Islam, the new antisemitism, Freedom of speech and the lights going out across the free world. Links 4 on March 19 – 2015

1. Mark Steyn on what it is to be a friend of America today

The doctor is in jail because he’s a friend of America. The lawyer is dead because he’s a friend of a friend of America. How come the United States could plan a flawless operation to bust into Osama’s compound and put a bullet in him, but it couldn’t do a thing for the operation’s indispensable human intelligence?

This is usually the point where I quote the great Bernard Lewis’ words when we chanced to be on a panel discussion a few years back – that America risked being seen as harmless as an enemy and treacherous as a friend. And so it goes, from Iran to the Islamic State to the morgue of the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar.

2. TED Talk from the people at CERN who invented the WWW as well as secure email

3. Daily Mail link on the Afghan Rosa Parks who was beaten and burned and dumped in a river

4. Perfect child reminds us of how the British government treats Koran burners

4a. Former UK soldier jailed

4b. More recently, a teenager

4c. SIX arrested in UK over koran burning

4d. Two men arrested for WATCHING a koran burning video in a pub and sharing it on Facebook

4e. This might have been in Flushing UK. Jan. 2015

5. The Judenrein Future of Eurabia

A preacher in Saudi Arabia announces that the earth is standing still. Here, masses of books are being given away, whose manipulative mix of science in the style of creationism attempts to prove that Charles Darwin was mistaken. For instance, “The Evolution Scam” by Turkish writer Adnan Oktar. “Wacky” is all you can say.

Now, the Islamic State is on a massive killing spree of “infidels” in the name of the above-mentioned author’s Islam, and he denies not only evolution, but the Holocaust. He is happily spreading the well-known theories of a Jewish-Freemasonry global conspiracy against Islam. And of course the American CIA arranged 9/11 itself so it would have an excuse for a western crusade against Islam. Unfortunately, such ridiculous ideas are believed by many Muslims all over the world, including in Europe.

The nucleus of every liberal-enlightened and democratic state is the separation of belief and knowledge, of religion and the state. This is alien to the Islamic system. To be sure, Islam is a part of Europe now, but many Muslims have not yet “arrived,” because they neither understand nor accept European fundamental principles. A little integration is not enough, especially since 70% of domestic imams reject and torpedo it. To really “arrive,” Islam must enlighten itself.

6. For anyone uncertain about koran’s demands for jihad to establish islam, here is an excellent short and fast read showing the official Saudi Koran’s special annotation proving such.

7. Benjamin Netanyahu on Kelly File – Post Election Interview

8. Iranians with MANPADS in Iraq

9. Marco Rubio Delivers Blistering Speech on Obama’s Assault on Israel

10. Obama delivers Narwuz (sp) (Iranian islamic holiday) greeting with Farsi subtitles

Thank you Five Feet of Fury, GoV., M., Perfectchild, and many more who sent in material.

Muslims trashed a courthouse in France this week leaving messages about ‘the prophet’ on the walls and basically ruining the building. I am working on bugging one of our long suffering translators to get the news clip translated for us all. Meanwhile here is the story. Note how no one can seem to interest local media on the story. Also for those who want more proof of what the Afghan rabid chimps did to that woman, here are two more unpixelated videos of her assault and the burning of her body. I don’t know if she was dead or not by the time they lit the matches.

Just imagine how much better the world would be had a mere decade ago, people understood the nature of islam and blocked its progress, stopped the mosques as not being  genuinely for religious reflection as we understand it and tilted immigration towards people friendly to Western civilization and the Enlightenment and away from, well islam and its adherents. Instead, we will have to start wishing and working for a solution that might work for the current situation and when no one will take that on, then a solution for how things will be 2 years from now.

I shudder to think.



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33 Replies to “Islam, the new antisemitism, Freedom of speech and the lights going out across the free world. Links 4 on March 19 – 2015”

  1. 3/ In the world according to Kubrick/Clarke, apes jump on the murdered ape the way these Afghan apes jump on the murdered or dying Afghan woman after the monolith starts them on the higher cognitive road of technological invention that thousands of years later leads them to the stars. Before that, the hapless apes dying of hunger don’t even realize they are surrounded by meat.

    Arthur C. Clarke seems to have developed some peculiar ideas during his time in Sri Lanka. In one of the sequels to 2001, he describes the Thai wai as a sort of recognition of the beautiful soul in every human being. This is nonsense. The wai is all about social hierarchy and public acknowledgement of any individual’s place in it. An individual, such as he is, is defined by his social position, and gives and gets respect accordingly.

    Similar thinking appears to have influenced the idea of human development in 2001, that implicitly blames the West for humanity’s predicament in that year, when the world (in the movie) is imperiled by the fruits of technological aggression, orbiting nuclear bombs. But no higher cognitive function is to blame for the behaviour of the Afghan apes here. The ‘East’ is not a gentler vegetarian pre-state, pre-property, pre-technology state of nature. These are the actions of men with stunted brains, not overdeveloped ones.

  2. Ruthless Truth: Liberal Monsters II

    If you think that progressives are generally well-meaning.

    If you’ve ever been taken in by their emotional blackmail.

    If you’re ever tempted to believe that liberals are muddle-headed but essentially harmless.

    Consider this point from David Vance of Biased BBC on the Beeb’s coverage of “three British schoolgirls” who ran off to join the jihadis of IS:

    ‘I would ask you to contrast the sustained BBC coverage concerning these three Islamic State collaborators with their studied indifference to the 1400 teenage girls abused by predatory Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham’.

