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  1. I always felt that I ought to be judged in a different cultural context. lol

    Immigrants should be allowed to hit their children because there is a ‘different cultural context’, says High Court Judge (dailymail, June 9, 2015)

    “A High Court judge yesterday said immigrant parents should be allowed to slap and hit their children when they are new arrivals in Britain. To the outrage of children’s campaigners, Mrs Justice Pauffley suggested police and social services should make allowance for foreigners because of the ‘different cultural context’. Her remarks came in a legal challenge from an Indian accused of beating his wife and seven-year-old son. The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court he was hit on the back and leg with a ‘long belt’.

    The father denied ever striking the child with a belt but admitted he would deliver a ‘slap or a tap’ to discipline him. In her ruling the judge concluded: ‘I do not believe there was punitively harsh treatment of [the boy] of the kind that would merit the term physical abuse. ‘Proper allowance must be made for what is, almost certainly, a different cultural context. Within many communities newly arrived in this country, children are slapped and hit for misbehaviour in a way which at first excites the interest of child protection professionals.

    ‘In this instance … the boy did not appear to have suffered more than sadness and transient pain from what was done to him.’ Reacting to the comments, an NSPCC spokesman said last night: ‘Children need to be protected irrespective of cultural sensitivities. Different practices are no excuse for child abuse taking place in this country and the law doesn’t make that distinction. ‘Every child deserves the right to be safe and protected from physical abuse and the courts must reflect this.’

    Under the Children’s Act 2004 it is illegal for parents to smack their children if blows cause bruising, swelling or cuts. Guilty parents can be jailed for up to five years. Mrs Justice Pauffley’s comments are controversial because they will revive memories of the sickening case of Victoria Climbie in 2000. The eight-year-old, who came from Ivory Coast, was tortured and murdered by her great-aunt Marie-Thérèse Kouao and her boyfriend Carl Manning. The official report castigated the authorities for failing to intervene, even though the child was suspected of being at risk….”

  2. There’s been a hideous drill going on all week in Israel.
    In the context of mass casualty attack on Israel, the IDF is worrying about Lebanese civilians.

    IDF source? We’d evacuate a million Lebanese if war breaks out with Hezbollah
    IAF completes large drill simulating ‘northern arena’; Thousands of targets would be struck in conflict

    • They are looking in the crystal ball and seeing a major war, one that will be going full bore before we can get Obama to do anything.

  3. ‘Paperology’ continues, but mood darkens in Greece talks

    Reading the comments says that a lot of people are living in a fantasy world where bad things don’t happen. Greece thinks that the EU won’t dare let them default and cause a bank crash, the problem is that bailing them out will only delay the crash a few months and when it comes it will be much worse then letting them default.

  4. Suicide bomber targets ancient Egyptian temple in Luxor

    A suicide bomber blew himself up on Wednesday just steps away from the ancient Egyptian temple of Karnak in Luxor, a southern city visited by millions of tourists every year, security and health officials said.

    Shortly after the explosion, police exchanged fire with and killed two suspected Islamic militants who had arrived at the sprawling, Nile-side temple together with the suicide bomber, the officials said.

    Four people, including two policemen, were wounded in the exchange, according to the Health Ministry.

  5. U.S. Ousts Russia as World’s Top Oil, Gas Producer in BP Report

        • Pentagon recommends sending 400 additional US troops to Iraq

          The Pentagon has recommended sending 400 more U.S. troops to Iraq to aid in the fight against ISIS, a senior U.S. military official told Fox News late Tuesday.

          The official said that the White House had not made a final decision on the recommendation, which would bring the total number of American troops in Iraq to approximately 3,400. That number includes trainers, advisers, security and other logistical personnel. The plan is not likely to include the deployment of U.S. forces closer to the front lines to either call in airstrikes or advise smaller Iraqi units in battle

          The Pentagon also plans to open a sixth training base in Iraq’s Anbar province, a vital battleground against the terror group. No Iraqi troops are currently being trained by U.S. forces at the al-Asad airbase in Anbar.

