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4 Replies to “Part V of the Red Pill Brief by Maj. Stephen Coughlin in Vienna Austria”

  1. I’m a great fan of V.S. Naipul. His analogy is spot-on, his indictment of Europe majestic. I’m profoundly saddened. Not terribly surprised, only appalled at the velocity of dissolution.

    Maybe that’s because Christianity never recovered after the war, wasn’t given a chance. Communists cultivating socialists who pushed cultural Marxism. Thinking about it that way helps me understand a little, blame indoctrination instead of people.

    European Jewry died 70 years ago and mourning is tiresome. A string of Jewish museums, curators of natural history exhibits for a people never regarded as fully human.

    The remnant that sojourns there today is like an expatriate community. They’ll be okay as long as they long as they behave as the proto-dhimmis they are.

    Mr. Naipul is guarded in this article. He knows ISIS is Islam, packaged for this generation by Goebbels analogues. Islam is what’s toxic. From my perspective, the Islamic Republic of Iran may be a more immediate genocidal threat.

    So when he writes, “In the absence of the cat, the rats ran riot,” I’d append: …and then they devour each other.

    • You are right Christianity has been under massive attack since WWII, I am certain it will see a revival and become much stronger then it was but we are going to have a hard time before it revives.

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