How is this not WW3? Links 1 on April 13 – 2015

1. The destruction of a city which predates Jesus by 1300 years by the Islamic State is being called a “war Crime” by archeologists.

(Video at site)

The thing is, the Islamic state uses bulldozers and other powerful tools that other people built and invented, and destroy structures that other people built and invented, which 3500 years of human beings have had enough respect for to not destroy these sites, more or less, and then act like this destruction is an accomplishment and a good and noble thing.  No creature with any degree of domestication would do that or even think that way.

2. Gates of Vienna article on the exploding building in Ottawa 

3. Islamic State hacker army

4. I remember this photo from when it actually happened. This is not a photoshop, this is the book he was reading on his flight.

5. Hezbollah Backing Houthi Rebels in Yemen, According to Reports

(Iran shows its hand in the Yemen take over more and more openly)

6. Libya violence: Bomb explodes outside Moroccan embassy

A bomb has exploded at the gates of the Moroccan embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, security officials say, hours after two people were shot dead outside South Korea’s embassy. 

There was some damage to cars nearby, but no reports of injuries. The embassy is not currently operational.

On Sunday, gunmen opened fire from a passing car on a security post at the South Korean embassy.

The militant group Islamic State said it carried out that attack.

The device at the Moroccan embassy in the Bin Ashour area of Tripoli was left in a bag at the gate.

(Well. That Libya expedition worked out well then.)

7, Pakistan: After identifying him as Christian, Muslims set young boy on fire

Time for a new spate of articles about the rise of “Islamophobia” — the Islamic supremacist propaganda machine has to kick into high gear to keep on diverting our attention from things like this.

“Young boy set on fire after being identified as Christian,” by Nasir Saeed,, April 12, 2015:

A Pakistani Christian boy has been attacked and set on fire after some young Muslims discovered his religion.

Nauman Masih, 14, was set upon by unknown Muslims who were going to the mosque to offer their Friday prayers. He was returning from the tailors when he was stopped by young Muslims and after identifying him as Christian, they set him on fire.

1Than you GoV., CB Sashenka, Don C. Yucki, Wrath of Khan, and all.

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16 Replies to “How is this not WW3? Links 1 on April 13 – 2015”

  1. said, “How is this not WW3?”

    The major players are not fighting each other. They’re being kicked by the same midget.

        • All those 1950s sci fi movies we were told were about an irrational fear of communism, but in fact reflected entirely reasonable concerns about a real and ongoing threat, would have to work just as well as metaphors for the ‘Islamophobia’ we’re supposed to believe is some paranoid mental disorder we’re suffering from.

      • Most countries are assisting which is true sad. They honestly don’t believe Islam is a threat. Which means we have a long way to go before we can actually confront this problem.

        Formal education of Islam is clearly not going to do it not by it’s self. 9/11 helped and harmed us a lot in that education of Islam. It got maybe 10 to 20% of western population to recognize there is a problem with Islam the vast majority believes it’s a ‘tiny’ minority. It also rallied Islam which has expanded it’s evil.

        What is taking place with inaction in the middle east and Africa is likely to result of greater atrocities then 9/11 around the world. As the atrocities rise so will he realization of reality.

        Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way.

        • This is why I keep saying that the war will last at least the rest of this Century. One thing that will wake up a lot of people is when Saudi and Iran start destroying each other, this will scare a lot of people.

  2. 1/ Where is the Islamic horde that will riot in the world’s streets over a few cartoons? Not even looked for, our expectations of Muslims are so low. It hardly seems possible to get the 1.6 billion animated about recent Saudi destruction of Islam’s own early sites in Mecca and Medina. They are certainly not about to lose sleep over a handful of pagan idols, or an ancient pagan city or two.

    The recent ramping up of demolition in Mecca and Medina is curious. Even while it is ongoing, the Saudi government has allowed a number of archaeological excavations under Western eyes elsewhere in the kingdom, and museums around the country (such as they are) still preserve pre-Islamic inscriptions and other jahiliyyah stuff. What remains of this 4th-century church in Jubail doesn’t seem to have been flattened yet:

    Much of the motivation for pulverizing historical Mecca and Medina over the last few years is no doubt commercial, but a contributing factor in giving the clerics their way might be the recent popularizing of questions about Islam’s origins in books and documentaries by Robert Spencer and Tom Holland and others. There is little risk of any meddlesome future historian ever adducing archaeological evidence in disproof of Islam’s sacralized early history if there isn’t any archaeology left.

  3. Welcome to South Yorkshire, child rape capital of Britain

    But far worse in my view is the response of the NSPCC man.

    The reason for the epidemic of recent child rape crimes in Britain is not because a bunch of dirty old perves who used to present It’s A Knockout or who used to be big in hospital radio are still actively engaged in kiddy fiddling. It’s because of a massive, entrenched cultural problem whereby, for three decades, gangs of Mirpuri Pakistanis in Muslim ghettos around Britain have been permitted with virtual impunity to groom, drug and rape vulnerable, mostly underage white girls.

    And the reason they’ve been getting away with it is because almost all the authorities which should have prevented it happening – from the local police to the council children’s services to the various children’s charities – preferred, for reasons of political correctness, to bury their heads in the sand.

    No country in the annals of history, has allowed such a thing to happen. For Britain, this is a national scandal and shame. This topic should have been at the centre of the election. But far from it, the perpetrators and their facillitators are going to be re-elected.

  4. PS:
    This national disaster was visited on us by the previous Labour government. Had the Conservatives lost the last election, this “war crime”, would never have come to light.

    The tragedy is that the same people, particularly the Home Secretaries in the previous Labour government, instead of serving long prison sentences, are going to be re-elected.

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