Christian history in France in flames, the commies take down a Nobel Prize Laureate, muslims continue their non-stop slaughter fest: Links 2 on June 15- 2015

1. France basilica fire: Saint-Donatien in Nantes in ruins

(Video at site but Im sure many much better ones will appear throughout the day. Perhaps there is another theory about this fire, but lets let time tell the tale)

2. A Nobel Prize winning scientist learns that there is a narrative, and it will be obeyed, or you will be destroyed. Even if what you said was in jest or even true.

3. Moderate Indonesian police destroy alcohol ahead of ramadan.

4. Twenty-seven killed in Chad bombings: Boko Haram blamed

5. Question: How many people did Sky have to go through to find one this dishonest and one this stupid?

6. Islamic State indulges in a little wanton destruction of cases of wine

7. ‘‘We can not imagine what will happen”

World War III is already here. It takes place between the West and other states on one hand and terrorist groups and IS on the other hand – and it will only escalate, says peace and conflict researcher and professor of intelligence analysis, Wilhelm Agrell, to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

– We are in something that can best be understood as a world war.

“When will World War III start”? “Was the question in the P1 radio program “Philosophical room” a few weeks ago.

Both Wilhelm Agrell, Professor of intelligence analysis and Kristian Gerner, a history professor, in the program agreed that the conflicts we now see in the Middle East, North Africa and terrorism in Europe should be designated as a world war.

(This sounds vaguely familiar)

8. French Prime Minister does double gainer off the diving board of irrelevancy 


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls stressed on Monday there was no link between extremism and Islam, as he opened a conference aimed at improving ties with France’s large Muslim community.

“We must say all of this is not Islam,” said Valls. “The hate speech, anti-Semitism that hides behind anti-Zionism and hate for Israel… the self-proclaimed imams in our neighbourhoods and our prisons who are promoting violence and terrorism.”

Five months after the jihadist attacks in Paris that killed 17 people and shocked the world, the government will hold a series of meetings with top officials from the roughly five million-strong Muslim community, the largest in Europe.

(Its like he’s never read a book)

9. Exactly how is the US not a communist country?

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna and a host of others.

Part VII and possibly VIII of the Red Pill Brief could be up later today. Its quite an amazing thing to edit. More to come I’m afraid. Also The Funding Drive post was released as a sticky. I would like to thank everyone who sent in something to help this site survive. It is deeply appreciated and humbling to know this work means enough to others that they would help cover costs. These are, as the Chinese curse goes, interesting times.


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8 Replies to “Christian history in France in flames, the commies take down a Nobel Prize Laureate, muslims continue their non-stop slaughter fest: Links 2 on June 15- 2015”

  1. 7 – The war will grow into a large scale ground war like WWII, the magnitude of this war will make WWI and WWII combined look small. Nations will be destroyed and others born during the war with the map makers being kept very busy.

    In 2011 shortly after the 9/11 attacks people started talking about a clash of civilizations which is what is happening. The left quickly started laughing at the idea because if they admitted that a Clash of Civilizations was occuring people would have started screaming for us to start fighting the war in such a way that we could win and preserve our civilization.
    Now 14 years into the war most of the military strength of the west has been destroyed by leftist leaders who think the destruction of the west will allow them to create their socialist utopia.
    Alll the destruction of the wester military machines has done is to insure a greater number of causalities on all sides of the war and insure that the war will last longer and be much nastier then it would have been if we had been allowed to fight to win in 2001.

      • Pretty much, tries what passed for civilization among the Islamic countries collapsed during the late 10th and earlier 20th Centuries, what was left (for the most part) refused to accept any civilization. Look at the Palavi (sp) dynasty in Iran and its attempt to create a new Persian civilization then look at the efforts of the Secularists in Turkey and their attempts to create a secular society and civilization.
        I recently read a monograph on how until recently Islam was a thin coating of the Koran over the original animism of the various ethnic groups making up the Islamic world. (I think it was in the Clarion Project but can’t find the article) The author made the point that it wasn’t untio the mid to late 20th Century that Wahhabism spread due to the advances in transportation and communication technology.
        I wish I could find where I filed that article or find it by use of a search engine.

        • The rains that are passing through Missouri this week are killing my back and giving me massive sinus headaches, the pain mdes are making me drowsy so I miss some mistakes.

        • …..on how until recently Islam was a thin coating of the Koran over the original animism of the various ethnic groups

          islam is an ideology with a thin veneer of religion.
          What religion kills you for leaving?

          Educate about islam

          info tabs up top, muzlim terror attack counter-
          26M+ since 9-11

          PS: There are lots and lots of great articles on this and
          other islamic secrets out there.
          We are fortunate to have many strong voices in this battle between Right and Wrong.
          I would not doubt finding
          more than one piece on this very site!
          Also, try these:

          American Thinker
          Front Page
          Elder of Ziyon
          Weasel zippers
          Pam Geller
          Jihad watch
          Political islam

          Many, many, many………

  2. #1.

    Some pictures in this article (a diaporama as they call it):

    A quick translation of what I personally think is the most interesting point in the article:

    “…Although for now it seems premature to draw conclusions, some firefighters believe that the roof should not collapse. However, the work would be long and expensive, “the church could remain closed for years”, predicted one of the experts.” (my bolds)

    One (more) down, how many (more) to come?

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