student was acting as his adult supervisor. The alleged supervisor told the Star he was only 18.

    Talukder had been a voluntary member of the Ontario College of Teachers since 2005. After he was released from jail, he was summoned to a disciplinary hearing, which he declined to attend.

    The college, which regulates public school teachers, revoked Talukder’s licence and registration, preventing him from ever teaching in a public school again.

    But because the college has no jurisdiction over the private sector, its watchdog powers fall short of the Dhaka Learning Centre.

    The Ministry of Education also has no role in the regulatory oversight of private tutoring programs or any of the 900 private schools that operate in the province, a ministry spokesman told the Star.

    The independent tutorial centre, which primarily caters to Toronto’s Bengali community, offers after-school tutoring for children as young as 6, according to the centre’s website.

    It is tucked away inside a block of shops, up a narrow flight of stairs and down a corridor, on the corner of a busy intersection in Scarborough.

    Its charges are taped to the front door: $90 for four lessons a month and $320 for 20 lessons a month. A poster on the door advertising the centre has two spelling mistakes, one corrected with a black marker.

    When the Star visited the centre last week, Talukder was sitting in his office, surrounded by paperwork, while six students aged 15 to 21 quietly studied in the bare-walled classroom next door.

    He moved from his office to the classroom, where he helped students with math and physics homework.

    Talukder, who was born in Bangladesh, spoke softly as he explained his view of the incident that led to his conviction.

    “I was teaching the person and maybe sometimes I may, my body can touch the students. So there is a complaint that things, you know here in Canada are sometimes a problem, like those things,” Talukder said in his office.

    He continued: “Somebody complained about things here and, yeah, it is very difficult to work with teenagers, right. Anybody can complain.”

    According to the court decision, Talukder started grooming the victim when she was 12; he would point to her bra strap and ask her what it was and then trace his hand around the neckline of her shirt.

    During a tutorial period in the late 2000s, when the victim was sitting at the back of the room, Talukder put his hand into her bra and “squeezed her breast on 5 –7 separate occasions,” the decision says.

    He also lifted the bottom of her shirt and “told her to sit properly when she had her legs crossed and rubbed the zipper of her pants lightly with his knuckles,” the court decision said.

    “She elbowed him a little at one point to get him away from her, but it did not work. Once, he pulled his hand away quickly when one of the [other students] turned around,” it said.

    The student started to cry silently in class and the decision says Talukder “gave her his notebook on which was already written in pencil, ‘Never tell anybody.’”

    In court, the victim’s mother and aunt testified that when they confronted Talukder at the centre the next day, he asked for forgiveness and told them he had “misbehaved and had not slept all night.” He asked the women not to tell anybody, but to hit him instead, which the documents says is “a sign of profound disrespect in Bengali culture.”

    Talukder rejected this account in his own testimony, but the judge ruled he was an inconsistent and unreliable witness. He was convicted of sexual assault and sexually touching a person under the age of 14.

    The father of two said he never considered closing the Dhaka Learning Centre after his conviction because he believed he was helping students and his Bengali community.

    “I already learned a lesson. I am always careful, even like, that my hand doesn’t touch to the student,” Talukder said.

    When the Star asked where Talukder’s supervising adult was last Tuesday, he said: “There’s the big guy in the room there,” pointing at one of the six students seated at a desk.

    Talukder said the student was 22 and in his second year of university, but when the Star asked the student how old he was, he said 18. Talukder then told the student he was 20, to which the student replied: “Yes, I am 20.”

    The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services told the Star it was “inappropriate to comment on the details of any specific case,” including the last time an officer checked in on Talukder or whether his prohibition order was being actively monitored.

    Talukder declined to tell the Star if his staff members or the parents of his students were aware of his conviction.

    “I don’t have any conviction now. I am free of everything now,” he said.

    “Probation is over, but always for my own safety, I always keep the adult person in the room. I am always alert, always alert.”

    The Star contacted Talukder on Thursday to ask if the university student was aware of the fact that he was acting as an adult supervisor, but Talukder said he was “not interested to tell anything.”

    “I spoke to my lawyer and she said I couldn’t,” Talukder said.

    Talukder’s lawyer, Vanessa Christie, did not respond to multiple emails and phone calls from the Star.

    • Most foreign investors view South Africa as a very stable country and very few of them are aware of the terrorism factor. Maybe they should take notice now.

      Then find different asset managers. The pile of dead canaries oughta tell you something…

      • It should but most people think that the terror attacks are a minor problem that can be solved by the police and that the era of large wars is over. Besides if they don’t invest in South Africa they will be called racist.

  11. Syria crisis: Islamic State ‘kills 120 civilians’ in Kobane (BBC, June 26, 2015)

    “Islamic State (IS) militants have killed more than 120 civilians since launching a fresh attack on the Syrian border town of Kobane, activists say.

    IS “fired at everything that moved” after entering on Thursday, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    A separate IS attack on the north-eastern city of Hassakeh has displaced 60,000 people, the UN says.

    Kobane became a symbol of Kurdish resistance in January after an IS siege lasting several months was repelled.

    IS launched an apparent two-pronged offensive on Thursday after Kurdish fighters from the Popular Protection Units (YPG) cut off one of the militants’ major supply routes near Raqqa….”

  12. Greece announces shock referendum on eurozone future throwing banking system into turmoil

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will ask the Greek people whether they ultimately want to stay in the euro as Greeks begin queuing outside of cash machines in the early hours of the morning

    The Greek prime minister throws Brussels negotiations into chaos by calling for a vote on the “ultimatum against Europe’s values”

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