The curse of interesting times in 6 links. Multipost 3 March 21 – 2015

1. External investigators called in by Rotherham Council over alleged theft of key child abuse files

External investigators have been called in by Rotherham Council as part of a review into the alleged theft of key child abuse files in 2002, it has been revealed.

The Local Government Association has told MPs the investigators have been brought in as part of a professional malpractice investigation.

It is intended that the investigators will ‘corroborate’ ongoing internal investigations into the raid.

2. ‘Parents of British jihadists should take some responsibility and stop embracing victimhood’, says police terror chief

(Seems gutsy for a member of the British establishment to say something true like that)

The parents of teenagers who flee Britain to join ISIS should take more responsibility for their children’s actions, a senior police officer has said.

Sir Peter Fahy, one of the country’s leading counter terrorism officers, said families are more to blame for young jihadis who runaway to Syria than the police, schools or local authorities.

Rather than report their concerns to police for fear of being criticised, some parents are guilty of embracing ‘victimhood’ when their children leave, he claimed.

3. Exposed: Star Tory candidate plotted with race thugs to stage fake EDL demo in cynical bid to win votes 

(Pay close attention to this one. This is going to have repercussions)

A key Tory Election candidate was suspended last night after plotting with far-Right extremists to stir up racial hatred in a cynical bid to win votes.

Afzal Amin hatched a scheme to persuade the English Defence League to announce an inflammatory march against a new £18million ‘mega-mosque’. But – as he revealed in secretly filmed footage obtained by The Mail on Sunday – the plan was that the demonstration would never actually go ahead.

And when the phoney rally was called off, the fiercely ambitious Amin, a Muslim, intended to take credit for defusing the situation – winning over voters, and police, in the marginal seat of Dudley North. (BBC HAS THE STORY HERE)

Tory Election candidate Afzal Amin (pictured) was suspended after plotting with far-Right extremists to stir up racial hatred in a cynical bid to win votes

4. A new comment by a follower of the pirate mohamed was placed under a 2 year old post here. I gave him an off the cuff answer here but perhaps a few others may want to chime in and offer a more thoughtful answer of your own.

5. Family of Afghan Woman Murdered by Mob Says She Was ‘Devoted to Islam’ and Did Not Burn the Quran

(It is interesting how this vice article is done so closely to an islamic PoV and not mentioning once the absurdity or horror of beating a woman to death or near death and then urned by a mob of 1000 people who are “not to be arrested” according to local authorities, and instead, VICE focusses on whether or not this woman was ‘guilty’ of burning the book. We need a real news agency ASAP)

6. Bad News For The Islamic Tribunal In Texas, Muslims Furious

In a close 5-4 vote, the city of Irving ruled to back the Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state. It basically would slam the door in their faces, preventing them from spreading Sharia throughout the country. Now they are accusing the city council of unfairly being targeted.

All four of the “voluntary” court’s lawyers were unlicensed in the state of Texas, a third degree felony. Mayor Beth Van Duyne received several phone calls on the matter. It seems that the Islamic Tribunal not only was unlicensed, but they failed to notify the city of their illegal court being operated in city limits. She promised to get to the bottom of it, and she did.

By their own website’s admission, if U.S. law conflicts with Sharia law, “we follow Sharia law.” It also openly admitted separate rules for men and women in their proceedings, discriminating and humiliating women which is against the U.S. Constitution. The Islamic Tribunal also openly declared that they hope will “set a precedence that will be emulated and duplicated throughout the country.”

Thank you GoV., Draculea, M., Yucki, Richard, GB., and all who helped out today.

It certainly appears that our issue is not ignored as much as it once was. I think many of us who have been in this fight for years now, and have risked insults, ridicule, job loss, family and friendship losses and financial penalties, we can take some credit for that perhaps. It is still an uphill battle with no guarantees, but there is progress.



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27 Replies to “The curse of interesting times in 6 links. Multipost 3 March 21 – 2015”

  1. France holds local election, as National Front eyes gains (BBC, March 22, 2015)

    “People in France are due to vote in local elections in which the far-right National Front party is expected to score big gains.

    Voters are electing representatives in 101 departments, or counties, charged with issues like schools and welfare.

    Sunday’s first round will be followed a second in a week’s time.

    Polls suggest that the Socialists of President Francois Hollande will suffer another setback, after defeats in municipal and EU elections last year.

    The BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris says France’s changing electoral map means the vote is a three-horse race.

