The Obama speech at the prayer breakfast. A retraction

I regret having posted a Fox excerpt earlier without checking the context myself. Obama did not mean that he was muslim when speaking to that audience. In context, he was saying that all faiths have been hijacked by people doing violence in its name.

There is a great deal wrong with his speech. The lies he told by omission are considerable and of great importance and I will get into that shortly. For the moment I want to publish a retraction of what I alluded to in the previous post. Obama did not announce his islamic faith to a Muslim audience. It appears to have included a lot of non-muslims and it was a lecture on moral relativism and political correctness more typical of his six year reign as we have come to expect it.

I will post the video below with some analysis after a few Gaviscons ™ so I can make it all the way through.


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