Leftist hypocrisy and dishonesty and Islamic manifest destiny with horror: Links 2 on June 12 – 2015

1. Leader of NAACP is a white woman, now outed by her parents.

(This is for the Ward Churchill files. One could compare it to the leader of Jobic, the Hungarian Nazi party who was actually a Jew except he had no idea he was, and when he learned he was Jewish he quit the party and studied Judaism and became all about it. So he was an honest actor. Ward Churchill and this woman however…)

‘She doesn’t want to be seen with us because we’ll ruin her image’: Parents of white NAACP leader reveal they learned she was claiming to be black from newspaper article after she cut them out

(Gotta wonder how these parents feel about all the money they scrimped and saved to send their daughter to college. One of the comments at YT points out that the media is agog with praise for Bruce Jenner and his fictitious sex change, yet critical of her and her fictitious race change. The comparison is near perfect)

The parents of a white NAACP leader who claimed to be African American have claimed that she cut them out because she didn’t want them ruining her image.

Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal spoke from their home in Troy, Montana on Friday after they revealed that their daughter, Spokane’s NAACP Chapter President Rachel Dolezal, has been misleading people about her ethnicity for years.

Dolezal, who has been a civil rights activist across Idaho and Washington and works part-time as an Africana Studies professor at Eastern Washington University, is now facing a city ethics probe for falsely claiming on an application that she was black.

Her parents, who are estranged from their daughter, say they first found out she was claiming to be African American as they read a newspaper article about her ‘some years ago’.

According to her mother, Ruthanne began to 'disguise herself' in 2006 or 2007The way she was: Other than some 'faint traces' of Native American blood, Ruthanne Dolezal's mother told reporters the family background is Czech, Swedish and German

2. Al Azhar Distributing Free Book Dedicated to Discrediting Christianity, the “Failed Religion”

(Al Azhar of course is the single most authoritative institution of Sunni islam on Earth. Like the Vatican, Oxford and Cambridge all rolled into one)

Al Azhar—arguably the Islamic world’s most prestigious Islamic university—continues to incite Egypt’s Muslims against Christians.  Most recently the university was exposed distributing a free booklet dedicated to discrediting Christianity, shock full of direct attacks on Christianity in general and the nation’s Coptic Christians in particular.

3. Public execution at a Libyan mosque

(Funny you rarely see executions at Churches or Synagogues or Buddhist temples)

(I posted this out of a hundred gory videos because in fact there isn’t really any graphic visuals. You know someone is getting shot but it isn’t graphic or up close)

4. Ogemaw County residents concerned youth camp will be ISIS training site

5. ‘Racist’ primary school headmistress who called staff ‘f*****g Muslims’ banned from teaching for life

An Essex primary school headmistress has been sacked after it was found she had referred to staff as “f***ing Muslims” and asked a pupil with special educational needs if he “liked touching women’s breasts.”

The National College for Teaching and Leadership panel spent two weeks reviewing evidence on Anupe Hanch, 49, finding her guilty of unacceptable professional conduct at work which resulted in a lifelong teaching ban.

The panel published its report on Friday, in which it details 10 witness accounts of the former-headmistress’ bullying behaviour towards teachers and pupils.

6. Saudi-led coalition denies bombing Yemen heritage site

(Personally I am inclined to believe the Saudis, as muslims famously use civilians, religious buildings and any kind of cover that is repugnant and illegal to cover military equipment and operations. Hizb’allah is famous for tunneling under hospitals etc. and loading the tunnels with weapons so it looks bad when Israel or whoever they pick a fight with, takes them out)

7. Australian Muslim leader: Women who sue for sexual discrimination simply do not understand Islam

(Gotta admit, when they are right, they are right)

THE leader of radical Islamist political party Hizb ut-Tahrir will argue a woman who is suing the organisation for $100,000 over claims of sexual discrimination simply does not understand Islam.

Freelance journalist Alison Bevege is taking the hardline group to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal after she was asked to sit at the back of a hall with other women at a public meeting last October.

She claims that, despite her protestations, she was told she had to sit separately to the men in the hall and was the victim of sexual discrimminsation.

But the group’s leader Ismail Alwahwah will categorically refute the claims.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal Mr Alwahwah is of the view that Alison Bevege doesn’t understand the Muslim religion and that the separation of men and women is part of Islam itself and not reserved to religious gatherings in mosques.

8. Two suicide bombers blow themselves up when getting into a fight with one another after putting on their explosive vests

Two would-be suicide bombers have died in Pakistan after an explosive device detonated as they fought each other, it has been reported.

The two men were killed in an explosion near Khayam Chowk in Sargodha, in the country’s Punjab province on Saturday morning.

Eyewitnesses claim the men, who were believed to have been wearing suicide vests, were sitting on a bench engaged in discussion before their deaths.

(I wonder if it went like this)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, and many many who sent in materials. More to come. Friday is of course the islamic holy day, and given that islam is the religion of peace and all, this typically means Friday is the most violent and barbaric day of the week. So much more to post before the day is out.


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10 Replies to “Leftist hypocrisy and dishonesty and Islamic manifest destiny with horror: Links 2 on June 12 – 2015”

  1. 1. White becomes Black? Nothing different under the sun in the nature of demoralization to dhimmitude and submission and the subsequent hatred of your previous life. I’m only surprised however, that the Soviets Socialists hadn’t come up with “Transracials” earlier and give them the preferential minority status they are fairly entitled to.

    Some more White Privilege posters are in order.

    • No parents would ever go on TV and expose their rebellious and disturbed child who was drawn to people equally uncomfortable in their own skin to be anti-white and proud …unless she was right about them.

    • Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) run wild, now we have to deal with the new phenomenon of the ‘Race Lift’.

      • In the next segment of the Coughlin, ‘Red Pill Brief’, he deals specifically with that whole sex change and race change issue without mentioning either and before either happened.

        Its quite chilling to watch, like all the segments of this brief.

  2. 5. “f***ing Muslims”

    “A Muslim nursery worker lost her legal battle to wear a traditional Islamic gown after it was deemed to be a health and safety risk.
    Tamanna Begum, a devout Sunni Muslim, wanted to wear a flowing, head-to-toe jilbab gown to her interview at Barley Lane Montessori Day Nursery in Ilford, Essex.”

    The story is interesting because “Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori and characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.”

    Everything entirely unislamic.

  3. 2. Christianity, the “Failed Religion”

    Yep, because it’s not a religion, it’s about some dude who faced up to the half-brain thinking of the religion of his day – and got killed for his fancy talking that they did not understand.

    Today that religion is Islam.

    • And the details are:
      mohammed designed islam as a replacement
      and superior ‘religion’ to Judaism and Christianity.

      allah the moon god ‘told him’ that Christianity was corrupt and Judaism extinct.
      Ergo, the very existence of breathing Jews and Christians
      (forget even about Israel….)
      calls into question the ‘perfect and unchangeable’ koran
      and it’s main spokesperson, pedophile mo.
      To challenge the koran is blasphemy, the penalty is death.

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