More mass murder plots, islamic plots and warped imaginations bent on inflicting death and suffering: Links 3 on Feb. 18 – 2015

1. British father-of-two allegedly bought ricin that could kill hundreds of people that was delivered to his home in a toy car but was caught in FBI sting

A father-of-two ordered enough ricin to ‘kill hundreds’ from an undercover FBI agent on the ‘dark net’ it is alleged.

Hidden: Enough ricin to 'kill hundreds' was concealed in a toy carMohammed Ammer Ali, 31, asked for the chemical to be delivered to his family home hidden in a toy car. Ali was said to have then searched the internet looking for local pet shops selling rabbits and chinchillas on which he could test the deadly poison.

Hidden: Enough ricin to ‘kill hundreds’ was concealed in a toy car. He was arrested in an anti-terror raid at his home in Liverpool last week, accused of paying $500 (£325) for 500mg of ricin.

2. Daniel Greenfield: Obama Appoints Terrorist Supporter to Head Up Counterterrorism Messaging

3. The Earth does not revolve around the sun, nor does it rotate on its own axis.

(This may be the single best example of what islam replaces reason with that I have seen for several days)

4. More US Dept. of State nutbaggery on the Islamic State. Claims Christian groups are among the threats the US faces.

5. Sam Harris responds to the intellectual fraud of linking atheism to the murder of three people who are religious muslims over parish issues in North Carolina.

6. Bill Warner: At last we have a ‘bad islam’

Thank you Don C., M., Draculea, Richard, Yucki, UK Pete and many many more.

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29 Replies to “More mass murder plots, islamic plots and warped imaginations bent on inflicting death and suffering: Links 3 on Feb. 18 – 2015”

  1. @4 – Only a left wing nut would try moral equivalence on terrorism, this shows the depths of stupidity that the left will stoop to in an attempt to whitewash Islam.

    • 1. It may be a coincident his name sound vaguely Muslim, because if he were a regular church goer his church would be photographed and the vicar questioned about her parishioner.

      To profile him as a Practicing Muslim would be racist by the Socialists.

      However, not to, would be suicide.

      Because there is no doubt Islam is a Nazi-Cult. The evidence is in governance and family life. In vitriol and deeds.
      These people who live in and hate other religions and the secular West, yes hate and sitting on a potboiler of seething judgements for the offending kufars when they only came for the money and intention of one day conquering it… Who they blame for the ills in their own countries.

      And I know there are millions of Muslims who know dick-all about their religion and think it is a continuation and replacement of Judaism and Christianity with the familiar line, ‘God favored us with a new covenant because they did not practice their religion properly.’ But then this popular meme of membership by faith becomes a time bomb for every disaffected child who will actually read the inhumane tomb inlaid with gold foil and left in the corner of the room like a ornate box of tissues and take their guidance solely from Allah’s Messenger.

      Only Don Laird has a 100% fool-proof plan of rounding everyone up who ‘loves death more than they love life’; just as the Socialists had used their inquisition of Political Correctness to round up everyone who ‘loves life more than they love death’ to understand irony to be pushed out of gainful employment. Alas, the metro-femen are many and the workers few, so prepare for the battle for taking freedom of body, mind and soul by Communism and Islam.

      Today, many are making a mint on Patriot supplies and weapons, but capitalist only respond to the market. God Bless them. They know exactly what we need to dig in and defend their families.

      The Blind however will go forth over the cliff reciting material poverty and ‘inequality’ as the cause of all our ills.

      A conservative government would have revealed what an empty culture Islam is, that is based of theft to get rich, nothing more than the Far Left who do death by a thousand cuts instead of one, with some obligations to make the part of a superior class that can dish out ricin to vermin, to be no more than the sound of two rams’ heads butting.,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Muhammad_and_Mass_Murder

      • When the nations and states with harsh gun control laws are forced to remove the laws there will be much more money made on weapons, and freedom will stand a fighting chance of surviving the current war.

      • I begin to understand what he's saying.

        Except, this is a joke, but I don’t get it. And I want to.
        Alas, the metro-femen are many and the workers few, so prepare for the battle for taking freedom of body, mind and soul by Communism and Islam.

        I ask questions, irritating, but that’s part of the package. Take it or leave it.

        • Appologies Yucki and thank you for saying what you don’t get. That’s my problem, of not knowing my audience, not yours.

          Yes, it was an attempt at witticism by means of a movie quote:
          Alas, the metro-femen are many and the workers few,
          (“The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”)
          so prepare for the battle for taking freedom of body, mind and soul by Communism and Islam.
          (Which means we have to claim back for ourselves the identity of our body, mind and soul which they stole and defined for us. You are not an ethnic-national, an appetite-behavioralist, nor even a servant of heaven or earth handed to you from a book recording your punishments and rewards for conduct and makes you eat something metaphysical from it, their hypnotic suggestion to bind you).

          Only a minor point which I hope has been cleared up and was fun to answer. Stay after class.

          • Oh, metro means the soft liberal urban types and femen are males defined by their dinky tatooed partners who head the home.

            • Ah, “femen”. Finally!
              I looked it up several times, but my dictionary kept asking, “Did you mean ‘Yemen’?”
              _ . _ ._
              I took “metro” to mean Jews, as a variant of “cosmopolitan”.

              Sophisticated haters call Jews “Cosmopolitans”. Never real Americans or real Canadians or whatever; operators [operatives]; rootless, etc.

              Ulysses S. Grant, Commanding General of the Union Army during the Civil War and 18th President, was fond of that descriptive. He detested Jews.

              Probably with some justification: Jews sold merchandise to soldiers on both sides. He couldn’t trust them; all he could do was mistreat them and their families.

