In Australia, the locals begin to take notice. Links 3 on April 6 2015

1. Gates of Vienna: Communists Against PEGIDA

The first PEGIDA rally in North America (that I’ve heard of, at least) was scheduled to be held on March 28 in Montreal, but was cancelled at the last minute after “anti-racists” massed to demonstrate against it. Below are excerpts from a CBC article about what happened:

PEGIDA Québec Cancels March After Anti-Racist Groups Convene

Anti-Islam group with European roots and National Front sympathies organizes in Quebec

A march organized by sympathizers of a Europe-based anti-Islam, anti-immigration group called PEGIDA was cancelled on Saturday after hundreds of people showed up to protest against PEGIDA itself.

The self-described leader of the relatively new PEGIDA Québec chapter, Jean-François Asgard, told Radio-Canada that “Islam needs to reform itself or leave the West.”

2. Here is an actual 12 tone concert with multiple instruments that aesthetically seems close enough to a dog playing piano and howling that you can play both things at the time time and not actually interfere with the understanding of either.

3. BBC: Boston bombing suspect Tsarnaev ‘wanted to punish America’

A prosecutor has told the jury that Dzhokar Tsarnaev “wanted to punish America” when he and his brother planted bombs at the Boston Marathon.

His lawyers admit he carried out the attacks but say he was under the influence of his radicalised brother.

If found guilty, the 21-year-old, who is charged with 30 counts, will face life imprisonment or execution.

The jury is to begin their deliberations on Tuesday, after both sides finished their closing arguments.

Daily Mail link same story

4. This WAPO article goes a long way to explaining the odd success of the Islamic State and its continuous military victories. 

(Well this plus the US seeming reluctance to do anything effective)

5. Australian domestic abuse worker speaks on islam

6. Another speech from Reclaim Australia

7. “Mass graves believed to hold Iraqi soldiers have been discovered in newly liberated Tikrit. Up to 1,700 bodies may be recovered. ISIS claimed to have executed that many soldiers captured in June outside Camp Speicher, a fortified Iraqi base near Tikrit….”

Thank you M., ML. GoV., Yucki, Wrath0fKhan and all.

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  1. I think I’d be careful about jumping aboard that current ‘ISIS is not Islamic, it’s just a bunch of Bathists’ meme.

    We always knew there were connections between I and B, but this idea of “No, it was those darn Republican Americans stirring up secular Bathists who created the problem, and has nothing to do with Islam” is new in the sense that they seem to want you to believe that’s all there is to it. It’s a Prog trick. It’s just another attempt at revisionism. Notice how this story always comes from the left lately.

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