Some jihad related news items: Links post 1 on Feb. 8 – 2015

1. Tunisia arrests 32 militant Islamists planning ‘spectacular’ attacks

Tunisia arrested 32 militant Islamists, some of them returning from fighting in Syria, who planned “spectacular” attacks, officials said on Saturday.

News of the arrests came one day after a secular-Islamist coalition cabinet headed by Prime Minister Habib Essid took office. The new cabinet faces many challenges, including Islamist groups that emerged after a 2011 uprising.

“Counter-terrorism forces foiled plots to carry out spectacular attacks against vital installations, including the Interior Ministry, security stations and civilian buildings in the capital Tunis,” said Mohammed Ali Aroui, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

2. France: Street artist brutally attacked for “Coexist” artwork

(There are a few clues that might suggest this artist is an idiot. The first is that he refuses to identify who attacked him because it interferes with his prejudice about how the world is. I find anyone who consciously suppresses important facts to support a narrative tends to be anti-reality. Second is he gave up who attacked him in the manner in which he denied giving up who attacked him. That would make him an idiot or perhaps a kind of semiconscious hypocrite. Lastly he dresses in the manner of a religious muslim and acts like people are foolish when they treat him as one. I am pretty confident he himself would treat a man in a police or military uniform or a fireman or an SS officer etc. etc. as he feels about those professions and not think himself the fool for associating the symbol with the person wearing it. Classic leftist sanctimony all around)

Combo won’t describe the “young people” who attacked him, as “it would only add fuel to the fire.” In saying that, he makes clear who they were. Even though Combo dresses in the garb of a devout Muslim, his art offends Muslim hardliners who don’t like seeing the Islamic crescent next to the Star of David and the cross. “Coexist,” indeed.

“Street Artist Combo Brutally Attacked for Pacifist Tag Post Charlie Hebdo,” by Coline Milliard, artnet news, February 5, 2015 (thanks to BD):

3. Gardai probe Irish businesswoman in Islamist weapons plot

The investigation centres on claims that the woman represents an Irish-based Islamist who is suspected of funding jihadi groups waging war in the Middle East.

The Sunday Independent understands it has been alleged the man was prepared to invest vast sums of money into secret financial schemes based in Russia.

It is claimed money from across three continents is being used to invest in the highly lucrative financial programmes which can net investors huge returns. According to the claims being investigated by the Garda Counter-Terrorism Unit, a multimillion-dollar weapons deal was being facilitated by the Irish businesswoman.

Former KGB operatives based in Russia are said to be the source of the weapons and the deal was organised through businessmen based in the Middle East.

The weapons left a port in Russia, in a Turkish-registered ship, and it is claimed they were destined for extremists fighting in Syria and Iraq.

4. France’s Front National denounces Sweden for its abandonment of democracy

5. Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades

(A lesson for Obama)

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  1. U.S. Terrorism Strategy Is “Clearly Not Working”

    …. retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who recently criticized the Obama administration’s policies saying, “You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists.”

  2. Here is some BBC a*hole apparently named Dale Maily trying to be funny on a propaganda show that seems to be called The Revolution Will Be Televised. He makes a fool of himself interviewing John Guandolo then goes to Arizona.

    WATCH: BBC Reporter Mocks Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist John Guandolo

    • That is infuriating. I suggest he drop off his 12 year old daughter if he has one, n Rotherham for a while and hang around with his gay lover in Tower Hamlets for a weekend and get back to us on all that.

      • Is there an audience in Britain that finds it amusing? Maybe we’re supposed to be laughing mainly at him, like he’s some sort of idiot Withnail character.

  3. Feb 08 – LONDON – Huge crowd of Muslim protesters picket Downing Street to protest at Charlie Hebdo cartoons

    the guardian – British Muslims gather in London to protest against Muhammad cartoons

    Crowd of thousands assmbles to issue ‘stark reminder’ freedom of speech is ‘regularly utilised to insult personalities other consider sacred’

    • Muslims converge on Downing Street to protest against Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons

      As many as 3,000 Muslims have converged on Downing Street from across the country to protest about the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed being published in Charlie Hebdo magazine.

      Many of those present carried placards quoting the controversial comment by Pope Francis in which he said: “Insult my mum and I will punch you.” Most of the protesters were divided into separate groups for men and women.

      Muslim protests against Charlie Hebdo in London

      The protest was organised by the Muslim Action Forum. Participants said they were campaigning for global civility and wanted to encourage people to live together harmoniously.

      The group has been running a petition on its website, which has so far collected 106,496 signatures.

      It reads: “I believe that through mutual consideration and the revival of civility as a shared medium of dialogue we are better equipped to reconstructing a more enlightened society.”

      The petition also includes the following points:

      I endorse emphatically the Declaration of Global Civility drafted by the campaigners of Global Civility

      I call upon the British Parliament to table a debate in both Houses of Parliament to discuss the endorsement of the Declaration of Global Civility

      I call upon all civilised people and institutions globally to disassociate themselves from any actions that are an affront to global civility

      I denounce the actions of all those people who are connected with the production of the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, and believe that these actions are an affront to the norms of civilised society.

  4. Lebanon gets massive weapons shipment from U.S.

    The U.S. furnished more than $25 million worth of military aid to Lebanon’s army Sunday in conjunction with the effort to fight Islamist militant groups operating along the Middle Eastern country’s border with Syria. Encompassing heavy artillery, the weaponry would be used to “defeat the terrorist and extremist threat from Syria,”

    […]Lebanon is the fifth-largest recipient of U.S. military aid, receiving more than $100 million last year,

    […]Separately, France announced Sunday it would begin delivering weapons to the Lebanese military in two months, according to the Daily Star in Lebanon. Purchased with a $3 billion Saudi Arabian grant to its regional neighbor, the first shipment of weapons in expected to arrive in April.

    […]However, the Lebanese military and Hezbollah have united in the effort to prevent the hard-line Islamists fighting in Syria from seizing territory in Lebanon.

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