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  1. Australian teens held over alleged terror attack (BBC, Apr 18, 2015)

    “Police in Australia say they have foiled an Islamic State-inspired plot to carry out an attack at a World War One centenary event.

    Police arrested five suspects, including two 18-year-olds being held for alleged terrorism-related offences.

    They said the men were planning to target police at an Anzac memorial event in Melbourne next week.

    Some 200 police officers took part in the counter-terrorism operation in the city early on Saturday.

    Acting deputy police commissioner Neil Gaughan told reporters that evidence gathered by police led them to believe the suspects had been influenced by Islamic State.

    The two men held on terrorism-related offences were likely to be charged, he said.

    A third man, also 18, was arrested on weapons charges and two other teenagers, aged 18 and 19, were in custody and assisting with enquiries.

    Officials referred to possible attacks using “edged weapons”, but Mr Gaughan said there was no evidence to suggest there was “a planned beheading”.

    Anzac Day is an annual day of remembrance for servicemen and women from Australia and New Zealand. A series of events are planned for next week to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli.

    Police said that although officers were the primary target of the alleged Melbourne plot there was also a threat to the public.

    Search operations were continuing at several addresses in the south-east of the city on Saturday.

    Australia raised its threat level to high last September and has since carried out a series of counter-terrorism raids….”

        • Men arrested in Melbourne over alleged ‘ISIS-inspired’ Anzac Day terrorist plot

          Counterterrorism police have alleged two of the five men they arrested in an operation in Melbourne this morning were planning an Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack on an Anzac Day ceremony.

          An 18-year-old Hallam man has been charged with conspiring to commit a terrorist act and will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court today.

          A second man, 18, from Hampton Park, was also arrested on terrorism-related offences this morning during a major joint counterterrorism team operation.

          A third man was arrested for weapons offences and two other men were in custody assisting police with their enquiries, after seven search warrants were executed.

          Three of the five men arrested were injured in the operation.

          One suffered a head wound and another resisted arrest.

          Capsicum spray was used to subdue the men.

          The Australian Federal Police said they believed the two 18-year-olds were plotting an attack to take place on Anzac Day.

          AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan said it was believed the attacks were to have involved the use of “edged knives”.

          “It is alleged both men were undertaking preparations for a terrorist attack at an Anzac Day activity in Melbourne which included targeting police officers,” he said.

          Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton described the plot as being inspired by Islamic State (IS).

          “At this stage we have no information that it was a planned beheading. But there was reference to an attack on police,” he told a news conference in Melbourne.

          “Some evidence that was collected at a couple of the scenes and some other information we have leads us to believe that this particular matter was ISIS-inspired.”

          Acting Deputy Commissioner Gaughan said this morning’s operation involved 200 police officers and was the culmination of Operation Rising.

          The ABC understands that a number of the arrested men attended the Al Furqan Islamic study centre in South Springvale and were associates of Abdul Numan Haider, who also attended the centre.

          Haider was shot and killed by counterterrorism police in September last year.

          Deputy Commissioner Patton said members of the community should not feel anxious.

          “At this stage we’re comfortable that we have this threat fully contained,” he said.

          “[Members of the public] should feel reassurance as a result of the operations.”

          • DAILY MAIL – ANZAC Day terror plot: Friends of slain militant Numan Haider planned to hack police officers to death with swords and knives at memorial ceremonies for Australia’s fallen soldiers

            – About 200 police officer raided seven properties in Melbourne on Saturday
            – Two 18-year-old men were arrested for terrorism offences
            – Police allege they planned to target an ‘Anzac Day ceremony’ and police
            – They are expected to be charged with a number of offences including the possession of prohibited items, with ‘edged weapons’ found at a property
            – Another 18-year-old was also arrested on weapons offences
            – Two other men, 18 and 19, are in custody and assisting police
            – Officers said the men were ‘undertaking preparations for planning a terrorist act in Australia


  2. SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA – Alleged Anzac terror plots ‘evil’

    Allegations of terror plots against police at Anzac Day commemorations are ‘evil’, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says.

    The men are not people of faith and don’t represent any culture, Mr Andrews told reporters on Saturday. –

    This is not an issue of how you pray or where you were born. This is not about those issues,’ he said –

    Mr Andrews warned against the temptation to be suspicious of, or turn against, community members.

    Violence and racism won’t be tolerated, he said.

    video on the page :
    Melbourne terror plot: raids live coverage

    on this page :

  3. AFGHANISTAN – Explosion kills 22 in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad

    (Reuters) – An explosion in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad killed 22 people and injured around 50 on Saturday, the city’s police chief said.

    The blast took place outside a bank where government workers collect their salaries, police chief Fazel Ahmad Sherzad said, adding that a suicide bomber appeared to have been responsible. No further details were immediately available.

    JALALABAD: At least 40 people were killed and many injured as an explosion rocked Jalalabad city this morning
    Hazrat Hussain Mashriqiwal, spokesman for the police headquarters of Nangarhar confirmed the blast, which occurred near the governor’s house.

    He said that the incident took place around 08:15 AM.
    According to eyewitnesses dozens of people have been killed and wounded.
    Jalalabad Regional Hospital is put on alert to treat the victims.

  4. Mr Andrews warned against the temptation to be suspicious of, or turn against, community members.

    Violence and racism won’t be tolerated, he said.

    Oh yeah. But how about prosecuting all idiot politicians who allowed millions of the historic enemies of Western coivilisation, to make camp in the West.

