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23 Replies to “How to make a successful martyrdom video”

  1. ‘Slums killing ‘Slums by the boatload. There is no way I can eat that much popcorn. I’ll have to simulate consumption to control weight. I hear ISIS is actually 75% Mossad, those feckless dune coons have a lot of house cleaning to do. Go Sunnis! Go Shites!

  2. There are four stages that Mohammadism uses to conquer a nation:

    1. We are exactly like you and will live in peace. (Taqiyya).
    2. We have special cultural needs unique to ourselves that you must respect. (Superiority)
    3. You will defend our rights as your own. (Dhimmitude).

    We had these first three stages demonstrated when Umama wrote in, (with his following of Readers), waiting to trap the unsuspecting kufir in rebutting cruedly, illegally and igniting Islamic indignation, fatwa and lawfare to shut Vlad’s blog down. It always follows these three and a fourth step. And our fine readers were erudite and dignified with their responses:

    The fourth and final stage terminates the presence of all other religions for control. For evil to triumph over good they fabricate accusations of blasphemy for the dhimmis to be dragged out from their homes and into the streets to be stoned by a mob and Muslims passing by. The Muslims reading Umama’s posts would not be satisfied at his lacklustre showing in the last few days.

    So it is remarkable that this post pops up with uncanny timing:

    Bl@ckbird: “‘Slums killing ‘Slums by the boatload. There is no way I can eat that much popcorn. I’ll have to simulate consumption to control weight. I hear ISIS is actually 75% Mossad, those feckless dune coons have a lot of house cleaning to do. Go Sunnis! Go Shites!”

    It has that perfect mix of racism, religious-hatred, and the evil hands of zionism. It is offending for offending’s sake, joining Sunni and Shiite together in their condemnation. There are liberal Arabs who voice their struggle for free thought and expression. And for the Socialists – they will have a field-day construing this as incitement for bigotry and violence, even if argued back only a cretin wrote this to express their emotional anger and can’t yet discern between an ad hominem and loathing someone’s point of view. Disagreement yes, vulgarity, no. We don’t want to alienate Muslims but show them what their Mohammadism really is about, i.e. Nazism and how to leave it. To be reasonable before the unreasonable who try to provoke and upset you to react.

    It doesn’t help to hate these people for being brainwashed and sadistic, but to point to their handlers and their methods.

    The Muslims who shouted kill Americans in the video of this thread got killed by other Muslims therefore tasting their own medicine. It is the irony of wanting to kill and being killed. The futility of it.

    4. False flags – Muslims carrying out outrageous deeds in disguise that they will blame on kufar and People of the Book, to justify their killings of them. Or Useful Idiots, ( like Tommy Robinson was going to be), by falsely giving Muslims glory to get their hands on The White Working Class vote. Tommy could not be bought.

  3. The fact that the words, “Death to America”, and, “Curse the Jews” were resounding off their lips as the bomb went off in the crowded Mosque takes all feelings of sympathy away from me. I hate to say it, but the evil bastards got what they deserve. Why should I care if one type of Nazi decides to kill another type of Nazi? They’re all Nazis and I rejoice in their deaths equally.
    Maybe one day the fools will learn that living by the sword results in dying by the sword. Until then, why shouldn’t I be happy when the man-eating shark fights with the man-eating crocodile?

    • I’m OK with it. Saves a lot of time and trouble and ultimately the lives of people some or all of those worshipers would have killed or participated in their killing.

      The clip also shows what mosques are about. Something the general public really doesn’t get yet. But mainly I wanted to mock them. Because mocking the enemy is important. Western leaders have demanded that we show these monsters respect and worse, show their ideology respect while asking for none for ourselves. This is unsustainable.

  4. “Kufar killing kufar by the boatload. There is no way I can eat that much groundnut. I’ll have to simulate consumption to control weight. I hear America is actually 75% Mossad, those feckless plantation-coons have a lot of house cleaning to do. Go Republicans! Go Dhimmicrats!”

    Richard the Lionheart returns to find King John’s Kingdom has taken root. Reverts with same sense of entitlement in different skins, at first convinced those spewing bile must be agent-provocateurs until it dawns to look to pig to man and man to pig.

    • To make it simple… Don’t let Islam’s infection spread to you. They’ve had 1400 years perfecting it with every excuse under the moon. You let Socialists bamboozle you: those failures in acedemia, science and business.

      • Islams infection spread to me?
        You have to out Muslim a Muslim to win this game. I’d put on my work gloves, do the task necessary, take off my gloves and go about my business as a human being comfortable in the knowledge that I was saving humanity from barbarians. What would you do? Talk to them about common sense and human rights? You won’t stop Islam with talk, you stop it by destroying it.

        • Now that I have a few minutes I would like to answer this one.

          It seems to me, that at each stage of the islamic/Marxist infection we have seen, there has been an increasingly draconian solution available. That is to say early on we could have restated a few obvious and axiomatic facts and reenforces existing laws while removing exceptions to those laws, tilted a few things away from islam instead of towards it like immigration policy etc. etc. and this problem could have been solved while most people never even noticed it was there.

          The thing is, we never did any of those things or when we did so parts of them, it was when the problem was several stages later. To beat an analogy to death it would be like closing the barn door several years after the horses had all run off and the barn had burned down and we decided we needed to build just a new door and a door frame so we could show people that yes, we did actually close the door at some point even if there was no barn left at all around it.

