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  1. “Dame Elish Angiolini called for a legal change so a woman would be considered incapable of consenting if she had been drinking heavily…. …this would mean imposing an alcohol limit above which women would be considered incapable of consenting.”

    Once again, the Qu’ran has proved to be exemplary: “if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her.” Surat Al-Baqarah (The Cow) 2:282

    Socialists and Muslims fit together exactly, you’d think it was the Law of Attraction where stupid men are drawn to live among stupid women.

    ‘Elish’s Law’ if enacted would state:
    1a. Women don’t know their alcohol drinking limit and therefore cannot be held responsible.
    1b. Though they do get drunk to lose their inhibitions and have sex with strangers, they can still claim to be a virgin in the eyes of the law the day after the night before.

    Truly a woman’s testimony is half that of a man’s, “…so that if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her.”

    Next they’ll be a Welfare Industry for single mothers. I’d like to see that one coming.

  2. CAIR Official Ahmad Saleem Arrested in Pedophile Sting

    Ahmad Saleem is the Orlando Regional Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). He attended the University of Central Florida, where he was President of the Muslim Students Association. He later became the MSA National Service Director before founding the Saleem Academy.

    Here’s his description on the Saleem Academy’s site (deleted following his arrest on pedophilia charges):

    Ahmad Saleem is a passionate community organizer and educator based in the sunny city of Orlando, FL.

    When he was in high school, he went through a lot of inner struggles, a big part of which were sparked due to a deep identity crisis that was partially sparked by the islamophobic climate in America post-911.

    Through the grace of The Most Generous and through many patient years of soul-searching, Ahmad not only was pulled out of those dark days of his life, but also transformed and was trained and blossomed into a promising community leader, activist, and teacher.

    Pakistani by origin, yet raised in America, he currently holds his Bachelors in Psychology, and has studied under scholars like Imam Tariq Rasheed, Sh. Abdullah Deeb, Sh. Ahmed Harara, Sh. Ibrahim Habash, Mufti Minhajuddin Ahmed, Mufti Ehzaz Ajmeri, Mufti Azeemuddin, Molana Noorudeen Ghauri, Molana Ihtiram, Sh Uthman Khan, & Qari Mohammed Fazl-ur-Rehman Ahsan Nadwi. He has partaken in Zaytuna, Almaghrib, and Bayyinah educational services as well as conducted his own seminars and teachings too. He looks up to Malcolm X and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf in the West and Salahudeen Ayubi and A’llamah Muhammad Iqbal in the East as role models.

    He has dedicated his life to God and to empowering others to God through God, and for Saleem Academy that translates into him and his team empowering Muslim Youth across the globe. Please pray for his success and the success of all the community servants of God around the world.

    Orlando Sentinel—Orlando community activist Ahmad Saleem drove to a Clermont-area house intending to meet a 12-year-old girl he had been chatting with online for sex in a vehicle with a specialty “Invest in Children” license plate, authorities said Tuesday.

    But when the door opened, there were no children in sight. Instead, detectives quickly brought Saleem to the ground and arrested him. Saleem, founder of the Saleem Academy, an organization dedicated to empowering Muslim youths globally, was one of the 101 people arrested in an undercover cybercrime prostitution and child-sex sting by the Lake and Polk county sheriff’s offices.

    […]Notice that CAIR officials are trying to distance themselves from Saleem by claiming that he is no longer Orlando Regional Coordinator. These officials apparently think that by taking down Saleem’s page from their site, they can trick us into believing that Saleem “only worked there for a short time before abandoning his post.” However, a little detective work reveals the truth.

    A simple Google search shows that Saleem is still listed in search engines as a CAIR representative:

    on this page :

  3. Eight Asian men have been detained on suspicion of child sex offences dating back 16 years following a dawn raid involving 100 police officers.
    Police arrested the men in Oxford on suspicion of rape, sexual grooming and indecent assault following 60 separate complaints made by schoolgirls.
    Detectives said that the arrests, made at 6am this morning, were not connected to the recent Operation Bullfinch court cases but arose as a result of girls coming forward to reveal that they had been sexually abused by a gang of men in Oxford between 1999 and 2007.

  4. Swedish social government is about to – force – cities to house asylym seekers. In Sweden has som self government in the cities, but that is about to end and the state is gonna dictate to Swedish cities.

