Geopolitics, escalated jingoism and setting the stage for another WW1 of sorts: Links 2 on May 12 – 2015

1. Turkish ship shelled off Libya coast, officer killed, several crew injured

(This is interesting. Video at site)

A Turkish dry cargo ship has been attacked near the Libyan port city of Tobruk, the Foreign Ministry in Ankara says. A ship officer was killed and several crew members injured.

The incident took place Sunday night. The ship was first shelled from the shore as it was approaching the area, the Turkish ministry said Monday. It was then attacked twice from the air as it was trying to leave the area.

The MV Tuna 1, sailing under the flag of Cook Islands, was carrying a cargo to the Libyan port from Spain and came under attack when it was in international waters, the ministry said. The man killed in the incident was the ship’s third officer.

The ministry condemned the assault, but did not specify who was behind it.

We condemn strongly this contemptible attack which targeted a civilian ship in international waters and curse those who carried it out,” it said.

(More here at Reuters)

2. Salon Shocker: ‘The Left Has Islam All Wrong’

The semantically unsound rubbish concept of “Islamophobia” disorients well-meaning people and incites them to spout illogicalities with a preacher’s righteousness. One must, though, call out New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof for backing up Affleck on the same show, and, later, in an editorial. Kristof, after all, should know better. He trades in words and ideas, and his acceptance of the fraudulent term “Islamophobia” contributes to the generalized befuddlement on the left about the faith in question and whether negative talk about it constitutes some sort of racism, or proxy for it. It patently does not.  Unlike skin color, faith is not inherited and is susceptible to change.  As with any other ideology, it should be subject to unfettered discussion, which may include satire, ridicule and even derision.  The First Amendment protects both our right to practice the religion of our choosing (or no religion at all) as well as our right to speak freely, even offensively, about it.

3. Third atheist blogger killed in Bangladesh knife attack

(One might imagine that if God was that offended by these bloggers he would kill them himself. But that would be both reasonable and disempower Islam. It does suggest that Islam may not quite believe in their allah the way they lead us to believe they do)

Police said Ananta Bijoy Das was murdered as he headed to work at a bank in the city of Sylhet, an attack that fellow writers said highlighted a culture of impunity.

Kamrul Hasan, commissioner of Sylhet police, said a group of about four masked attackers pounced on Das with machetes at about 8.30am on Tuesday on a busy street in Bangladesh’s fifth-largest city.

“They chased him down the street and first attacked his head with their machetes and then attacked him all over his body,” Hasan told Agence France-Presse. The attackers fled into the crowds and Das was taken to hospital but declared dead on arrival, police and medics said.

(Maybe its time someone opened a shop for atheists offering fashionable forms of reactive armor one can wear)

4. NATO wants investigation into violence in Kumanevo

(So NATO had labelled the KLA a terrorist group until Bill Clinton decided they were an oppressed minority and bombed the snot out of Belgrade till Serbia was crushed and now they are going back to their first position?)

5. European Union rep determined to give Geneva Convention rights to people who never signed on to it

(Libya is not party to the main refugee conventions nor to most humanitarian law treaties on conventional weapons. It has, however, ratified the main counter-terrorism instruments.)

6. Breitbart on the Al Qaeda base at MIT

(This video might have been posted already but here it is again in case it wasn’t)

7. Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: We Should Fight Polytheists who Refuse to Convert to Islam or Pay Jizya (Very blunt and orthodox islamic sermon)

8. Retired Egyptian general mocks the Iranian military and delves into its history

(Clearly he had respect for the Shaw. Quite an interesting clip)

Thank you M.,  Maria J., Draculea, Richard, Wrath of Khan and all who provided important news links and interesting analysis and opinion pieces. Tundra Tabloids its back online at its new server here and there will be more to come. It may be time to parse down that odd sermon by an imam a day or two after the attacks in Texas, which I believe was given in Dearborn Mi. Will be a large and obnoxious job but probably should be done.

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