At this stage, lack of reporting on Islamic horror could also be from its lack of novelty: Links 4 on April 10 – 2015

1. Another news article about the man arrested for the bomb plot on a US military base

KANSAS CITY, Kan. —A Topeka man is facing federal charges for allegedly plotting to detonate a car bomb at Fort Riley, Kansas, federal officials said.

U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said John Thomas Booker Jr., also known as Muhammed Abdullah Hasson, 20, was arrested at 9 a.m. Friday in Manhattan as he was making final preparations to detonate the bomb.

2. Finnish security police cancel Lars Vilks speaking engagement within the Finnish parliament on the basis that they could not protect him. In other words, the Finns are not sufficiently in control of their own nation to protect a person not liked by muslims within their own parliament buildings. Canada take note. Greater security (sadly) will likely be needed still.

3. Muslims Gave Man 3 Chances To Convert, What He Says Next Will Haunt You

4. United West reminds us about Grove Norquist’s role in the subversion of the United States

5. ISIS executes 4 of its commanders by direct order of al-Baghdadi in Diyala

The source said in an interview for, “ISIS leader al-Baghdadi ordered to execute four of the most prominent commanders of the terrorist group in Diyala, including a security officer in the former regime, on the outskirts of al-Sharqat area in Salahuddin, because of their escape from the battlefield in the northern areas of Muqdadiya (40 km northeast of Baquba),” noting that, “The execution was in front of a gathering of people.”

The source, who requested to remain anonymous, added, “The four leaders were arrested two months ago in Hamrin on the border between Diyala and Salahuddin, after fleeing from Muqdadiyah battles.”

(In the Islamic State the only way you know if they really care about you is if they execute you)

6. BREAKING:  Albanian national held on suspicion of murdering Israeli tourist in Berlin

Motive for suspected murder of Yossi Damari, 22, reportedly remains unclear
Police cars stand in front of the ruins of the Franciscan Monastery in Berlin on April 5, 2015, where the body of an Israeli man was found ( Maurizio Gambarini (DPA/AFP/File) )Police cars stand in front of the ruins of the Franciscan Monastery in Berlin on April 5, 2015, where the body of an Israeli man was found ( Maurizio Gambarini (DPA/AFP/File) )“Maurizio Gambarini (DPA/AFP/File)”

An Albanian man was arrested Friday in the Czech Republic on suspicion of beating to death an Israeli tourist in Berlin, German police said.

The victim, identified by police Thursday as 22-year-old Yosi Damari, was found by passersby early Sunday beaten beyond recognition in the ruins of a Gothic church. No motive has been found for his horrific murder, which had taken place the previous day, Berlin police say.

It took several days for police to confirm the identity of the battered man, using his passport and DNA testing.

(Muslim beats a Jewish Israeli to death in Germany. Motive unclear. Police in Europe clearly have blindfolds as part of the mandatory uniform)

7. UK: Three prominent muslim school principles etc. arrested and charged with fraud and various offenses. 

8. The married Lib Dem ‘feminist’ and his drunken strip club night of temptation caught on camera

A would-be Lib Dem MP who describes himself as a feminist has been filmed repeatedly trying to touch a naked lap dancer.

Married father-of-one Maajid Nawaz asked for two private sessions at a strip club in east London.

Footage shows the prospective parliamentary candidate – who calls himself an advocate of women’s rights – attempting to touch her arms and thighs, which is against the venue’s policy.

Staff said Nawaz had been pestering the girl all night and his actions had been ‘outrageous’.

In the film, Nawaz – a convicted former extremist – can be seen repeatedly trying to make contact with the girl as she dances naked for him in a private room during two £20 lap dances.

Thank you M., George Igler, Carpe Diem and all.

The Daily mail seems to have implemented a new advert scheme were there is some random playing of videos at odd intervals and not even continuous, just blurts and bleeps and sometimes a whole add. It is infuriating if you have a lot of tabs open and don’t know which one is interfering with your thought process like the beeps in the Kurt Vonnegut story, Welcome to the Monkey House.   So you may want to read the story in item 8 and close the tab.

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  1. Really? REALLY?! lol

    Swedish peacekeepers in Mali ‘get extra food rations’ (BBC, Apr 10, 2015)

    “Rations for Swedish troops based in Timbuktu as part of the UN peacekeeping in Mali have been increased after complaints that they were going hungry.

