Blind woman refused service at halal rest. in Canada, The speech from Copenhagen, more on the mosque in Venice: Links 1 on May 12 – 2015

1. Nun assisted by other death penalty opponents, use tortured logic to arrive at an interpretation that allows them to claim that the Boston bomber is remorseful for his jihad at the Marathon these years ago.

2. Woman with guide dog refused service at Toronto restaurant

Kaye Leslie and her service dog Jordan brunched elsewhere Sunday after a Yonge St. restaurant employee said the golden retriever wasn’t welcome near halal food.

Kaye Leslie and her guide dog Jordan normally go everywhere together. But on Sunday, they were turned away from a Yonge St. resident, a legal violation.
By: Laura Armstrong Staff Reporter, Published on Mon May 11 2015

Kaye Leslie and her guide dog Jordan were on their way to meet family for lunch Sunday when nephew-in-law Steven Lewis called with a surprising message: an employee at Paramount Fine Foods was refusing to seat the group because the golden retriever couldn’t mix with its halal-style food.

Lewis said he requested a table for four with a “bit of extra space” for the guide dog at the Middle Eastern restaurant and bakery on Yonge St. The unidentified employee told Lewis and his wife Leah, Leslie’s nice, that dogs weren’t allowed in the near-empty restaurant.

“I said, ‘No, it’s a service dog. It’s a guide dog.’ He said, ‘No, this restaurant’s halal, you’re not allowed in here with any dogs,’” said Lewis, a onetime Toronto resident who was in town for the weekend from Muskoka. […]

Leslie said she was shocked to receive the phone call from Lewis on Sunday, though she’s been discriminated against before because of her guide dog. She has previously taken a few taxi drivers to court after they refused to pick her up.

(Gee cab drivers too! You don’t say! I wonder what they might have in common with a halal restauranteur?)

3. ITALY – Venice officials threaten to close mosque installation at Biennale art fair

A provocative art installation in the form of a historic church turned into a mosque has upset Catholic authorities and Venetian city officials, who have threatened to close it down.

Muslims have been allowed to pray inside the Santa Maria della Misericordia church, in the Cannaregio district, since it was temporarily converted into a Muslim place of worship last Friday as part of an art installation for this year’s Biennale contemporary art fair.

The installation is the work of Christoph Buchel, an artist of joint Swiss and Icelandic nationality, and was designed to underline the fact that Venice, despite its centuries-old trading links with the east, does not have a mosque.

4. Here is the segment of Tanya’s speech in Copenhagen from Monday’s demonstration at the For Freedom march. It took some doing to clean up the audio etc. but hopefully now it can be understood (it is in English) and is watchable.

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3 Replies to “Blind woman refused service at halal rest. in Canada, The speech from Copenhagen, more on the mosque in Venice: Links 1 on May 12 – 2015”

  1. 4/ Many good points, but to me there is a basic misunderstanding running all the way through Tanya’s talk. ‘Shariah the pride all Muslims,’ she says. That’s right, all Muslims. Not only male Muslims.

    Tanya describes something like this:

    Male Muslims over female Muslims.

    Male Muslims over male and female kuffar.

    When reality is closer to this:

    Male Muslims over female Muslims.

    Male and female Muslims over male and female kuffar.

    Female Muslims will make common cause with male Muslims far more naturally, more readily and more often than with female kuffar.

    Female Muslims are not going to help Tanya defend her Western values. They do not share Tanya’s Western values.

    Giving more privileges to Muslim women is giving more privileges to Islam.

    Giving more power to Muslim women is giving more power to Islam.

    And unhappily, and more often and more ways than not, giving more freedom to Muslim women is giving more freedom to Islam.

    ‘When Shariah is implemented in our country, it will be women who suffer the most.’ No, it will be kuffar who suffer the most.

  2. 3/ Pamela Geller’s art exhibition did things art is supposed to do, like making visible that which is hidden. This does the opposite, obscuring the obvious with pretentious shit-stirring. How about this piece of vicious leftist idiocy?

    Give Peace A Chance (in vitro)

    Project proposal, Herzliya Biennale, 2010

    Live in-vitro-fertilization of a Palestinian human ovum and Israeli semen. The zygote will be inserted into the uterus of an American surrogate mother. The participants are citizens of the respective countries and act by free will. If the immaculate conception process fails initially, it will be repeated until successful.

  3. 2. Woman with guide dog refused service at Toronto restaurant

    As long as all religious/cultural/prejudice symbols are proudly displayed in the front window, I have no problem with a restaurant providing service to kufar while stopping short for a dog that may sit outside, or a kosher restaurant refusing a pet pig, or a Black Panther dive refusing Europeans who tell others that only they have White Privilege.

    Private ownership is private ownership. Period. No ‘Travellers, Gypsies, or Irish’ will have the opening of new facilities if these are the good customers they are cited to be – and to the prohibitionists’ businesses, hard luck with their falling trade. And that is it, just good businesses as they see fit to run with a low ranking from Trip Advisor. You can’t demand fine cuisine if they want serve fast-food, good service if it is bad. You wont die, simply because they won’t serve you.

    But what if everybody hates you for your gene-pool/religion/culture?

    Why should Jews be forced to build their own golf courses and finally have to command their own country? Why couldn’t they go back to living in the ghettos with their welfare stamps like everybody else? Remain a people emasculated, throwing rocks at passing cars and kissing stones?

    And today, what if the government is prejudiced and at every turn wipes out Christian Family values, systematically and endemically, to create even the-very-thought into crimes if spoken of or if between Christians overheard by an offended, or on behalf of somebody else who would be offended, eavesdropper?

    What divides a blind guide dog owner from being a great human being is how you deal with adversary. She could have started her own business for blind people and outshone every dhimmi around. “Please come in madam, we have a dog-run and poop-scoop at the back” – that’s the restaurant I would phone.

    So too we discussed yesterday’s topic of Lynx asserting anal sex is normal and acquiring children by same sex ‘married’ couples a joy. The characterless formed from inner battles defeated and submitted to. Now only things of token-glory are those that underachievement satisfies. There is no greatness.

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