I now realize that people do nothing till its too late, then they do everything when it might not work: Links 3 for April 1 – 2015

1. Katie Hopkins reported to police for ‘inciting racial hatred’ over tweets linking Pakistani men to Rochdale child sex abuse

(The fact that someone is reported is of less consequence than how the process is used. If Katie’s life is made miserable or if she is charged and if she is found guilty then we will know that non-muslims in the UK are truly Dhimmis and law has been supplanted by sharia and islamic supremacy)

Katie Hopkins has been reported to police by Labour MP Simon Danczuk over claims she incited racial hatred in tweets linking Pakistani men to the Rochdale child sex abuse scandal.

Mr Danczuk, who represents the town, has asked the Police Commissioner of Greater Manchester Police, Tony Lloyd, to investigate whether a crime had been committed after comments made by the outspoken TV star on Twitter.

Hopkins sent the tweets after Mr Danczuk attended the raising of a Pakistani flag over the town hall for half an hour on March 23 to mark Pakistan’s National Day.

She wrote: ‘Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion. it is inflammatory. @SimonDanczuk you & your party disgust me.’

Outspoken Hopkins posted a series of messages to her account after the MP tweeted a picture of himself at the event.

2. Student cleared of plotting to kill Tony Blair in secret terror trial jailed for 42 months for possessing bomb making manual

A law student who was last week cleared of targeting Tony and Cherie Blair and plotting a ‘Mumbai-style’ attack has today been jailed for 42 months for possessing a bomb making manual.

Erol Incedal, 27, was convicted of possessing the bomb-making document on a memory card, which had been taped to his iPhone case, when he was arrested in 2013. 

An identical document was also found on another card taped to the iPhone case of his friend Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar, also 27. He was today jailed for three years.

The case became a legal first after an attempt by the Crown to hold the entire trial in secret was challenged by media at the High Court.

Sentencing the two men, Mr Justice Nicol said there were viable instructions for home-made bombs on the memory cards. 

3. Mother who was to send underage twins to Syria to fight jailed by judge

(Video being prepared now)

A High Court judge has indefinitely jailed the mother of two underage twins, after the arrest of all three on Tuesday on suspicion that the 16-year-olds were going to be sent by their parents to Syria to take part in combat there. The woman is facing charges of collaborating with a terrorist association, and is believed by Judge Pablo Ruz to have “facilitated the arrangements” for both to be sent abroad.

4. Video claiming to be about Arab coalition preparing for an invasion of Yemen

(Tank you Sandy)

5. I think this reads, Civil Guard arrests four jihadis in Badalona

6. Father of thugs who initiated a shootout with Florida drug dealers in an attempt to rob them speaks to the media

7. More on the gunfight between the gangland kids of a Canadian diplomat and a Miami drug dealer

8. Father of teenage jihadist arrested in Turkey works in Ministry of Defence post office and has access to personal details of all British military personnel

The father of one of three teenagers arrested in Turkey on suspicion of trying to join Islamic State fighters in Syria works for the Ministry of Defence, it has been revealed.

It is believed the man, from Brent, northwest London, works in the military’s post office, where he could have had access to the names and address of all military personnel at home and overseas.

He has been put on compassionate leave from his post, after the MoD considered suspending him, a source has said.

It is not clear where or at what level at the MoD he worked.

The father of one of three teenagers arrested in Turkey on suspicion of trying to join Islamic State fighters in Syria works for the Ministry of Defence, it has been revealed. It is not clear where or at what level at the MoD he worked, but it has post offices at RAF Northolt (pictured)

Thank you Antikythera, ESW., M., Richard, Yucki and many who sent in stories and comments. More to come. For those who missed it, please try and find the time to watch Geert Wilders’ inspirational speech in Vienna we posted late last night. It is worth the time.

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  1. @ 1 – This one needs to be watched closely, Britain is turning very nasty and anti-freedom, I wish that this wasn’t so but it is.