              That’s ok. They endured and eventually became owners of the great department stores like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.
              _ . _ ._
              “Soul” and “Communism” generally go together as “Soulless Communism”. You have to be careful with C-word, that can start fists flying.
              _ . _ ._
              I’m not crazy about tatoos either.

              • Words like metro, nigger and retard have upsetting meanings and unfortunately have inserted themselves into a collective consciousness and become a phobia, – which is theirs, – but claim is yours when you use the exact description of the person’s behaviour it describes.

                Now, Christian was a term of abuse, it was an idiot that turned a story told third hand of a teacher into their God – not all of them – there were many different groups with different interpretations – but they took the ridicule and owned it.

                How much better the niggers and retards used the teaching of Jesus and say of the unfair remarks, “you call me a nigger, then to you I must be a nigger. Anymore hateful opinions?” Because you can’t argue with someone who says, “have you stopped beating your wife, yet”. They made their judgement, but it doesn’t stick to you because you don’t own it. If they ask for your jacket, you give them your shirt.

                If you resist the ill-will with a Cracker or other curse, then you are married to that person or group, and rather than they being judged as they judged, you give them permission because now you are going around thinking you are not what they say you are, a big phoney, and with the effort of not being yourself proving them wrong will end up being demoralized and stuck in the time-warp of ethnic-pride. You proved them right.

                And now you jointhe queue of other victims who want entitlements and those words become horrible and a hate crime to be uttered, because that is what they have become. The point they need to go back to is avoided at all costs.

                It’s all there in the Christian New Testament about this unforgiveness.

                And now there’s reparation of hurt feelings and underachievement to pay compensation for. Money for slackers and malingerers. From thin air. Kerching, for the baiters and hustlers.

                American Blacks, Learning Impaired People and even the American Indians have been attacked and infantalized by the Achievements of Low Expectations from unelected Spokespeople with their antagonistic agendas and keeping these words as thorns of resentment to buck their Useful Idiot reservation-slaves onward.

                And Whites in the last decade have become a target too and liberal cowards crushed with guilt, so they will become powerless as individuals and then empowered by Community Representatives.

                You can see the difference from the bright-eyed and the dull-eyed.

                Oh. This is the last stop. We’ve arrived at Socialism.

                “State your complaint. Then someone will soon come to see to you. Next?”

                Islam or Communism, the pride after the fall, becomes attractive to the dead who don’t lie down.

              • “Kufar” is not a word elevated by its historical notoriety and insult.

                Well, one because there is no one who has tried to milk it and stayed alive and two, it doesn’t fit The Political Narrative. We are in the Marxist-Socialist deconstruction of the West, era.

                The the same principles apply, if someone calls you an idiot, let them stew in their own cesspit and keep the lot. Their own outrage and easily offended natures should show you who they all are by now.

                Because they are identified by words and labels, not spirit.

  2. #4
    Oh, God! I can’t stand it! I spilt my coffee! Marie Harf saying that America is leading the way and having great success bringing countries like Egypt on board with their War on Isis. Aghhhh!!! I can see Abdel al-Sisi exploding behind his desk as he sees this today. Why is every single word that comes out of every single White House spokesperson so utterly, terribly wrong? Has John Kerry ever in his life been right about anything? Did Jon Stewart suddenly and secretly come to his senses because he had an epiphany and just couldn’t be a Democrat propagandist any longer?Egypt is doing the leading, Marie, not the US. Try, just try to get one thing right before you graduate from high school, Marie…

  3. Libya, Al Thani, terrorists towards Tunisian border Said the Libyan premier to Tunisian radio Express

    TUNIS, FEB 18 – Libyan premier Abdallah Al Thani told Tunisian radio Express Fm that Isis and Boko Haram members have joined or are about to join terrorist groups in Libya and added that the latter are getting close to the border with Tunisia. With regard to the Egyptian military intervention, Al Thani said that the aerial bombardments against Isis positions in Libya were carried out with the approval of the Libyan government and that the United Nations Security Council refused to arm the Libyan state in its fight against terrorism.

    Meanwhile, Tunisia has deployed military units along its border with Libya both on the ground and at sea and the army has been reinforced with units from the national guard and customs, in order to defend the country from “possible threats to its territorial integrity” and “prevent any attempt of infiltration by terrorists” said ministry of defense spokesman, colonel Belhassen Oueslati.

    The Tunisian armed forces can count on 27 thousand men in the army, 4,000 in the air force and 4,500 in the navy. (ANSAmed).

  4. Netherlands – Muslim newspaper plans glossy Mohammed magazine

    The Dutch Muslim newspaper Moslimkrant is planning to publish a glossy magazine devoted to Mohammed.

    The full-colour magazine will take the growth in anti-semitism and recent attacks in Europe as a central theme and will hit the shops at the beginning of June – the first week of Ramadan.

    Editor Brahim Bourzik said the aim is to counteract the many preconceptions about the prophet. ‘I think the time is right to tell the real story about Mohammed in a playful and informative way,’ he is quoted as saying in the Volkskrant.

    One-off glossy magazines are a marketing trend in the Netherlands and an issue devoted to Jesus has just been published. Previous one-offs have been devoted to television presentors, the gay community and Johan Cruijff.

    Bourzik says he is not worred about angry reactions from fundamentalist Muslims and Mohammed will not feature on the cover.


    ‘No, the reactions so far are overwhelmingly positive,’ he said. ‘And I tell people who have doubts they should wait and see. The magazine will honour our prophet. It will also include recipes, for example.’

    The magazine should also be ‘sexy’, Bourzik is quoted as saying by the Telegraaf.

    ‘Mohammed was a sexy man. He had at least nine wives. You have to be bloody sexy to keep them happy. He was a good guy, a spiritual leader, a house father, everything in one. I think George Clooney would have been jealous of him.’

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