    Lt Col Carl Magnus Svensson told the BBC they now get 4,000-4,500 calories a day, up from the 1,800 UN ration.

    One Swedish soldier told Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper that he lost at least 5kg (11 lbs) in Mali.

    The UN mission was deployed to northern Mali following a French-led operation to drive out Islamist fighters in 2013.

    The BBC’s Alex Duval Smith in the capital, Bamako, says about 250 Swedish soldiers are part of the 10,000-strong UN peace force.

    Food shortages have been reported before with Chadian troops once downing tools in protest at going months on UN rations with no fresh food, she says.

    According to Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish soldiers became so thin that their ribcages became visible.

    Lt Col Svensson told the BBC’s Newsday programme that the Swedes now had their own kitchen, although he conceded “every one of us would wish for more greens, more fruit”.

    But he said it was important for soldiers not to go out and “over shop” in Timbuktu in case they deprived the city’s civilians of fresh ingredients.

    Our reporter says there is a discrepancy in conditions for the troops from different countries making up the UN peace force.

    The majority of peacekeepers are from Africa and have far lower living and food standards than those of the French and the Swedes, who sleep in air-conditioned tents, she says.”

  2. Mumbai attack suspect Lakhvi released on bail in Pakistan (BBC, Apr 10, 2015)

    “The suspected mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, has been released on bail from a Pakistani jail, officials say.

    Jail officials in Rawalpindi said Mr Lakhvi was released on Friday morning.

    India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh has called the release “unfortunate and disappointing”, Indian media reports say.

    Mr Lakhvi had been granted bail in December, but was kept in detention under public order legislation.

    That detention was declared void by the High Court, which ordered his release.

    Mr Lakhvi still faces trial – along with six other suspects – over the attacks, which left 166 people dead and damaged peace efforts between the two countries.

    Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi’s trial in the Mumbai attacks case still continues, but his release on bail suggests the legal evidence presented in court by prosecutors may not be enough for a conviction.

    This contrasts with six years ago, when the interior minister at the time, Rehman Malik, provided graphic details of how a part of the Mumbai attacks conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan. Indian officials have since said that they also handed evidence against Mr Lakhvi and his comrades to Pakistani prosecutors.

    Apparently, most of this evidence has not been made part of the case record, indicating legal complications and also perhaps a lack of interest on the part of Pakistani authorities.

    Analysts say legal technicalities may be one factor behind his release. Another factor, according to some in the intelligence community, may be the fear in security circles that his “demobilisation” may hurt the morale of Kashmir-focused insurgents, something they say the government does not wish to see….”

  3. 8/ Ultimately the racist British establishment will be to blame for such recklessness, for refusing to admit Nawaz to their more discrete arrangements. And isn’t she a little past the use-by date for a proper English politician? Or a philandering Muslim, for that matter.

    Makes you miss the Cold War, when our governments were still on our side more or less, or at least there was a George Smiley in the shadows who knew who the enemy was, and the value of a grainy black and white photo of him in flagrante.

  4. 4/ Infidels are still light years from widespread understanding of this, how organized and ubiquitous the opposition is, how long they have been at it and how effective they have been.

  5. 2 – It is sad to say but in a few years the rest of the world may give thanks when Russia moves into the Scandinavian countries. Russia will make this move to expand thee rapidly growing Russian Empire rather then because of concern for the way the conquers are treating the natives.

          • There is a link, I have skimmed the article and will read it at leisure later.

            In a way the Bolsheviks were working for Germany, Germany was losing on the Eastern Front as well as the Western Front, they contacted the Bolshevik leaders who were in Switzerland and shipped them across Germany and Eastern Europe in sealed Railroad cars. They then infiltrated them into Russia where they went to Moscow and set about arranging the 1917 revolution. It was a lot more complicated then that but that is the short answer.

            For better view of what happened in Moscow during that time period read Reilly Ace of Spies and the follow up book whose Title I forget. You can also watch the British TV series of the same name. The only major differences between the TV show and reality are that the British Intelligence service was always veery professional and it is more likely that Reilly defected to the Soviets instead of being killed.

            The books give a clearer picture then the TV show.

            • That sounds good – I’m wobbly on that period. My strong point is just prior to the outbreak of war. Before the rabble began making history.

      • Not worth watching. I rarely watch PBS, though I’ll skim an article here and there.
        BBC, depends. Never when predictably upsetting. Some remote village in Ebolaland is usually ok.
        VICE is getting a miss these days. So much promise, a pity.

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