          My ambition has always been to try and get a solution implemented when it was obvious and bloodless. You can read that on the Agenda and Views of this site page. But I prefer a solution of any kind to none.

          Perhaps it is human nature to do nothing until its all out war or utter total crushing defeat to an enemy which by then can be seen by all as epitomizing evil. And perhaps we have seen that enemy so many times that people no longer believe that evil is real, hence relativism. Which makes this grinding process even slower.

          The key thing is to always assess where we are now and suggest the solutions that will work at the moment for the situation we are in. It is not a bad idea at all however to state what solutions will be necessary if we do not take necessary measures now.

          This is no different whatsoever from a doctor telling a patient that he can treat the infection now with a topical disinfectant and a bandaid, next week with antibiotics and a wrap bandage, next month with blood transfusions and an amputation, 2 months with a lengthy hospital stay, a much worse amputation and permanent brain damage and just over 2 months with death.

          Islam and cultural Marxism is an infection to the social body of a functioning democratic and Jeffersonian society in much the same way. Except ultimately radiation may end up in the set of solutions should the infection not be treated early enough. Then its like cancer.

          Human nature may take us down the worst path thanks to one of societies more dangerous drugs, the sanctimony of the coffee shop leftist who refuses to look at facts which interfere with their world view. But as we analyze the real situation and suggest solutions that may work at the state we are at in that time, we do pick up more and more reasonable people. This influence is being seen in the MSM. We saw it after the publication of the article in the Atlantic about the Islamic State. We see the word Jihad being used. We see more and more people admitting to Obama’s real nature and agenda. We see comments on articles tilting towards reality to the point where they frequently do not allow comments and even that is powerfully indicative of the public mind.

          Lets keep on as we are.

          • Fine, sitting here in North America.

            No doubt things look a whole lot worse – further down the path you describe – to those living in the UK.

            The enemy is in their faces – in their sisters’ bodies and we scold for intemperate language?

          • After a sit down and think, this was what I was going to write too Eeyor. Bl@ckbird is in the same battle as us, but his is on the battlefront.

            Just to explain.

            The Muslim campaigns in four stages of his meme infection after captulating her soul to Muhammad and his Moon-God Allah (the crescent on top of every mosque).

            1. There is no compulsion in religion. (Taqiyya)
            2. Our obligations must be respected. (Superiority)
            3. You must defend our obligations (Dhimmitude)
            4. You insulted our religion and must submit or die. (Terror).

            Now, depending upon what stage your community is in, in relation to the behavior of the Muslims around you is the phone conversation you have.

            1. “These people are very polite, helpful and peaceful. There’s an uncle who says he will take my daughter swimming so I can go to my morning work so my ex doesn’t have to travel the 70 miles to pick up and then drop off again”.
            2. “I didn’t want to offend, and so I waited until she had washed her arms to her elbow to her wrists. I felt so dirty just washing my hands in front of her.”
            3. “I got quite cross when I overheard the old man tell his wife Muhammad was being nothing like Jesus. I was going to report him to the police but by battery was low on my phone.”
            4. “‘Slums killing ‘Slums by the boatload. There is no way I can eat that much popcorn. I’ll have to simulate consumption to control weight. I hear ISIS is actually 75% Mossad, those feckless dune coons have a lot of house cleaning to do. Go Sunnis! Go Shites!”

            We will have phone conversations from many
            Battle fronts. They are the life beacon-responder until they go silent and all that is heard in a recorded message:
            “There is non Greater and more Merciful than Allah and His Prophet, there in non Greater…” the duo sent out to the Universe as a warning never to come near. God does not reside within and the individual does not reside within these killer-clones.

            Appologies to Bl@ckbird, as I can see where he is. Keep Calm and remain conscious.

    • Fighting against Islam makes you as bad as them? Heh! Oh dear, having a negative view of Islam makes you worse than a terrorist? Worse than one because I have white privilege and should know better than the little brown oppressed Muslims? Maybe I should do an outreach to Islam instead and try to address their grievances?

      • Bl@ckbird,

        Certainly fight, but never become them. Be humane and wise to their tricks at all times – and not beguild and adorned with window-dressing as a Christian-God Priestess. Jesus said you don’t resist evil, you don’t return an eye for an eye, but use their own rage and force to incapacitate them, to cease be a danger to humanity anymore. Being upset like they are and as violent gives them the ammunition, (for an Israeli to kill a child by accident in battle is a thousand times worse than a Muslim deliberately), and they then appeal to the growing-vastly-in-power Socialists who will arbitrate always for the Marxist Moral Relativism.
        This is why prisons, with a confetti of short-stay sentences, are so effective in increased construction these mind-control centers of Behavioral Communism, yet are useless on Muslims who think of them as four-star residental mosques. They only fear a beating – so you need capital and corporal punishments to regulate their behavior towards their neighbors. A civilized society has only a small corrective institutions for those very few incontinent low IQ barbarians and the mentally derranged.

        So, just don’t emulate and ape Muslims.

        Lastly, I have no idea if Mossad is 75% of ISIS and would very much like to hear your take on the subject and how it would protect Israel, if true.

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