Copenhagen, Texas, and all places made miserable by muslims in the past 24. Links 3 on May 4 – 2015

First, an update on Copenhagen.

There were about 50 Freedom for Denmark protesters for their weepy Monday march and about 200 police in full riot gear as estimated by our person on the ground, Liberty Dk. The police were estimated to be about the same number as the self described ‘anti-fascists’ who relentlessly tried to attack the Liberty for Denmark group. The police I am told, were better prepared and acted in an exemplary fashion and the thugs did not get through but not for lack of trying. There should be footage available soon which is on its way here now. With any luck, some good video will be posted tonight or perhaps this evening.

The thugs tried to throw projectiles of various kinds over the police at the Liberty marchers as well.


In an earlier post on this subject someone left a comment that the funding for the jackbooted thugs who swore they would destroy the small group of professionals who are demonstrating for freedom of speech and women’s rights etc. were not funded by the Danish Government as I had posted, but in fact were funded by the Copenhagen Socialists.

I hope this is the case. Its very reassuring actually as I believe that the Danish government is one of the very few sane ones left on Earth. Also I have been informed that the Jyllands-Posten, a largish Danish newspaper and the one that published the Danish cartoons of the Pirate Mohamed to prove the point that Islam had become above criticism, published a full repugnant piece on tonight’s march saying that both sides were equally violent etc. etc. The video will show the truth. But how sad is it that this newspaper felt it needed to invent events in order to preserve a narrative. I hope the organizers of the march sue them.

Lastly, people need to call the jihadi who attacked our friends in Texas by his real name, Abu Hussain Al Britani. I call this his real name because thats the name he picked when he became a muslim and the name he went by and the name he probably had on his passport because thats the name they use for you, the one everyone knows you by.

1. Police: Texas Officer ‘Probably Saved Lives’

2. Brian Lilley: Islam shouldn’t get special treatment

3. Obama Potential Supreme Court Nominee Let Off Cartoon Gunman Because She Wasn’t Sure What “Jihad” Meant

The Mohammed cartoon shootings did not turn into a massacre because of the quick actions of police officers on the scene. But if a massacre had occurred, much of the responsibility would rest with Judge Mary H. Murguia.

Judge Murguia is a Clinton appointee and has been mentioned as a potential Obama Supreme Court nominee. Her sister, Janet Murguia, heads the racist hate group known as La Raza or The Race, which is closely tied to the Obama White House’s amnesty effort. Her brother, Carlos Murguia, coordinated the the Immigration Amnesty Program before Clinton also nominated him for a judgeship.

The FBI knew that Elton Simpson, one of the Garland Jihadists, was a threat and had attempted to lock him up after amassing evidence that he intended to go to Somalia as a terrorist. They had him on tape stating “that Allah loves an individual who is “out there fighting [non-Muslims]” and “If you get shot, or you get killed, it’s [heaven] straight away.” Mr. Simpson then said “[Heaven] that’s what we here for…so why not take that route?”

4. This link actually has some worthy video of the Copenhagen leftist jackbootathon but better is on the way now

5. This comment has two links on the second shooter, another muslim and roommate of the first already identified muslim terrorist, Abu Hussain Al Britani

6. Freed Nigerian woman tells of Boko Haram captivity

(Video at site)

7. BBC article on Somali Islamic rhetorical wars with muslim terrorists

The Somali government has told media houses to stop referring to militant group al-Shabab by their name.

They instead want the group to be called Ugus, an acronym for the Somali words meaning “the Group that Massacres the Somali People”.

Al-Shabab responded by saying the Somali government should be referred to by the same acronym, Ugus.

In this case, Ugus means “the Group that Subjects the Somali People to Humiliation”.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Liberty.Dk., and many others. Its a busy busy day and there is a lot more to come. There was some really interesting testimony as well in the Parliament of Canada today where the Warden at the prison where the Sharia father is held. He had a few things to say about ‘radicalization’ in the prison while managing to tow a classic politically correct party line. I hope to make that video available shortly as well.

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