    Swedish government has for years been spreading the myth that asylym seekers from MENA gives profit to the society, yet not many cities in Sweden (even ruled by the same party who has the power in the state for the moment) has fallen for that myth after checking reality. Only a few [big] cities takes almost all of the refugees and imigrants.

    Now the new socialist government are gonna force cities to accommodate and provide for refugees. Regardless if they have housing for them or not. Labour minister answer the question on how the cities are gonna fix apartments to all the refugees is: “Well, they´ll have to build them” This means funds must be taken from the citizens budget, and I can’t see how they are gonna do this without raising taxes.
    Immigration authorities’ forecast of how many refugees coming to Sweden next year is about 100 000. And on that number comes all the relatives at a later date. So government expects municipalities to build the equivalent of one large city per year. This is what is has come to here in Sweden…

    The link is in swedish

  5. Mass migration threatens European civilisation, Hungary’s controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Tuesday.
    “Today mass migration is taking place around the globe that could change the face of Europe’s civilisation. If that happens, that is irreversible,” Mr Orban said at a conference in honour of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who recently turned 85.
    “There is no way back from a multicultural Europe. Neither to a Christian Europe, nor to the world of national cultures,” Mr Orban added.
    He insisted that migration needs to be addressed seriously.
    “If we make a mistake now, it will be forever,” Mr Orban, 52, said.

  6. More than 10,000 Isis fighters killed since start of coalition assault, US claims

    Deputy secretary of state Antony Blinken said there had been progress in Iraq and Syria but Islamic State remained resilient

    More than 10,000 Islamic State fighters have been killed since coalition forces started their campaign against the militant group in Iraq and Syria nine months ago, according to the US deputy secretary of state, Antony Blinken.

    Speaking after leaders from more than 20 countries met in Paris for discussions on how to combat Isis, he said there had been a great deal of progress but the Islamists remained resilient and capable of taking the initiative.

    “We have seen a lot of losses within Daesh [Isis] since the start of this campaign, more than 10,000,” Blinken told France Inter radio on Wednesday. “It will end up having an impact.”

    On Tuesday, the coalition of western and Arab states involved in air strikes on Isis backed Iraq’s plan to retake territory, after being accused by the Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, of not doing enough to help Baghdad push back the insurgents.

    “At the start of this campaign (we) said it would take time,” Blinken said. “We have conceived a three-year plan and we’re nine months into it.”
    Iraq and its allies are pursuing “the winning strategy” to combat Islamic State in Iraq, US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said.

    Mr Blinken said air strikes and supporting Iraqi forces was the right way to tackle the IS threat.

    Ministers from 20 countries debated the issue in Paris – though Russia, Iran and Syria were absent.

    Iraq’s prime minister said other countries had a duty to support it in its struggle against IS.

    Haider al-Abadi earlier called the advance of IS a “failure” of the world.

    But at a news conference with Mr Blinken and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius following the talks, Mr Abadi said he had received fresh commitments of help from allies.

    IS has recently made gains in Iraq despite US-led coalition air strikes.

    Last month, IS militants seized Ramadi in Anbar, Iraq’s largest province, as well as the strategically important Syrian town of Tadmur and the neighbouring ancient ruins of Palmyra.

    […]The US deputy secretary of state said much had been achieved against IS in the last nine months, a claim many would dispute. The focus today, he said, was on stopping the flow of foreign fighters coming in from Turkey and challenging the jihadist ideology.

    There had been setbacks, they all conceded, but no-one was prepared to say the unthinkable: that one year after IS seized Iraq’s second city of Mosul almost without a fight this brutal, oppressive group is now bigger, richer and more dangerous than it was this time last year.

    The one thing everyone agreed on is that the international campaign against IS was going to take a very long time.

    […]Mr Blinken – who represented the US at the meeting in the absence of Secretary of State John Kerry, who broke his leg in a cycling accident – hailed Mr Abadi’s plan to tackle IS advances in Iraq’s western Anbar province.

    He said that included training and equipping local tribes to join the fight, improving weapons provision, expanding and improving army and police forces, and supporting a new “development fund for stabilisation” to get immediate assistance to areas won back.

