Two mysteries from yesterday’s news items now solved.

A couple of mysteries from yesterday’s posts are solved!

The first one is that odd little statue left at a gas station. It is not a woman in a burka with a rifle. It turns out to be a common infantry target. It is supposed to be a generic person in a generic camouflage outfit with a rifle to be used as target practice.

This may be a European thing, I’m not sure but I am told its common. Thank you Carpe Diem for that.

Another thing which could be called a mystery is that Obama did something which looked like it was in American interests by sending a carrier group to do what appears to be intercept an Iranian warship with supplies for the Houthi rebels. Here is an article by a retired US navy intel analyst saying that not only is this the wrong weapons platform for this purpose, it is also being moved away from the location where it can be used to fight the Islamic State, a function for which it is suited. So the mystery of Obama doing something correct is now also solved.

Thank you Tundra T. for that one.

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10 Replies to “Two mysteries from yesterday’s news items now solved.”

  1. ……mystery is that Obama did something which looked like
    it was in American interests……
    Or, it could be his putting Americans and their expensive equipment
    in harm’s way………..

  2. I knew something was wrong about the deployment but not what, my knowledge is mainly about ground combat and some of the political background of the wars. This move my Obama has helped both ISIS and Iran, the strike aircraft are not avaible to help fight ISIS and the carriers will do little to nothing to stop the Iranian smuggling. Obama has managed to help two of our enemies at once.

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