    Such is the case, and when looked at properly, is treason most high.

  5. Genocide of the Christians: The blood-soaked depravity exceeded even today’s atrocities by Islamic State – now, 100 years on Turkey faces global disgust at its refusal to admit butchering over a MILLION Armenians

    In 1915 the rulers of the Ottoman empire turned their hatred on Armenians

    The Young Turks persecution of the minority turned to unbridled savagery

    Modern Turkey faces disgust over refusal to admit the historic genocide

  6. Pope Francis urges more international action on migrants (BBC, Apr 18, 2015)

    “Pope Francis has called on Europe and the international community to do more to tackle the rising number of migrants making desperate and often deadly journeys across the Mediterranean.

    The Pope thanked Italy, which has borne the brunt of the rescue efforts, and urged a “broader involvement”…..”

  7. Pocket money!

    Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia pledges $274m to meet UN call for aid (BBC, Apr 18, 2015)

    “Saudi Arabia, which is leading an air campaign against rebels in Yemen, has pledged to provide exactly the amount of emergency aid to the country as called for in a UN appeal on Friday.

    The official Saudi news agency said it has promised $274m (£183m; €255m) in humanitarian aid.

    Yemen has been wracked by fighting between Houthi rebels and government troops.

    The UN says 150,000 people have been displaced by fighting.

    It also says 12 million are short of food.

    Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud announced the aid late on Friday, saying his country would “stand fully by the brotherly people of Yemen”.

    A Saudi-led coalition has been launching air strikes against the rebels in 18 of Yemen’s 22 provinces, exacerbating an existing humanitarian crisis….”

  8. Yemen Militia Says It Is Besieging Rebels at Strategic Base (abcnews, Apr 18, 2015)

    “Militiamen loyal to Yemen’s exiled president besieged an air base Saturday once crucial to the U.S. drone program targeting al-Qaida militants in the country, trying to dislodge the Shiite rebels holding the complex, a spokesman said.

    Qa’ed Nasser, a spokesman for the pro-Hadi militia, said his fighters launched several attacks on the Al-Annad air base amid airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition targeting the rebels, known as Houthis. He said that the Houthis have been forced to abandon parts of the base due to the attacks.

    Houthi rebels declined to comment on the fighting at the base, only 60 kilometers (35 miles) away from Aden, the port city where President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi had established a temporary capital before fleeing the country.

    The base was crucial in the U.S. drone campaign against al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which America considers to be the most dangerous branch of the terror group. U.S. operations against the militants have been scaled back dramatically amid the chaos in Yemen.

    U.S. officials have said CIA drone strikes will continue in the country, though there will be fewer of them. The agency’s ability to collect intelligence on the ground in Yemen, while not completely gone, is also much diminished.

    About 100 U.S. military advisers based at Al-Annad withdrew last month due to deteriorating security conditions….”

  9. Boko Haram kills 16 in Cameroon, military says (CNN, Apr 18, 2015)

    “Suspected Boko Haram militants this week attacked civilians inside Cameroon for the first time in a month, killing at least 16 villagers, a military spokesman told CNN Saturday.

    Six attackers were killed by Cameroonian forces, said Maj. Nlate Eballe, an operations officer with a special military unit set up to fight Boko Haram.

    The attackers came Thursday “in the hundreds … torched Dia village in the Far North Region,” he said.

    Dia is a village that borders Lake Chad and has been identified as a recruiting ground for Boko Haram. Regional Gov. Mijiyawa Bakary said the insurgents have been attacking border villages in Cameroon in search of supplies….”

  10. U.S. companies violated Iran sanctions, indictment says (CNN, Apr 18, 2015)

    “Four companies and five people have been charged with violating U.S. sanctions on Iran just as American officials are working to use those sanctions to persuade Iran to renounce any ambition to develop nuclear arms.

    A 24-count indictment unsealed this week charges that the companies and people involved facilitated the illegal export to Iran of technology that is commonly used in military systems.

    They include high-tech microelectronics, uninterruptible power supplies and other goods in violation of U.S. law….”

  11. You know what to shout… For the children, women and human rights! (Only when it comes to Mahoundianism, you will of course be labeled a racist bigot or something.)

    Gipsy group who exploited human rights laws to stay in illegal camp win £200,000 court battle to stay (dailymail, Apr 17, 2015)

    “A gipsy group who exploited human rights laws to stay in their illegal camp for more than five years have won another legal battle to stay – in a fight that has cost taxpayers £200,000.

    The 78 Irish travellers, who hail from just four families, had refused to budge despite facing three different courts, a planning inquiry and a council.

    And locals in Hardhorn, Lancashire, accused the group of trashing their leafy village – and branded them the ‘neighbours from hell’.

    Last October, the camp, which had flouted planning rules, appeared to have lost its case after the travellers were told to move out by the Court of Appeal.

    But despite being given four months to leave the site without the chance to appeal, the group used a loophole to take their case to the Supreme Court.

    They claimed the eviction ‘violated’ the human rights of the 39 children living on the site in 60 caravans.

    The Supreme Court later rejected pleas for the group to be allowed the right of appeal under a ‘point of law of general public importance.’

    But now it has been revealed that a further judicial review at the High Court has been granted.

    Fylde Council said that fighting the ‘Battle of Hardhorn’ has already cost the local authority £200,000 in legal fees which will be met by the public purse.

    Parish councillor Maxine Chew said: ‘It is a disgrace that a shocking amount of public money has been spent fighting this…..”

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