    He said IS controlled 25% less Iraqi territory than it did when the coalition came together nine months ago.

    more :

  7. I wonder how much of this involves JIM.:

    Police could be taken off the beat to cope with the ‘overwhelming’ increase in rape cases over the last decade, Scotland Yard chief Bernard Hogan Howe warned today.
    The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said detectives were suffering ‘burn out’ and warned ‘something will have to give’ without more resources.
    Sir Bernard’s extraordinary intervention came after an official report revealed there had been a 68 per cent increase in ‘rape and penetrative offences’ recorded by the Metropolitan Police since 2005.

  8. National campaign launches to keep Muslims safe from scam travel operators
    The City of London Police is this week (1-5 June) launching a national campaign targeted at keeping people out of the clutches of fraudsters as they search for the best deals to take them to Saudi Arabia for what for many will be a once in a life-time trip.

    Clearly more important then keeping kuffar girls safe from Muslim predators.

  9. Terror suspect killed in Boston, 2nd man arrested plotted to behead police officer

    David Wright was arrested on Tuesday night in Everett

    The man fatally shot by antiterrorism officers in Boston on Tuesday and the suspect arrested Tuesday night in Everett had conspired to kill a police officer, according to two law enforcement officials briefed on the case.

    “We believe the intent was to behead a police officer,” one official said Wednesday morning. “We knew the plot had to be stopped. They were planning to take action Tuesday.”

    The other official said Boston police and the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force were aware of the plot because of intelligence that had been gathered, and the suspects had been under surveillance for several weeks.

    More details are expected to be released when the suspect from Everett, David Wright, appears in federal court in Boston Wednesday. His appearance is scheduled for 3:30 p.m., prosecutors said.

    The Boston police and the FBI have declined comment on the specifics of the plot.

  10. Dutch firebrand vows to show Muhammad cartoons on TV

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders said Wednesday he plans to show cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Dutch television after Parliament refused to display them.

    Wilders said he would show the cartoons during television airtime reserved for political parties, in a move likely to offend Muslims since Islamic tradition holds that any physical depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is blasphemous.

    [..]Wilders is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of free speech and targeting Islam.

  11. Dutch Children Seek “White Classmates” to Avoid School Closures

    Last week, Dutch primary school pupils went door-to-door in their local community with flyers that read “we’re looking for white pupils” as part of a campaign against segregation in their education system.
    The children attend two schools in southern Amsterdam that are threatened with closure because the numbers of white families enrolling their children is dropping.
    The Arab, Turkish, African, and Moroccan students attend two schools in which more than 90% of pupils are from ethnic minorities.
    Local residents in the ethnically mixed neighbourhood blame racial tensions and discrimination for the decrease in enrollments at their schools.
    Pupils and parents went campaigning wearing t-shirts that asked, “Is this white enough for you?”

  12. TURKEY – Erdogan’s lawyer demands aggravated life sentence for Turkish journalist over news story

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has filed a criminal complaint against a Turkish newspaper and its editor over a critical news report, asking him to be jailed for life. The move came hours after Erdogan said the journalist would pay a “heavy price,” as international condemnation poured in.

    The footage released by Cumhuriyet on May 29 showed gendarmerie and police officers opening crates on the back of the trucks which contain what the daily described as weapons and ammunition sent to Syria by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in January 2014.

    “This slander and illegitimate operation against the MIT are, in a way, an act of espionage. This newspaper is involved in this espionage activity, too,” Erdogan said during an interview with public broadcaster TRT late May 31. “I suppose the person who wrote this as an exclusive report will pay a heavy price for this,” he added, referring to Cumhuriyet’s editor-in-chief, Can Dündar.

    On June 2, scores of Cumhuriyet editors and columnists appeared on the newspaper’s front page, proclaiming that all of them were responsible for the report in tandem with a social media campaign, #CanDündarYalnizDegildir (Can Dündar is not alone).

    Continuing his tough stance on the matter, Erdogan filed an individual criminal complaint against Dündar and Cumhuriyet on June 2, claiming that the story “included some footage and information that are not factual.”

    The criminal complaint, filed to Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office to be sent to Istanbul where Cumhuriyet is based, argued that the newspaper “joined the actions” of the followers of U.S.-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gülen, Erdogan’s erstwhile ally, whose followers in the judicial and security organs are now described by the government as “the parallel organization.”

