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  1. Bruce Thornton: A Foreign Policy Primer for Obama––and Rand Paul

    … the long catalogue of failures wrought by a president devoid of the traditional wisdom and practical knowledge necessary to direct the foreign policy of the greatest power in history. The apology tour, the bowing to foreign potentates, the Russian “reset” and pledge of “flexibility,” the meaningless “pivot” to Asia, the Syrian “red line” written in disappearing ink, the Benghazi fiasco and cover-up, the Bowe Bergdahl embarrassment, the support given to the jihadist Muslim Brothers and subsequent alienation of Egyptian president al Sisi, the collapse of Libya and Yemen, the shameless bullying of our best regional ally Israel, and the culminating fiasco of his cringing negotiations with Iran, the world’s most virulent state sponsor of terrorism, all put Obama’s chutzpa in the same league as the guy who murders his parents then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan.

  2. AUSTRALIA – SYDNEY – Protests at halal food expo turn violent

    Police have broken up fights between anti Islam and anti racism protestors this afternoon, outside Australia’s first halal food expo in the western Sydney suburb of Fairfield.

    Police were observing a small group of demonstrators carrying placards opposing halal certification and sharia law when they were confronted by the anti-racism protestors.

    One of the anti Islam demonstrators Nick Folkes said he represented the Party For Freedom.

    “We’re opposed completely to ritual slaughter. Our set of values are completely different to Islam,” he said

    The Halal expo organizers says one of their aims has been to counter ignorance – as they push a message of food appreciation, tolerance and harmony.

    “If they are really serious about any issue in this country, they have to take that issue with a friendly manner, with an harmonious manner,” said director Syed Atiqul Hassan.

    One major halal certifying agency told SBS World News it was not taking part in the expo because it doubts that all participants are in fact certified.

    But organizers say they’re confident that all stallholders are accredited.

    video on the page :

  3. Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula hit by deadly bomb attacks (BBC, Apr 12, 2015)

    “At least 14 people have been killed in separate bomb attacks in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, security forces have said.

    Eight people died and 45 others were injured in an explosion outside a police station in El-Arish.

    At least six soldiers lost their lives and two were wounded in an attack on an armoured vehicle, near the northern town of Sheikh Zuweid.

    Militants from the Sinai Province group, affiliated to Islamic State, have said they carried out the attacks….”

  4. Arabs chant “Allahu Akbar” at Jews, so they dance
    Elder Of Ziyon adds:
    Keep in mind that this is not on the Temple Mount, but in a street of the Old City outside the complex. [Because that would be a sacrilege.]

    This video was originally shown on the Al Himna News Facebook page, where they said that “settlers” were taunting the women who scream “Allah Hu Akbar:” at passing Jews.

    The song that the Jews sang, Yibaneh Hamikdash, translates to “The Temple will be rebuilt; the City of Zion will be restored.” It is one of those Zionist songs that were written in medieval times.

    I think that this is a proper reaction to the attempts at intimidating Jews in their capital. In fact, I would recommend adapting one of the “Yibaneh HaMikdash” tunes (such as the one that these Jews sang while dancing) to the lyrics “Allah Hu Akbar” and break out into song and dance every time the chant is heard.

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