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One Reply to “Geert Wilders in Denmark June 13 2015”

  1. I heard the same speech by Mr. Wilders just the other day at another Free Press Society get together. What I found interesting about this one was the back and forth. The gentleman to the right of Mr. Wilders made some interesting points in that he said that wasn’t Mr. Wilders censoring speech by “banning the Koran” and advocating for the closure of Islamic schools, etc and that this tact will “come back to haunt us one day.”
    To which I might have responded that we see the degradation in our societies already very apparent with the advent of muslim influx. We see the crime rate skyrocketing and the extreme strain on our social services and schools. We see the importation of muslim economic refugees not only not adding to the tax base, as was the original idea, but actually causing a huge drain on the tax base; in a previous speech Mr. Wilders claimed that each “refugee” cost the Netherlands 36,000 euros/year. That is one hell of a lot of money!
    I don’t advocate banning the Koran like Mein Kamp, but what I do advocate is the halt of muslim refugees and a transfer to a “scored” basis for admitting anyone into our western nations.
    I am not a huge fan of Ann Coulter, a right wing bombastic in the US, but occasionally she does let out some naked truths. She is hawing a book as of late and took an interview with Univision, the biggest Spanish language channel in the US. The host wanted to paint a picture of the poor and tired crossing into the US for a better life. She pointed out that the US has already received 25% of the population of Mexico… She asked, “How many is enough?” Should we take in 50% of their population, how about 100%”
    The European Union should ask themselves the same question. If they took in 25% of Africa and the Middle East, would that be enough? What would that be about? 750 million economic refugees? Would that salve their guilt?
    No, this is just suicide. For some it is a reconciliation with past events, real or indoctrinated, but for others it is sheer craven power and money. For the average citizen in any western country it is a nightmare.

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