Some video news on the effects of Islam across Europe

1. And this is why so many leftists and muslims do not want a fair and truthful discussion about the nature of Islam or its history. When you in fact have one, it becomes so obvious that Islam is the aggressor and in the wrong that a fair discussion means Islam loses.

On the Cathedral of Cordoba:

2. Rotherham whistleblower ‘proved right’ | Channel 4 News

(Channel4 asks exactly zero questions about who did it, if they are still doing it, why they did it. This may in fact be the worst journalism since the Soviet Union)

3. Islamic State flags, apparently common in one Bosnian village, have been stripped from local homes.

4. Paris after the Kosher store and Charlie Hebdo attack

(I haven’t seen this in total yet, but I like what the one Jewish man said at 1:20 about leaving to Israel because at least there you have the right to defend yourself, which they do not have in France, which is also not strict with terrorists. I wonder how much horror he had to see before he realized how important the right to weapons with which to defend yourself is a natural and necessary right and one we still do not have in Canada)

Thank you M. for these great videos. More to come shortly.

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  1. Muslim rape-gang cover-up exposed

    U.K. city officials ignored as many as 1,400 assaults – now critics want trials for ‘treason’

    A shocking report from the British government has concluded that a borough council in the city of Rotherham was “not fit for purpose” because it apparently covered up years of assaults by Muslim Pakistani gangs on hundreds of children, mostly young white females.

    The entire cabinet of the borough council now has resigned, and the management of affairs will be handled by the central government.

  2. Honest discussions about Islam will occur after the civil wars are over, then the victors will discuss why they deported all of the Moslems in Europe.

    The right of self defense is one of the basic human rights that the wanna be dictators on the left is working so hard to remove from the entire world. Without the right of self defense and the tools to defend yourself you aren’t free, you are a slave waiting for the chains to be slapped on.

    • Gotta have those militias our Bill of Rights talks about.

      My Dad he was so taken by the idea as a child in civics class that he signed up for the reserves – or whatever they called it so long ago – the same week he came of age.

      Story repeated a least a million times.

      • The Reserves and the Guard are part of the National Army the militias were totally under state control, what we have now is large numbers of vets who are watching and talking among themselves. If militia action is required a large number of them will provide the main body of the militia and will provide the training to those who haven’t served. The weapons will be the sporting weapons that are owned by the individuals, in the right hands they will be very effective, which is one reason so many politicians want to disarm us. The heavier crew served weapons and vehicles will come from the Guard and Reserve depots around the nation.

        There are two things needed for a major civil war to start in the US, 1) the spark/cause and 2) a leader, the second isn’t as necessary as most people think during the Revolution we didn’t have a leader for the first year or so, it was like minded individuals who were banding together and making it up as they went along.

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