    Just how coked up on multiculturalism do you have to be to do that?

    • I haven’t been able to find online the translation BO used (by one Reza Saberi, I think) but here is the same ode in a translation by Richard Le Gallienne:

      Rejoice My Heart, Before the Springtime Goes

      Rejoice my heart, before the springtime goes
      With her fresh laughter;
      You soon will die, and ah! how thick the rose
      Shall blossom after.

      Only its roots shall crown your rotting head,
      While other youngsters
      Shall shed its petals on the glossy curls
      Of other songsters;

      You nostrils with the smell of death are filled—
      They smell the roses;
      O be your attar from each rose distilled
      Before it closes.

      Listen to the harp, and wisely heed
      What it is saying:
      Laugh and be glad; dead you are dead indeed—
      Make no delaying.

      I fix not what you drink, or at whose side
      You should be sitting;
      You are a man of sense, and can decide
      What is befitting.

      Only make haste: each blade of grass you tread,
      Clear for your reading,
      Teaches the myriad lessons of the dead;
      Be not unheeding.

      Give not to worldly cares and wasting thought
      Your hours of pleasure;
      The world will take your all and give you nought;
      Guard well your treasure.

      Strange is our path and dread; whither it goes
      There is no knowing;
      Hafiz half thinks that the Beloved knows
      Where we are going.

      Ode 565

    • Noruz is a Persian celebration of Spring that is neither Islamic or Iranian in origin. Here is a more typical message for a New Year that Anerican communities celebrate:

      There is no mention of politics. You will find similar sentiments of goodwill and cheer in the Jewish New Year message. Mr Obama has changed the nature of this greeting message into an end-run around Congress.

      Do the Chinese New Year or the Jewish New Year reference policuts or have subtitles? Who decided to circumvent Congress like this?

  3. Kashmir: Militant attack on police station kills two (BBC, March 20, 2015)

    “A group of militants have attacked a police station in Indian-administered Kashmir, killing at least two people and holding several people hostage. Nine others, including seven policemen, have been injured, as both sides continue to exchange heavy fire. The attack began at 06:00 local time [12:30 GMT] on Friday in Kathua district in the state’s Jammu region.

    The militants used guns and grenades to attack the Rajbagh police station, reports said. Indian media reports said the police station was close to the border with Pakistan. It is not clear how many militants are involved in the attack, but Press Trust of India news agency reported that the attackers came dressed in military uniforms….”

    • And one more “is it just me”

      Is it just me or is this “journalist” self-censoring in an irony attack that screams to high heaven? I am sure the delightful and brave Westergaard did hold some of ” t h o s e ” drawings in his hand. She really should have shown him the respect to show them.

      United we stand, divided we lose our heads…or however the cliché goes.

      Lambs to the slaughter…..:(

      On the other hand, my talk is easy…

  4. TUNISIA Guards were having coffee during Tunis museum attack: MP

    ‘There were no police around parliament and the museum’

    Tunis: The guards supposed to be protecting Tunisia’s parliament and the nearby national museum were having coffee at the time of this week’s deadly assault, a senior politician said on Friday.

    On Wednesday as gunmen mowed down foreign tourists, “there were no police around parliament and the museum,” deputy speaker Abdul Fattah Mourou said.

    “I found out there were only four policemen on security duty around the parliament [compound], two of whom were at the cafe. The third was having a snack and the fourth hadn’t turned up,” he said.

    “It’s a big failure,” said Mourou, who pointed out parliamentarians had discussed the issue of security with police and the army on Tuesday, only to be told they lacked equipment.

    The interior ministry was not immediately available for a reaction, although President Beji Qaid Al Sebsi has said the speedy response of the security forces had “prevented a catastrophe”.

    The attack, claimed by Islamic State, killed 20 tourists and a policeman before the gunmen were killed by security forces.

    • At Charlie Hebdo, whose premises were firebomed only a year before the January 2015 massacre, the security and/or police were not there “in force” either…. a pattern?

      “….President Beji Qaid Al Sebsi has said the speedy response of the security forces had “prevented a catastrophe”….”

      Bitter LOL, so this one was NOT a catastrophe? Was it not a “catastrophe” because most of the victims were “merely” European kuffars?

  5. 9/ The Arab world isn’t going to become like Israel. There will no vibrant democracy in the Arab states, no boatloads of Nobel Prize winners, no free enterprise economies providing prosperity for their peoples. There will be Islam, tribalism, corruption, hollow dysfunctional institutions, inefficiency, sloth, chaos, irrationality, conspiracy theories, vilification of Jews, intolerance of all other religions, and more Islam.

    The people of the Muslim Arab states are not victims of their government in their attitude toward Israel, they are the product of centuries of conditioning by the anti-Semitism central to Islam and by all the rest of the manifold Islamic evils. Excellent speech, but policy should be based not on any attempt to bring the rest of the Middle East up to the level of Israel, but on recognition of the futility of trying to civilize countries mired in centuries of Islam.

  6. Welcome to the nasty future the left has created for us we have had many chances to stop this future but people have refused to accept the idea of a religions war, this refusal has prevented us from doing what needed to be done to save civilization.

  7. Welcome to the world the left has created for us to live in until they can create their socialist utopia, a world of hate, chaos and violence. A world where group rights trump individual rights and where no group is equal to any other group where the Europeans are always the ones who have to five up their rights.

  8. #10

    From the “Is it just me or…..” department.

    You remember how Michael Jackson got whiter and whiter – I dont know what caused this… but I am reminded of this when I look at Obama: is it just me or does he look increasingly ARAB?

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