    “By publishing the fabricated footage and information that were leaked to him by the parallel organization, [Dündar] joined the actions of the organization members who searched the trucks and plotted with fabricated evidence to create a perception in the scope of a planned setup as if the Republic of Turkey has been helping terrorist organizations,” the complaint said.

  13. UK – Muslim father is jailed for 27 months for attacking headmaster and racially abusing teachers in row over school ban on beards

    – Mohammad Liaqat became enraged after two pupils were banned from lessons after refusing to shave off their facial hair
    – The 34-year-old also launched a racist tirade at another Catholic school in Lancashire and ‘shoulder barged’ the head teacher
    – QC has also banned him from going within 100 yards of four schools
    – Lancashire policeman described Liaqat’s behaviour as ‘completely unacceptable’

    A Muslim father has today been jailed for more than two years and branded a ‘bully’ after he stormed into a Catholic school and abused a head teacher over a religious row about beards.

    Mohammad Liaqat also shoulder barged a headmaster at another school in a racist tirade in front of parents, who were picking up their children.

    The first incident happened at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Accrington, after two 14-year-old Muslim pupils were banned from lessons for refusing to shave off their beards.

    Liaqat, 34, was angered by the decision, despite his children not actually being involved in the case and the matter had also been resolved.

    During the rampage he hurled insults at white teachers in front of the shocked.

    He was ordered to stay away from the school after being arrested over the incident, but went on to continue his rant at another school close by.

    Burnley Crown Court heard he later turned up at St Oswald’s RC Primary School, also in Lancashire, where another of his children was a pupil.

    He approached headteacher Jeff Brown and embarked on yet another racist rant.

    When Mr Brown asked him to leave, Liaqat assaulted him.

  14. Omar Khadr’s lawyer to speak at Scarborough mosque on Saturday

    The Canadian who defended Omar Khadr, and who shelters him today, will tell his famous client’s story this Saturday, June 6, at a Scarborough mosque.

    Dennis Edney, a Scottish-born lawyer, will speak at an open forum, “The Story of Omar Khadr,” at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto (

    From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Edney will recount “how the journey (with Khadr) started and where the journey’s going,” and take questions, said Waris Malik, the event’s organizer and secretary of the IFT.

    Khadr, whose family lived in Scarborough, was held for nearly 10 years at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he pled guilty to killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan with a grenade in 2002, when Khadr was 15.

    Edney, who is living with Khadr in Edmonton as part of his client’s bail conditions, also spoke at the Nugget Avenue mosque two and a half years ago, when Khadr was still at Guantanamo.

    Malik said everyone is welcome to attend Saturday’s forum.

  15. A growing band of hacktivists is helping Islamic State spread its message by attacking media organisations and websites, a security company suggests.
    Supporters of IS were helping it with opportunistic attacks and more sophisticated operations, said FireEye.
    French TV station TV5 Monde was a high-profile victim early this year, but attackers have hit other media groups.
    FireEye said the wide range of targets made it hard to say who was at risk.
    Media message
    “There’s a lot of people that go to Syria fight for IS but another way to fight is to stay home and do it from there,” said David Merkel, chief technology officer at FireEye.
    “If you have an internet connection and have some skill levels you can definitely contribute.”
    Mr Merkel said IS was known for using cyber-attack tools in conflict zones to gather intelligence about enemy forces.
    However, he said, there was also growing evidence that people dotted around the world were working on behalf of IS to carry out cyber-attacks and spread propaganda.
    Attributing these attacks directly to IS was hard, he said, but there was no doubt they were being carried out in its name.
    FireEye said it had seen IS-inspired attacks on small companies and the social-media accounts of US TV stations and other news outlets around the world.
    The attack that knocked French TV station TV5 Monde off air for a few hours had clearly been carried out by sympathisers rather than IS, said Mr Merkel.

  16. Jennifer Lopez Moroccan concert sparks calls for minister’s resignation (BBC, June 2, 2015)

    “A concert by the pop star Jennifer Lopez in Morocco has led to calls for the country’s communication minister to resign, according to local media.

    Prominent members of the ruling Justice and Development Party said the singer’s performance at the Mawazine Festival in Rabat was “a breach of public decency”.

    The Minister of Communication Mustapha Khalfi was criticised for allowing the gig to air on public television.

    He has rejected calls for his resignation, newspapers say.

    Lopez, who is often referred to as J-Lo, performed in front of 160,000 people at the festival on Friday.

