Another blast of Islamic horror and the changing culture that it causes: Links 3 on Feb. 13 – 2015

1. Training Teachers to Take Aim Against Taliban

(Seeing as how every attack at a US college or base has literally been inside an official “Gun Free Zone” I think this is not a brilliant idea, just one that is so blatantly obvious that escaping the idiocy of Canadian, American and British strategies of disarming ourselves seems like genius)

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Gunfire rang out as Fatima Bibi squeezed off three shots, hitting her target every time. Then she lowered her Glock pistol, turned to her fellow academics and smiled.

Her instructor was smiling, too.

“These ladies are better shots than some of our men,” said Abdul Latif, a police firearms instructor. “They learned to handle a gun in just two days. Their confidence level is remarkable.”

Dangerous times call for unusual measures in northwestern Pakistan, where the police are offering firearms instruction to schoolteachers and university lecturers since the Taliban massacred 150 people at a Peshawar school in December.

Ms. Bibi was one of eight lecturers from the Frontier College for Women, a postgraduate college, who attended a two-day firearms course at the provincial police firing range last week.

2. Ezra Levant – – For the media too lazy to report on the jihad in Canada

(My guess is Ezra claims the media is “too lazy” to avoid what he likely thinks, which is that the media is too afraid or in fact, on board with them one way or another)

3. Fire burns Islamic center in Houston, Texas

A massive blaze has ripped through an Islamic community center in Houston, Texas, on Friday, local media reported.

It is not known what has caused the fire that gutted a section of the building used for storage. Federal investigators are now looking for the source of the blaze, ABC News reported.

(As it is extremely likely that this fire started from incendiary or explosive materials kept at the mosque for a future attack, the chances are will never hear anything about this again and the case will be closed like Greely, Minneapolis, NYC water treatment, Boston water reservoir and about a hundred others we know about and a thousand other ones we dont. More here)

4. Islamic State prisoners on display, no doubt being taken to their UN approved, Geneva Convention regulation PoW camps where they are awaiting their packages from the Red Cross.

5. Kelly McParland: Stephen Harper may be wrong about Zunera Ishaq. But he’s right about Canadians

As he said, “This is a society that is transparent, open and where people are equal.” For a person requesting the privilege of Canadian citizenship to insist on following a practice that is the antithesis of “transparent, open and equal”, and at the very moment the privilege is being granted, strikes a lot of people as patently nonsensical.

Thank you M., Richard, Grace, Don C. and many many more. More to come shortly.

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    • I can’t find pictures of the dead Coptics nor video……..I think it was a ruse…..perhaps the inimitable, incomparable “Master Martin” can help us put here…….even on

      I can’t find a recent posting, nor on the Dabiq magazine…….

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  1. Al Qaeda freed 6 inmates in Yemen prison attack, officials say (CNN, Feb 13, 2015)

    “Al Qaeda militants freed six of their fighters from a southern Yemeni prison during an attack on the facility Friday, just one day after the group took over a military camp in the same province, security officials said.

    These attacks by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has long clashed with Yemen’s military, happened in the Arab nation’s Shabwa province, more than 100 miles to the east of the capital, which has been in political strife for weeks after minority Houthi rebels took over.

    Also Friday, at least three more nations announced they were temporarily closing their embassies in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa because of deteriorating security conditions, including neighboring Saudi Arabia.

    Three of the six militants freed in Friday’s prison attack in Shabwa had been sentenced to death, provincial security officials said.

    Information about casualties, and details about how the attack transpired, weren’t immediately available…”

  2. CANADA – NOVA SCOTIA – 3 arrested in Halifax Valentine’s Day mass murder plot

    RCMP have arrested three people allegedly involved in a plot to commit mass murder in Halifax on Valentine’s Day.

    A U.S. woman, a Halifax man and a Cole Harbour, N.S., teen are in custody, while a fourth suspect was found dead.

    Cops first responded to a weapons-related threat on Thursday morning.

    They’d received information that a 19-year-old man from Timberlea, N.S., and a 23-year-old woman from Geneva, Ill., “had access to firearms and it was their intention to go to a public venue in the Halifax region … with a goal of opening fire to kill citizens, and then themselves.”

    On Thursday night, police found the 19-year-old suspect dead in a Timberlea home.

    At 2 a.m. Friday, police arrested the U.S. woman and a 20-year-old Halifax man at the Halifax International Airport.

    At 11 a.m., they arrested a 17-year-old boy in Cole Harbour, N.S., in connection with the plot.

    “We believe we have apprehended all known individuals in this matter and eliminated the threat. We are not seeking any further suspects at this time in relation to this investigation,” Nova Scotia RCMP Commanding Officer Brian Brennan said in a statement.

    Police would not say where the suspects allegedly planned to open fire, and would not comment on whether the attack was linked to a terrorism organization.

    “As always we are asking the public to remain vigilant about anything suspicious they may see or hear in their physical or online communities and to not hesitate to report anything to police. Citizens can also report tips anonymously through Crime Stoppers,” Brennan said.

    CBC -Halifax shooting plot foiled by police

  3. Turkey education strike against rise of Islamic teaching

    ANKARA: Hundreds of students and teachers across Turkey have boycotted school to protest the government’s moves to increase Islamic teachings in education.

    Thousands more marched on Friday in several Turkish cities holding up banners demanding a secular and science-based education system. Proponents of Turkey’s secular traditions claim that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is building a more Islam-focused education, to realise his goal of raising “pious generations.”

    The government has in recent years loosened a headscarf ban and increased the number of religious schools and classes.

    Turkish police used water cannon in the city of Izmir and Ankara to disperse scores of protesters boycotting schools over the growing influence of religion in the classroom, local media reported.

    Education is the latest flashpoint between the administration of President Tayyip Erdogan, and secularist Turks who accuse him of overseeing creeping ‘Islamisation’ in the Nato member state.

    Riot police were out in force on Izmir’s streets, with water cannon being used to disperse banner-waving demonstrators who had gathered in the centre of the city, according to pictures from Dogan news agency. At least one person was seen being led away by plain clothes security officers.

    Parts of some regular schools have been requisitioned to create more places for students in “Imam Hatip” religious schools championed by Erdogan, where girls and boys are taught separately. Almost 1 million students are enrolled in those schools, up from 65,000 when AKP came to power in 2002.

    The boycott was organised in cities across the country by a teachers union and associations from the minority Alevi community, the Hurriyet Daily News website reported.

  4. CBC – Shawinigan mayor, explains decision to reject mosque

    The mayor of Shawinigan, Que. is admitting his council caved to “irrational fears” Tuesday when it refused to rezone an industrial park in order to allow a mosque to open.

    Michel Angers said Friday city councillors were flooded with phone calls, letters, emails and text messages from across the province and beyond, imploring them not to allow the mosque.

    “People are possessed with irrational fears, fed by the tumultuous times, particularly since the serious attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris,” Angers said Friday at a news conference in the city of 50,000, 160 km northeast of Montreal.

    Angers said refusing the mosque was a difficult decision that challenged his personal values, but he felt it was the right thing to do. He said just because people are afraid does not mean they are racist

  5. DAILY MAIL – Paraded in cages ‘to be burned alive’ like Jordanian pilot: ISIS releases video claiming to show 17 Kurdish fighters in humiliating procession through Iraqi city

    Orange clad Peshmerga are driven through crowds of jeering militants
    Grim echo of Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh’s public burning on camera
    Procession reportedly took place in northwestern Iraqi city of Kirkuk
    Reports claim ISIS now has a presence in the oil rich Kurdish stronghold

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