More on Texas, antisemitism on campus, French deconstructs its democracy and more: Links 2 on May 5 – 2015

1. 7,000 Soldiers to Be Permanently Deployed on Streets of France

French President Francois Hollande announced 7,000 of the 10,000 soldiers deployed on the country’s streets after the Islamist attacks in January will remain permanently.

French police have been on high alert after Islamist gunmen left 17 people dead over three days in attacks on the magazine Charlie Hebdo, a Jewish grocery store and police.

The military patrols will guard sensitive sites throughout France in light of the threat of more attacks. France’s miliary presence in the African Sahel region and the Central African Republic has also raised the domestic threat level.

(is this not deconstruction of the democratic French state? Instead of vetting people at the gates and determining if a given applicant is someone who can contribute to French society, letting everyone in and then violating the axiom of democracy that you do not confuse police with the military in order to give the illusion of controlling the consequences of mass immigration is rapid deconstruction of democratic governance and a transitory phase towards either a sharia based balkanized France or a military dictatorship of sorts)

2. A lengthy but well written article about the extent and power of antisemitism on US college campuses. 

3. EDL founder Tommy Robinson plans ‘Draw Mohammed’ contest for UK

(This is excellent news. I hope he follows through)

Far-right figurehead Tommy Robinson has vowed to host his own “draw Prophet Mohammed” event in Britain in solidarity with victims of a gun attack after a similar event in the United States.

Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – revealed the controversial plot in the wake of violence in Dallas at a Draw Mohammed event, attended by anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Welders and organised by Pamela Geller, an outspoken critic of the religion with whom Lennon shares significant common ground.

Police in the US have raided the home of one of the suspects in the attack, during which two men were killed and a security guard was injured.

Speaking to IBTimes UK, Lennon claimed he was not shocked by the shooting at the Draw Mohammed event and revealed he wants to run one in Britain.

(He should sue for calling him a “far right figurehead” though)

4. Pamela Geller does a magnificent job on CNN of correcting a host who is pouring on the usual narrative like cold maple syrup. Ms. Geller is perfectly correct when she says that the conversations with the media about her event show a “moral inversion”.

Liveleak deleted the Geller-Spencer videos but this appears to be the same video of Ms. Geller on CNN

5. Robert Spencer with Megyn Kelly

Thank you all, M, GoV., Maria J., Dn C., and so many more. In fact it is difficult to keep up at the moment with all the requests, editing and news but by end of the day it should all be done. Some of the materials posted today will take time and thought like the video of the psychologist at the Senate committee on Islamic radicalization. But worth the effort. More to come.

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9 Replies to “More on Texas, antisemitism on campus, French deconstructs its democracy and more: Links 2 on May 5 – 2015”

  1. 1. France resorts to military personal walking the streets yet they still don’t see a problem. It’s amazing. It really is

    • I’m sure that the liberals have rationalized that they need to make it safe for the pension rescuers, brain surgeons and scientists they are importing with gusto! The balkanization of France will happen, probably in the next decade, and Marseilles/ southern France will be the ground zero for that. I was not shocked but disturbed researching Marseilles after Ezra Levant did a story on the ‘nogo’ citadel outside Marseilles. That is definitely a nogo area. Wild. And Marseilles is what 40% Muslim now. Unbelievable. Would the balkanizing be violent or would the French just slink away from Marseilles? Not sure.

      I think the example of the Book Of Mormon on Broadway as a good counter to the all so predictable, Why insult? Why offend?. Funny how these elites love BoM, hell many have gone to see it, but BoM is pure mockery of the Mormon faith.No one is trying to stop or kill theatre attendants. The actors don’t need bodyguards. It is really a sharp multipurpose knife to cut and skewer these sycophants down to size. The emperor has no clothes.

    • Deploying troops permanently in your own cities is a tactic of a civil war, France is entering a new phase of the Islamic conquest and coming closer to active continual low intensity war in France. The Islamic conquest is on schedule.

  2. #3 — I hate to say this, but there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that the dhimmi Brit Govt would allow Tommy to do a Draw Mo event. They wouldn’t even let him and his lads walk peacefully thru Tower Hamlets! The land of my birth is truly forked. I don’t care if I ever go back to visit. Sad. Will Canada watch and learn?

  3. Oe of the most telling signs of the cowardice of news media to relay the truth was in the video covergae of events inside the auditorium. The footage I saw had blurred out all the paintings of the artists work of their idea of the islamic alleged prophet mohammed. The media’s response is to infantilise its audience by deeming showing video of non-porn, non-violent artwork to be too much fo the viewers.

    Victims of all sorts – beheadings, starvation, car crashes? No problem! But artists’ renditions of their imagination of a 7th century bedouin ? No, that’s way too much.

    How f##ked up is that??

  4. 2/ Most of those who will read this article already know this evil at first hand. I do what I can, but that amounts to nothing. I feel helpless, frustrated, angry and deeply depressed.

    Now I understand something I’ve seen on many Jewish family-oriented websites: “Only Simchas [Good-News]!”

    And there’s plenty – tech marvels, discoveries in archaeology, chess and sports scores. Stories about art and music and dance. Uplifting biographies.

    Within the tribe we have stellar activists, like Horowitz and Dershowitz, not to mention organizations like Hillel and Chabad. They’ll find a way for people like me to gather and make ourselves heard.

    Until then, I’ll read about anything other than antisemitism.

    For a while. Then it’s back to “Only Simchas!”

    • Eeyore-
      You add golden morsels of humor and “Too cool…” every now and then. I must tell you how much I appreciate them. The Trampoline, the Rotting-Head, and the Flying Pig guarantee a smile each & every time, no matter what.

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