    The event was transmitted, with a short delay, on the 2M public TV network to the delight of fans.

    But local media criticised the singer for her “suggestive poses” and for being “scantily” dressed.

    A number of MPs have requested that the “education, culture and communications committee of parliament hold a meeting” to discuss why the show was broadcast.

    Speaking on Twitter, Mr Khalfi said he planned to contact 2M TV’s ethics committee to discuss the issue.

    “What was broadcast is unacceptable and goes against broadcasting law,” he added.

    Singer and producer Pharrell Williams also performed at the festival over the weekend, with Usher, Placebo and Maroon 5 also scheduled to take to the stage over the coming days.”

  17. Egypt police shot dead near Giza pyramids (BBC, June 3, 2015)

    “Gunmen have shot dead two police officers on guard close to the Giza pyramids, in a rare attack on a tourist site, state media reported.

    The unknown attackers fled the area, and an investigation is under way, the Mena news agency said.

    Egypt has seen regular attacks on security forces since the army ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013.

    But most incidents have been confined to the restive Sinai peninsula.

    There, the authorities are battling jihadists who have pledged loyalty to Islamic State.

    The Egyptian capital, Cairo, has also seen a series of attacks by Ajnad Misr, an militant group that has vowed to avenge the crackdown on Islamists that followed Mr Morsi’s ousting.

    No group has yet said it carried out the drive-by shooting at the pyramids.

    But correspondents say it is likely to concern the authorities, keen to boost a tourism industry disrupted by Egypt’s political turmoil.”

  18. In the long term they will do much better if they ban Islam first…

    Boko Haram crisis: Nigerian army accused of 7,000 deaths (BBC, June 3, 2015)

    “More than 7,000 men and boys have died in Nigerian military custody during its fight against Boko Haram over the last four years, Amnesty International says.

    They are among more than 20,000 people who have been arrested during operations against the Islamist militants, the rights group says.

    The military has rejected the allegations, calling the report biased and the statistics “spurious”.

    At least 17,000 people have died in the conflict since 2009, says Amnesty.

    That means around 40% of all deaths have been in military custody.

    About 1.5 million people have also been displaced and hundreds more abducted since Boko Haram launched its violent uprising to impose Islamic rule in 2009.

    The report comes as Nigeria’s new President Muhammadu Buhari makes his first foreign trip since taking office – to Niger – to discuss regional operations against Boko Haram.

    BBC Nigeria correspondent Will Ross says Amnesty International and other human rights groups have accused Nigeria’s security forces of carrying out many atrocities before.

    But this report goes further as the UK-based rights group names several senior officers – including major generals and brigadier generals – and calls on them to be investigated for murder, torture and enforced disappearance, he says.

    In response, military spokesman Maj Gen Chris Olukolade said the report “went out to gather names of specified senior officers, in a calculated attempt to rubbish their reputation”.

    The report, entitled Stars on their shoulders, Blood on their hands, says the senior officers should either be investigated for carrying out the war crimes themselves or for being in command of subordinates who did so.

    Amnesty International says more than 1,000 people have been unlawfully killed.

    It says in some cases captives were deliberately starved in custody and boys as young as nine years old have been detained.

    The human rights group calls on President Buhari to end the culture of impunity in the armed forces.

    At his inauguration last week, Mr Buhari promised to “overhaul the rules of engagement to avoid human rights violations in operations”.

    This year Nigeria’s army – backed by regional forces – has recaptured many towns and villages from the militants.

    But the group is still holding many women, girls and children captive, including 219 schools girls it kidnapped from a school in Chibok in April last year.”

  19. Britain to ramp up financial aid to Iraq after country’s beleaguered PM pleaded for more help to fight Isis (dailymail, June 3, 2015)

    “Britain is to ramp up financial assistance to Iraq after the country’s beleaguered prime minister pleaded for more international help in the battle against Isis militants.

    Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the contribution to a new United Nations fund – expected to be around £2million – would go alongside a ‘significant contribution to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance efforts’.

    He promised the cash after a meeting of international allies in Paris at which the Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi said his country needed ‘the support of the world’ but was ‘not getting it’.

    Mr Abadi claimed there is ‘a lot of talk’ about supporting his country fight back against Isis but ‘very little on the ground’.

