Just because its obvious doesn’t mean people see it: Links 2 on Feb. 3 – 2015

1. Bomb kills 1 in Egypt, 2 other bombs defused at airport

CAIRO (AP) — A roadside bomb near Egypt’s second largest city Alexandria killed a bystander and injured two others on Tuesday, while authorities defused two more explosives at Cairo International Airport, officials said.

The latest reports are part of recent spike in small bombs being planted around Egypt. Many of the devices have been so-called flash-bang grenades, designed to sow panic but cause minimal damage or casualties. The larger and deadlier bombs have been targeted almost exclusively at members of the Egyptian police and army.

(I think this story requires two previous links to make sense of it. 1. Egyptian FM stunned at State Dept. meeting with Muslim Brotherhood and 2. Open jihad declared against Egypt in wake of US State Dept. meeting)

2. Student proudly declares ‘Hamas & Sharia law have taken over’ major University; anti-Israel hate grows

Anti-Jewish sentiment is growing so quickly on a major California university campus it caused one student to gleefully proclaim that “Hamas & Sharia law” have taken over.

It all began Thursday when members of a Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, walked out of a University of California-Davis student Senate vote on a bill that called for divestment in “corporations that aid in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and illegal settlements in Palestinian territories, violating both international humanitarian law and international human rights.”

3. UK Muslim leader: London Mayor’s calling jihadis “losers” was “terrorism”

(Robert Spencer’s analysis at link. It might also be pointed out that the OIC has legally defined terrorism to not include jihad, as jihad is an obligation to muslims. Therefore, on the one hand, milim orgs. know that we think of jihad as terror, so they can condemn terror, which to them means defending ourselves against jihad, but when we openly link the two they bristle. This is more revealing and important than it would appear without this explanation)

4. Seattle: Muslims demand teacher be fired for showing Muhammad cartoons

Controversy over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed hit home in Seattle recently, culminating in a protest outside of southend refugee service provider on Friday.

A group of Somali Americans gathered outside the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way to demand the resignation of a teacher who showed the cartoons to her teenage students on the day after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

“We’re not gonna be silent when it’s something that’s not right,” said Hassan Aden, who was one of between 15 to 20 people who attended the protest. “We’re trying to show that we’re not happy with what she did.”

5. Iraqi father guns down seven ISIS members in revenge for son’s public execution

Seven Islamic State terrorists were no match for an elderly man hell-bent on avenging the execution of his son at the hands of the terrorist organization.

When Basil Ramadan, reportedly in his 60s, approached an ISIS checkpoint in Tikrit, about 120 miles northwest of Baghdad, he gunned down the terrorists manning the facility, according to the Daily Mail.

Ramadan managed to take out seven using an AK-47 before he himself was shot and killed.

His 18-year-old son, Ahmed Basil Ramadan, was one of eight Iraqi police officers forced to appear in an Islamic State propaganda video before being executed for spying on the militant organization in January.

Thank you Tundra T., Draculea, and all who sent in materials. More to come!

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  1. French soldiers hurt in knife attack

    Three soldiers on anti-terror patrol in Nice, southern France, wounded in knife attack, French police say

    (The French press said they were guarding a Jewish Center. A man stepped off a tram after being fined for not paying the fare and he attacked the three soldiers with a knife. These soldiers are supposed to be armed and ready, yet none of them used his weapon.)

  2. Palestinian president orders inquiry into newspaper’s ‘Muhammad cartoon’

    Artist says image of robed figure spreading seeds of love is ‘symbol of humanity enlightened by the prophet’

    The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, has ordered an investigation into a cartoon apparently depicting the prophet Muhammad in an official Palestinian newspaper.

    The move came less than a month after Abbas joined world leaders in a march for free speech in Paris following a deadly attack by Islamist gunmen on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had caricatured Muhammad.

    A drawing in the West Bank-based newspaper al-Hayat al-Jadidah on Sunday showed a robed man standing astride Earth and reaching into a heart-shaped pouch to sow seeds of love around the world. The caption reads: “Our Prophet Muhammad”.


    pic on this page :


  3. MONTREAL – Imam threatens to sue mayors

    The Imam denied city permission to open a community centre in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district is demanding an apology from Montreal mayor Denis Coderre and borough mayor Real Menard.

    Hamza Chaoui says he is not an agent of radicalization among Muslims, as Coderre characterized him, and never called for hatred or violence against anyone.

    In a statement posted on his Facebook page this morning, Chaoui says he always encourages young students of Islam to integrate in Quebec society, respect its laws and avoid violence.

    He says any video clips from his preaching that suggest the opposite were taken out of context.

    The imam says he is thinking about suing the mayors for damaging his reputation and infringing on his rights.


    CBC – Imam Hamza Chaoui denies accusations of Mayors Ménard, Coderre

    Chaoui says he’s not an ‘agent of radicalization,’ responds for 1st time since denied centre permit

    […]“I categorically refute allegations of Mayors Ménard and Coderre,” writes Chaoui on his Facebook page.

    “I’m not an ‘agent of radicalization.’ I’ve never included hatred or violence against a group in my preaching or my classes.”

    He says he encourages young people to integrate harmoniously into Quebec society.
    Creating a wedge issue, alleges board of directors

    Chaoui says he’s ‘outraged’ that politicians and media have used the establishment of the centre to increase Islamophobia and encourage debate on religious secularism versus fundamentalism.

    Chaoui says the clips of his preaching played by the media have been taken out of context.

    “What I preach is based on the Qur’an and the prophetic writings and is followed by the majority of Sunni Muslims. It’s similar to the foundation of Christian and Jewish traditions,” said Chaoui.

    Chaoui is demanding an apology from Ménard and Coderre.

    He says he’s considering all legal options, including pursuing legal action towards elected officials, who, they feel, have “seriously tarnished their reputation.”


    Brian Lilley & Marc Lebuis – Imam Hamza Chaoui’s mosque application rejected

  4. LesNews (a French news account on Twitter) says IS has decapitated the Jordanian pilot, but I can’t find any news article yet.

  5. USA – Muslim CEO of Irvine company facing child sex charges

    SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) –A CEO of an Irvine company is facing child sex charges, and investigators say they’re looking for other possible victims.

    Prosecutors allege Qayed Shareef, 39, pretended to be a teenage boy named Jeremy Stevens when he used an app called Tango to contact a 9- and 10-year-old boy, two brothers in Virginia.

    “He basically just started it off, ‘Hey what’s your age?’ And within an hour, took it sexual,” said prosecutor Vanessa Woods. “He sent photos and videos of himself, as well as pornographic videos.”

    Authorities say the 39-year-old then gave instructions to the boys to record each other and to him send the photos and videos.

    “He was very specifically asking them to do various sexual positions, acts, show sexual body parts,” Woods said.

    Prosecutors say the crimes allegedly started Christmas Day 2013 and lasted four days. Investigators discovered 30 different videos of sex acts after being contacted by the boy’s mother.

    Shareef is married, has a child and lives in Aliso Viejo. He is the CEO of Adaptive Media and describes himself online as an “experienced digital advertising executive.”

    His arrest this week came after a year of investigation.

    Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said Shareef likely had more knowledge on how to evade law enforcement because he “has an expertise in computers and IP addresses and Internet.”

    Shareef, who has pleaded not guilty, is expected to return to court on March 27. He is being held on $2 million bail.


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