          The Pentagon says that the additional forces and base are aimed at bolstering the number of Sunni Muslims in the fight against ISIS. Currently, there are 2,598 Iraqi forces being trained by U.S. forces.
          Of that number, about 800 are Kurds and the rest are Shiite Muslims.

          Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters traveling with him in Israel that it’s not clear yet whether opening new training sites would require additional American forces.

          “To be determined,” Dempsey said. He added that Gen. Lloyd Austin, the U.S. Central Command chief who is responsible for U.S. military operations across the Middle East, had not yet given Dempsey his assessment of whether more resources would be required to implement the proposed changes.

  6. Muslims booted for praying atop Empire State Building get payout

    A Muslim family from Long Island who were booted from the Empire State Building’s observation deck because they were praying has settled their lawsuit for an undisclosed sum, the Post has learned.

    Fahad and Amina Tirmizi had said in their federal lawsuit that they and their two young children had begun silently reciting their evening prayers in a quiet spot on the 86th-floor deck at about 11?p.m. July 2, 2013, when two security guards roughly intervened.

    The Farmingville couple was seeking $5 million in damages in the suit, filed last year in Manhattan federal court.

    Although Amina briefly prayed with no hassle, a guard confronted Fahad and “menacingly poked” him as he told him he was not allowed to pray on the deck, the suit said.

    Another guard arrived and told the family that they had to get out and “forcibly escorted” them down to the lobby and out of the building, the suit said.

    “The Empire State Building has an unlawful [policy] that subjects Muslims to greater and/or heightened suspicion, security and/or surveillance compared to other religious and nonreligious individuals,” their suit said.

    The Tirmizis’ lawyer, Philip Hines, declined to comment on the confidential settlement, which was confirmed in court filings.

    The Empire State Building’s lawyer also declined to comment, citing the confidentiality agreement.

    Reached as he was leaving his home with Amina, Fahad said, “I’m not allowed to talk about it.”

    Speaking to The Post last year, he said he is respectful when he prays in public and had even done so earlier with a cop’s permission.

    “We weren’t doing anything wrong. We just wanted to enjoy the view like everyone else,” he said.

    “Earlier that same day at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, I needed to pray the afternoon prayer and wanted to make sure I’m not in the way.”

    • Once again the MIms want more rights then the rest of the population. It sounds to me like the man goes around finding places where his praying will be a nuisance hoping he can force the businesses to change their policies.

    • This is a solid meal.
      It can’t be rushed — don’t expect comfort-food from J.E. Dyer — but it satisfies and builds character.
      Recipe with extensive notes filed for future reference.

      • Thank you for pointing her out to me, she is one of the good guys who take their oath of office seriously and doesn’t think it was no longer valid when she left the Navy.

    • Watching this strange pushback on the part of the French against a “bad deal” with Iran. Wondering what they’d extort from whom.

      It was their leaks about the bad turn the talks were taking that sent Bibi ballistic. Some maladroit diplomacy on the part of Israel. They could-a, should-a been more strategic.

      More snake-like. More French.

  7. LEBANON – Nasrallah vows to ‘finish’ battle with ISIS in northeast Lebanon

    BEIRUT: ISIS initiated a battle Tuesday after attacking Hezbollah posts on Lebanon’s northeastern border, but the party will finish it, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah vowed Wednesday.

    “The battle with ISIS in Qalamoun has started,” the Hezbollah chief declared in a televised speech.

    “They (ISIS) started the battle. No problem. We will finish it,” Nasrallah added.

    “Yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) attacks hit several targets, but Hezbollah fighters were brave in their response and scored several casualties and destroyed a lot of their vehicles.”

    “The resistance also suffered casualties during this battle,” he said, honoring those who died.

    “We will continue [with the battle] until all terrorists are uprooted. We confirm that we will not let any terrorist remain on the outskirts.”