    Despite air strikes in Iraq, Isis has continued to make progress in Iraq including seizing Ramadi two weeks ago…”

  20. Kurdish family in apparent ‘honor killing’ drama in Germany (rudaw, June 3, 2015)

    “MAINZ, Germany – Two brothers of Kurdish origin were reported to have shot dead a man and badly wounded their own mother in a family drama in the German city of Duisburg.

    Although the shooting occurred on Sunday, details of the incident remain sketchy.

    “For (more information) we need to interrogate the two suspects, but it is obviously connected to family affairs,” police spokesperson Ramon van der Maat was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

    The identity of the dead man – identified only as Tevrat Y. — was not immediately known. However, the two suspects appear to be the sons of the wounded female victim, who is originally a Kurd from Turkey.

    Police have launched a manhunt with about 20 squad cars and a helicopter, searching several homes.

    There was speculation that the dead man was the lover of the wounded woman, and that her sons had shot him in a so-called “honor” crime.

    Van der Maat told the media that an international warrant could be issued for the suspects, who may have fled the country.

    The 42-year-old female victim is a Kurd from Elih, the Kurdish name for the city of Batman in Turkey’s Kurdish southeast. One of her daughters is reportedly a fighter with Kurdish forces in Syria.

    The condition of the mother was declared stable, following an urgent operation.

    Media reports said that at lunchtime on Sunday a neighbor had heard fighting and gunshots and called the police.

    With an estimated 800,000 Kurds, Germany hosts the largest community of Kurdish immigrants in Europe. So-called honor crimes are occasionally reported among Germany’s conservative Muslim community, where victims are usually women.”

  21. Central gov’t claims to destroy ISIS bomb boats (rudaw, June 3, 2015)

    “ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Iraqi security forces have destroyed several ISIS boats rigged with explosives in the Sarsar River in the predominantly Sunni city of Samara in Salahadin province, killing a number of the group’s militants in the boats, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense claimed Wednesday in a statement.

    “A special force of the Samara Operations Command managed to detonate several ISIS boats rigged with explosives to target Iraqi forces in nearby areas on the east bank of the Tigris River, killing all the militants inside the boats,” said the statement.

    “The 8th Division of the Iraqi army and a force of Hashd al-Shaabi have launched a series of military campaigns against ISIS extremists in areas around Samara, including Husseinia and the Busr fields, killing several ISIS extremists and destroying a military vehicle,” the statement further read. Hashd al-Shaabi is the Arabic term for Shiite militias, also called Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs).

    It added Iraqi forces also destroyed an ISIS missile base at Busr in Samara and defused at least 20 improvised explosive devices (IEDs).”

  22. Journalists, Armenians, gays are ‘representatives of sedition,’ Erdo?an says (hurriyetdailynews, June 3, 2015)

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has continued his salvoes against a number of his critics including journalists, Armenians and members of the LGBTI community ahead of the June 7 general elections, accusing them of supporting the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).

    “Their biggest ally is Do?an Media. The Armenian lobby, homosexuals and those who believe in ‘Alevism without Ali’ – all these representatives of sedition are [the HDP’s] benefactors,” Erdo?an said during an address to citizens in the eastern province of Bingöl on June 3.

    Speculation over whether the HDP, which focuses on the Kurdish issue, will be able to pass the 10 percent national election threshold is the key question that will determine how many seats the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) wins in parliament.

    On June 3, the Turkish president also repeated his ever-toughening rhetoric against international media. “They also received the support of some foreign media outlets, which see Turkey as their colony,” he said.

    Without mentioning the name of the AKP, which he co-founded, Erdo?an said that “everyone should go and vote for the party he or she likes.”

    In recent days for different reasons, Erdo?an has slammed several media institutions including daily Hürriyet, which is owned by the Do?an Media Group, daily Cumhuriyet, the New York Times, CNN International and the BBC. “

  23. HUNGARY BUDAPEST (Reuters) – The era of multiculturalism is over and Hungary should be spared its effects at all costs, the country’s Prime Minister said on Wednesday.

    In comments that appeared to toughen his already uncompromising stance on immigration, Viktor Orban was quoted as telling a Hungarian newspaper there should be no “mass-scale” mixing of different creeds.

    “Multiculturalism means the coexistence of Islam, Asian religions and Christianity. We will do everything to spare Hungary from that,” he said in an interview with daily Napi Gazdasag.

