Geopolitics, galloping gains for the IS and dismal disgusting relativism and prioritization by the MSM: Links 2 on June 9 – 2015

1. Syria conflict: Rebels seize major army base in Deraa

Rebels in Syria say they have captured a major army base in the south of the country.

The Southern Front, an alliance of rebel groups, announced that the base, known as Brigade 52, was “liberated” in an attack on Tuesday morning.

The base, outside the town of Harak, is one of the largest in Deraa province.

Officials have not commented, but if confirmed its fall would be the latest in a string of defeats suffered by the government in the past three months.

2. Interesting graphic on jihadis produced in various nations on a per 1M population basis. Source, Telegraph

3. RT does 8 minute bit on the woman who’s denial of an in flight can of unopened diet coke gets more media time than thousands of raped and murdered Yazidi women by muslims across the Middle east.

4. UN: ISIS Sells Teen Girls for The Price of a Pack of Cigarettes

(Maybe if they asked for a can of diet coke, maybe then the MSM and RT would start cracking the whip on the Islamic State)

Teenage girls abducted by Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria are being sold in slave markets “for as little as a pack of cigarettes,” the UN envoy on sexual violence said.

Zainab Bangura visited Iraq and Syria in April, and has since been working on an action plan to address the horrific sexual violence being waged by IS fighters.

“This is a war that is being fought on the bodies of women,” Bangura told AFP in an interview Monday.

5. “The fact that you are anti-Semitic,” Obama said of the Islamic Republic of Iran, “doesn’t preclude you from being rational.”

(Think he would say that about the KKK? The Christian right? The Republicans?)

6. NYC schools will start observing Muslim holidays next year

NEW YORK — The nation’s largest public school system will observe the two most important Muslim holidays starting next fall, a policy change hailed Wednesday by Islamic leaders in New York City.

Under the new policy, the city’s 1.1 million-pupil public school system will close on Sept. 24 for Eid al-Adha, which is also known as the Festival of Sacrifice. The holiday of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, will be observed during summer school in 2016.

7. NYPD working to recruit Muslims

(This will likely generate a phenomenon that will require a new name soon. I am going to suggest the possibilities, ‘Blue on blue murders’ or maybe sometimes, ‘blue on red white and blue’)

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Police Department is working to recruit more Muslims, and is asking for help within the community to better refine outreach aimed at stifling the lure of overseas terror groups, officials said Monday.

Right now, there are about 800 Muslim uniformed police officers out of about 35,000, according to the NYPD Muslim Officers Society. Of those, only about 20 are higher ranked officials. Lt. Adeel Rana, commanding officer of the community affairs immigration outreach unit, said there has been a slow increase over the past decade, but it has been rapidly changing in the past year and a half.

8. UK Teachers: We’re Scared to Tackle Extremism in Case We’re Called ‘Islamophobes’

(But if its extremism and not real islam, then how can tackling it be islamophobic? Surely muslims would welcome those who disenfranchise those who have hijacked their peaceful religion, no?)

From July this year, British teachers will have a legal requirement to report students they believe to be at risk of radicalisation. But Sara Khan of counter-extremist group Inspire toldThe Guardian that many teachers could be too scared to perform their new duty – a fact that the newspaper saved for paragraph 20 of its 26 paragraph report into the monitoring of students.

“Some teachers have told us ‘we’re scared of being accused of being Islamophobic’ … and when some Muslim and Islamist organisations are saying this is Islamophobia, or other teachers say this is spying on Muslim kids, you can see why some feel like that. […] Sara Khan said that many cannot grasp why intelligent students would be attracted to Islamism. “They don’t understand what it is that Isis are calling young people to. Many of them A-grade students,” she said.


Thank you Carpe Diem, Buck, M., Dan F., Richard and many more. And more to come. There are rumors of some new Stephen Coughlin material. If things go well, there could be 2 new parts to a brief available soon.

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11 Replies to “Geopolitics, galloping gains for the IS and dismal disgusting relativism and prioritization by the MSM: Links 2 on June 9 – 2015”

    • From July this year, British teachers will have a legal requirement to report students they believe to be at risk of radicalisation.

      Taking the Soviet role of educators.

      The Socialists are panicking with this problem they created, because it hugely backfired. The Muslims were only supposed only to demoralize the population further – along with Gay Marriage, single parenthood, Eastern Europeans, to replace the bond of being Christians and the Queen’s Subjects who resisted in two world wars, into pliable Multicultural soulless State-responsive European Citizens – not take on The Establishment at its own game. A government that fast-tracked and positively discriminated, placing Muslims into quotas of high ranking jobs as one of their Preferential Groups. It was a joyous period of Equality. Criticism and warnings about Islam brought police harassment, tabloid character assassinations, tax investigations, denial of travel and imprisonment.

      WHEN British Islamists killed 52 people with suicide-bombs in London in 2005, the government worked closely with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) to co-ordinate public reaction to the attack. The council, an umbrella group for Islamic organisations, described its revulsion at such acts being carried out in the name of Islam. Tony Blair, then the prime minister, welcomed the response. By contrast, the MCB’s description of the recent murder of Alan Henning, a British taxi driver, by Islamic State as a “despicable and offensive act” was met with silence from the Conservative-led government. Once the chief interlocutor between Muslims and the government, the MCB has fallen from favour, and so has the whole idea of the government having a privileged Muslim partner.

      And now we we are told all UK children will be screened for True Islam:

      If there is a civil war against the Far Right of Islam, hope like Eric Blair, (George Orwell) in fighting Franco, you realize the Socialists are by the far biggest and worst enemy of humanity. In Islam you just cower and submit, in Communism you are forced in the factories to serve the quota until you die.

  1. I mean,
    how could any middle class teacher know what Radical pisslam is or does?
    They have been brought up thinking that the multi culti society is A OK the poor fuckwits.
    Lets face it,
    most of the teachers that were brought up in the true British society are now pentionners I weep for the future of my Country.

    • I’m glad I left in 1973 Buck. Emigrated to Canada and said goodbye to family and friends. My old Dad was on the beaches of Normandy in WW II, and then, post-war, was a teacher for the rest of his working life. If he could have seen what Britain would become, he and his compatriots would not have gone another forty yards up that beach. He would have died of shame, for the country that he loved.

    • Buck in the long run Brits like you will be the ones who save Britain but the fight will be long, hard and very bloody.

  2. for at least 30 years teachers in the UK have been aware of FGM going on, with the poor girls returning from backwardistan after the summer break being very “changed”, 10s of thousands of these girls, a percentage will have confided in their teachers (i know of a few cases personally), and despite it being a criminal offence, not one prosecution. so not a chance will teacher say a word, they are racists, not expecting any better than kids either having their genitals mutilated yesterday or going jihad tomorrow.

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