    The Socialists and the centre-right UMP have been joined by Marine Le Pen’s National Front (FN), not as a freakish upstart but a serious contender for power, our correspondent adds.

    The FN has benefited from economic stagnation, high unemployment, and general hostility to mainstream parties.

    The governing Socialists and their left-wing allies are expected to take the biggest hit, losing many of the 61 departments they hold.

    But the FN is also taking voters from the UMP, which has struggled to unify behind a single leader since the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 presidential election.”

  2. Fears British medics crossed into Syria (BBC, March 22, 2015)

    “Nine British medical students and doctors are feared to have travelled to Syria to work in areas controlled by Islamic State (IS).

    The group – all in their late teens or early twenties – had been studying in Sudan.

    Some of their relatives, who have travelled to the Turkish Syrian border, told the BBC they are gravely concerned about their welfare.

    They are believed to have travelled to Syria more than a week ago.

    The BBC’s Turkey correspondent Mark Lowen said some in the group had sent messages to their parents to say they were doing voluntary work to help Syrians

    One of the fathers, who lives in Britain, said he hoped his daughter and her colleagues were in Turkey as their mobile phone signals had been picked up on the Turkish side of the border.

    But a local MP following the case said they would have been found had they still been in Turkey, especially if they were trying to work in any medical facility….”

  3. 3. The Mail on Sunday puts the facts on the table for its readers to discern for themselves.

    An Establishment organ uses as much spin as it can to play it down as Tommy Robinson was paid to set up a decent British Conservative Candidate healing community tensions. The perpetrator-victim narrative the National and International Socialists know so well.

    Enjoy your independence while it lasts:

  4. Yemeni city Taiz ‘seized by Shia rebels’ (BBC, March 22, 2015)

    “Parts of Yemen’s third largest city Taiz have been seized by Shia rebels, reports quoting security officials say. The city’s airport was among the areas seized by Houthi rebels, reports said. There has been mounting violence by rival armed groups in Yemen, including Houthi rebels, al-Qaeda and Islamic State militants.

    On Saturday, the US said it was withdrawing its troops from the country due to the worsening security situation. Houthi fighters dressed in military uniform could be seen arriving at the airport, while dozens of tanks and military vehicles could be seen heading south towards Taiz, eyewitnesses told reporters.

    The Houthi fighters were said to be supported by fighters loyal to former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh. The strategic city of Taiz is located between the capital, Sanaa, and the southern city of Aden.

    The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting on Yemen’s security situation on Sunday.”

  5. 5/ ‘KABUL, capital of Afghanistan since 1776, is a fast-growing city where tall modern buildings nuzzle against bustling bazaars and wide avenues fill with brilliant flowing turbans, gaily striped chapans, mini-skirted school girls, a multitude of handsome faces and streams of whizzing traffic.


    – An Historical Guide to Afghanistan (Revised and Enlarged Edition), Nancy Hatch Dupree, 1976

    (This is actually a real treasure, worth downloading.)

  6. Hla Oo’s Blog: Burma’s Buddhists Fighting Back UNHRC’s Muslims

    (Muslims Running UN Human Rights Commission Are Hell Bent On Islamizing Burma.)

    The notorious UNHRC or UN Human Rights Commission has been unfairly waging a nasty war on Sri Lanka and Burma the two Buddhist countries facing existential threats from rapidly growing Muslim population. May I remind the readers that the Muslims-and-Socialist-controlled UNHRC has been on a war footing also with Israel for last fifty years?

  7. Tory candidate Afzal Amin denies ‘fake EDL march’ claim

    Mr Amin said the allegations were an “inaccurate picture of the reality.”

    “Today’s allegations are part of a much wider story which has been grossly misrepresented.”

    “That’s absolutely untrue, it’s utter rubbish.”

    Speaking to the BBC, he denied it was fake, saying it would have been a “catalyst to bring people together”.

    Speaking to the BBC in Dubai, Mr Amin said: “The point was to announce a march that would bring people together to discuss, and through discussions, tensions would be resolved.”

    At the end of our interview, his eyes welled up but he insisted he wasn’t yet ready to cry. He did admit that he was very upset and it was “heartbreaking”.

    His brother then took him away downstairs as they started to imagine out loud what the reception would be like when they land back in the UK on Monday and whether the story will have blown over by then.

    He said there was always “a degree of stage management” when you tried to resolve conflict but denied it was a “deception”.

    “It was simply a way of building confidence between communities”, he said.

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