    ISIS militants launched surprise attacks on four Hezbollah posts early Tuesday on the outskirts of the northeastern town of Ras Baalbek, sparking the deadliest clashes on the border with Syria since the start of the Qalamoun offensive last month.

    A security source told The Daily Star that eight Hezbollah fighters and 48 militants died in the initial attack and ensuing clashes.

    The deaths brought to 39 the number of Hezbollah fighters killed since May 4, when Hezbollah and its Syrian army allies launched an offensive to oust jihadis from the Qalamoun mountain range along the border.

    Until Tuesday, the offensive mostly targeted Nusra Front-led jihadis who controlled most of the Qalamoun region stretching from Arsal’s eastern outskirts down to the outskirts of Tfail.

    But Tuesday’s confrontation marked the entrance of ISIS into the battle. ISIS, which is hostile to both Nusra and Hezbollah, controls the outskirts north of Arsal.

    Nasrallah said Hezbollah had achieved major victories against Nusra since it entered Arsal’s outskirts more than one week ago, capturing important peaks and mountains.

    Hezbollah-run Al-Manar reported this week that Nusra has lost 90 percent of the territory it had controlled in Qalamoun before the start of the offensive, which began in southern Qalamoun and moved north toward Arsal.

    Nusra is largely surrounded by Hezbollah from the south, Hezbollah and the Syrian army from the east, ISIS from the north, and the Lebanese Army from the west.

    video- June 10 2015 – Nasrallah – ( in Arabic )

  8. New Israeli cyber-security technique? Daze and confuse hackers
    All is not lost when attackers penetrate a firewall; the Illusive company gets them to ‘chase their own tail’

    The best way to beat hackers is to let them chase their own tail – by letting them mine phony data that ends up leading nowhere, said a cyber security executive.

    “Statistically, we have found that our system of deceptive attack points catches almost all hackers who try to mine a system for information,” said Shlomo Touboul, the CEO of new Israeli cyber-security firm Illusive. “The fake attack vectors lead them in the wrong direction, keeping them busy with nonsense information. Meanwhile, the security department can gather information on them, including where the attack is originating from, and how it is being carried out.”

    More than a “honeypot” – a trap set for hackers on a system – Illusive is a new paradigm of cyber-security tech, in which an invisible (to users) layer of security is overlaid on a system, set up especially for hackers who are able to breach traditional defenses, said the company.

    Google co-founder Eric Schmidt is an investor in Team8, a unique accelerator/venture capital firm/incubator that takes Israeli cyber-security technology, develops it and gets it ready for the market, and then sends the newly formed company out for an exit.

  9. China’s Troubling Robot Revolution

    This report is good news for the party leadership in China and bad news for everyone else, China is a export nation and doesn’t have a strong enough economy to convert over to a consumer economy. While the robots should increase the quality of the products they will take jobs away from Chinese workers which will hurt their economy. A fact that the Unions in the West have learned, they have priced the workers out of a job and are now stuck with a lowering number of people paying Union dues because of the robots installed to replace the workers. The left refuses to learn this above facts but when you raise the cost of labor to high for the company to make a profit the company has a choice of going out of business or bringing in robots.

  10. Afghanistan Attack: U.S. Woman Killed in Attack on Bagram Airfield (nbcnews, June 10, 2015)

    “KABUL — An American civilian working with the Department of Defense has been killed in an attack on Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield, the Defense Department announced.

    Krissie Davis, 54, of Talladega, Alabama, died after an “indirect fire attack,” the Department of Defense said in a statement on its website dated Tuesday.

    It did not release any more details. However, a separate statement issued by NATO in Afghanistan said that an unidentified civilian had been killed in a rocket attack on Bagram at 5:35 a.m. on Monday (9:05 p.m. ET Sunday).

    Davis worked with the Defense Logistics Agency, a which provides logistical and technical services to the military, the Department of Defense said.”

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