    @ 4 Things are getting nasty in the Middle East, the war isn’t every where yet but it is rapidly reaching that point, I wonder what Europe is going to do when the violence spreads to their Islamic immigrants?

  2. 🙂

    IS militants ‘enter Yarmouk refugee camp’ in Syrian capital (BBC, Apr 1, 2014)

    “Islamic State (IS) militants have entered the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk in Damascus, activists and Palestinian officials say.

    Clashes erupted between the militants and groups inside the camp, with IS seizing control of large parts of the camp, reports said.

    The UN says about 18,000 Palestinian refugees are inside the camp.
    IS militants have seized large swathes of territory in eastern Syria and across northern and western Iraq.

    But this is the group’s first major attack near the heart of the Syrian capital.

    Yarmouk residents told BBC Arabic that members of Aknaf Beit al-Maqdis, a group formed by Palestinian militiamen opposed to the Syrian government, were leading the fight against the IS militants, along with some Free Syrian Army fighters.

    IS fighters had seized control of large parts of the camp, an official with the Palestine Liberation Organisation based in Damascus, and the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said.

    There has been no official statement from IS about the move…”

  3. 🙂

    Yemenis seek refuge in Somalia and Djibouti (BBC, Apr 1, 2015)

    “Dozens of Yemenis have crossed the Gulf of Aden in small boats to get to Somalia, Djibouti and Somaliland to escape fighting and Saudi air strikes, the UN refugee agency has said. The UNHCR said it was looking for a possible site for the refugees in Djibouti in case the fighting worsens.

    At the same time Somali refugees are still continuing to arrive in Yemen to escape violence and poverty at home.

    Yemen hosts more than 238,000 Somali refugees, the UNHCR says.

    The UNHCR said that at least 32 Yemenis “fleeing conflict” landed on Somalia’s northern coastline after crossing the treacherous Gulf of Aden and landing in the semi-autonomous regions of Somaliland and Puntland.

    BBC Africa analyst Mary Harper says that the idea of Yemenis seeking refuge on Somali soil is striking – because it is normally a place to run away from, not towards…”

  4. 🙂

    Gun attack on Istanbul police HQ in spate of violence (BBC, Apr 1, 2015)

    “Police have killed an armed woman assailant and wounded a gunman who opened fire outside Istanbul’s police headquarters, the city’s governor says.

    The wounded man is said to have been captured. Earlier an intruder was arrested at district offices of Turkey’s ruling AK Party.

    On Tuesday two members of a Marxist group took a prosecutor hostage at an Istanbul courthouse. All three died later in a shootout with police.

    The banned DHKP-C claimed that attack.

    Governor Vasip Sahin said that in Wednesday’s attack, the woman assailant was carrying a bomb. At least one police officer was injured in the clash.

    TV footage showed the dead woman lying on the road near the police building….”

  5. 1. To accuse all faithful Muslim Pakistanis of child abuse is true, for their oath of submission is to render the child helpless. This is Pedarasty.
    Jesus said only your yes be yes, and no be no. (It has come to this, that our politicians are as unChristian as the Priests).

    Their Arab conqueror was a sexual predator and child abuser as the hadiths described, who could have any female he wanted (quran 33:50):

    “O Prophet, indeed We have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have given their due compensation and those your right hand possesses from what Allah has returned to you [of captives] and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who emigrated with you and a believing woman if she gives herself to the Prophet [and] if the Prophet wishes to marry her, [this is] only for you, excluding the [other] believers.”

    The Socialist English and Christian English became pedophiles when taught their children to be guilty of Original Sin, they became collectivists, human beings a commodity of beholden comrades. “You didn’t make that”. The child’s potential and inheritance their pearl to rightfully draws off as their own.

    One shard of deference to them, and they will make a home and then take everything.

    The Gay Christian.
    The Nazi Muslim.

    They are the fruit of surrender, and will rise up to the very top. And you will praise them as holy.

    Kate linking Pakistani men to the Rochdale child sex abuse scandal was wrong. To Muslim Pakistanis, is true.

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