    “We welcome non-Christian investors, artists, scientists, but we don’t want to mix on a mass scale.”

    Orban, whose governing Fidesz party is losing ground in the polls to the far-right, anti-immigrant Jobbik party, has clashed with European counterparts over his isolationist views.

    At the European Parliament in mid-May, he criticized as “bordering on insanity” EU proposals for migrant quotas drafted in response to thousands of deaths among asylum-seekers trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean in increasing numbers.

    On Wednesday he called Jobbik dangerous for Hungary “because they offer a constant temptation, an intellectual capitulation to the simplest solutions”, saying his government would strike a conciliatory tone towards voters.


    Orban, who has often sparred with Brussels during his five years in power, also criticized the EU’s response to economic crisis, calling it the “clumsiest” in the world, and played down prospects of Hungary adopting the euro.

    Eastern European countries had a competitive alternative in keeping their own currencies, and Hungary’s forint could stay strong and stable for decades if domestic fiscal policy was tightened and economic growth boosted, he told the newspaper.

    Central Bank Governor Gyorgy Matolcsy, one of Orban’s closest allies, told a forum on Tuesday that Hungary would be able to adopt the euro at any time after 2020.

    The central bank moved on Tuesday to channel more market funds towards Hungarian government debt, potentially cutting the country’s exposure to foreign currency debt.

  24. Boston suspect plotted to behead conservative blogger Pamela Geller

    Usaamah Rahim, the man fatally shot by Boston police after brandishing a military knife at them on Tuesday, plotted to behead conservative blogger and activist Pamela Geller, CNN reported.

    Ms. Geller organized the Prophet Muhammad cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas, on May 3 at which two suspects opened fire on a security guard before being shot and killed by police.

    Rahim, 26, who authorities believe was radicalized by the Islamic State and other extremists, was fatally shot two hours after allegedly telling an associate of plans to target the “boys in blue” – a reference to police officers.

    Ms. Geller was Rahim’s original target, three law enforcement sources told CNN, but he turned his attention to the police, saying of the Geller plan, “I can’t wait that long.”

    Rahim was the subject of a terror investigation and had been under 24-hour police surveillance.

    Rahim’s associate, David Wright, appeared in U.S. District Court in Boston on Wednesday to face a charge of obstructing a federal investigation by destroying an electronic evidence. Wright allegedly tried to destroy Rahim’s cellphone.


  25. IRAQ – Air raid destroys huge ISIS car bomb plant in Iraq

    An air strike in Iraq completely levelled one of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militant group’s largest car bomb factories on Wednesday in a massive explosion heard for kilometers (miles), officials said.

    The strike hit a facility at the entrance to the town of Hawijah in northern Iraq that was used to rig vehicles with explosives for bombings that are one of ISIS’ deadliest tactics, they said.

    The facility, which included tanks, Humvees and large quantities of explosives, was “the biggest factory in Iraq and Syria”, an Iraqi colonel said.

    The officers said the blast caused heavy ISIS casualties but also killed and wounded civilians.

    Mohammed Khalil al-Juburi, the deputy head of the Kirkuk province security committee, confirmed details of the attack, and also said it caused major casualties among both ISIS and civilians.

    An AFP journalist heard the huge explosion in Kirkuk, 55 kilometers (34 miles) away.

    Mobile phone photos obtained by AFP that were said to show the site of the explosion picture damage on a massive scale.

    They show a huge field of debris — cinderblocks, metal roofing, the twisted remains of vehicles — that stretches as far as the eye can see.

    Iraqi officials said the strike was carried out by U.S.-led anti-ISIS forces, an assertion backed by a statement the coalition issued saying that it bombed an ISIS “VBIED (vehicle-born improvised explosive device) facility” near Hawijah.

    ISIS spearheaded an offensive that overran swathes of Iraq last June, and it also holds major territory in neighboring Syria.

    Hawijah is one of the jihadist group’s strongholds in the north.

  26. Showing shooting video to Boston community ‘brilliant’

    Transparency puts the public in a position to judge, says former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis of the shooting video .

  27. Well, I guess my info was correct.
    Notice that filth of an ~~imam~~ isn’t quite ready to let law enforcement off the hook.
    Poooor Mammmaa lost her baabbyyy-

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