Firesale on islamic horror and attacks on our freedom of speech world wide: Links 4 on April 13 – 2015

1. Taliban fighters kill 18 Afghan soldiers, beheading eight

At least 18 Afghan soldiers have been killed – eight of them beheaded – by Taliban fighters in a major attack in north-east Afghanistan, officials say.

About 12 soldiers are missing after Friday’s attack in Badakhshan province, a provincial spokesman told AFP.

Government checkpoints were also briefly seized during the attack.

Taliban insurgents have stepped up attacks on government and foreign targets since the US slowed down the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

(There isn’t a dumpster big enough in all the world to handle a koran fire like the one we should be having)

2. Tensions between Iran and the KSA on the increase 

3. Morocco dismantles jihadi cell suspected of planning attacks

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Morocco’s Interior Ministry says it has dismantled a militant cell with ties to Moroccans in the Netherlands that is suspected of planning attacks.

The statement Monday said the six men were arrested in Salwane, a small town near the city of Nador in northern Morocco, close to the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

The men sympathized with the Islamic State group and were training in the woods in the surrounding hills. They were planning to kill those “with religious convictions contrary to this terrorist organization,” said the statement.

Nothing to do with Islam Vana2

4. Budapest Hungary: Thousands march to remember the victims of the Holocaust

5. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute postpones ‘American Sniper’ showing after Muslim outcry

A private research university just north of Albany, New York, has postponed its scheduled showing of “American Sniper” to provide for further discussion following protests from the school’s Muslim Students Association.

The student-run movie theater at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy will be showing “The Theory of Everything” instead of the Oscar-nominated Chris Kyle biopic, which will be shown at a later date in the semester and held alongside an “educational forum,” Campus Reformreported.

(The film, American Sniper, is a good old fashioned US war hero movie without being polluted by moral relativism and is unashamedly hawkish where that is the right approach to a problem. Anyone who would want it to be banned, as opposed to simply not going to see it, would be someone or some group who are actually enemies of the US at a couple of levels. The obvious 1st amendment one, and the more subtle one of trying to make anything pro-American a criminal thing to watch, doubly so if in any way it violates the Islamic definition of slander, meaning true or not it makes islam look bad and perhaps doubly so to outsiders. Here is the end of meeting, pledge of allegiance that this group says at the end of each meeting. This pretty much closes the deal on the reasons they want to ban this movie wherever they can)

6. Does Chinese mythology include hell? Apparently so. 

(And I didn’t know coal could get that hot)

7. One minute and thirty three seconds of Geert today in Dresden

8. PEGIDA march in Belgium by people who actually fully get it. These are the first people I have seen who actually could wear, ‘We are all Charlie Hebdo’ and not be an insult to the very idea.

9. Here is Geert Wilder’s speech of this morning in Dresden Germany.

(This is a downloadable .doc. If any German speakers want to time it with the speech for subtitles, please use this version of the speech)

10. Iraq exhumes remains of 164 from Tikrit graves

Baghdad (AFP) – Iraq has exhumed the remains of 164 people believed to have been massacred by jihadists from mass graves in Tikrit, the human rights ministry said Monday.

“Search teams have discovered the remains of 164 (victims) so far in four mass graves during work over the past week,” ministry spokesman Kamel Amin told AFP.

He said documents and mobile phones that have been found indicate the dead are victims of the infamous Speicher massacre, named for the military base near which up to 1,700 mostly Shiite recruits were abducted by the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group last year.

Thank you M., Antikythera, GoV., Don C. Richard and Yucki and all for your valuable contributions. More to come.

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  1. 2 – This tension between Iran and KSA is the location of the most probable use of nuclear weapons, while Iran wants to destroy the US and Israel they want the Madhi to lead them in the destruction. For this to happen the Mahdi must return and this requires the destruction of several Saudi cities and some in Iran.

  2. 5/ Prison-Convert Imam concludes the Death-Cult oath,
    ___“and I will DIE to establish Islam…”

    ___Then my responsive amen [aka ‘so be it’]:
    “…and may it be SOON, Brother.”

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