The attempts to cover the effects of Islam in Europe become a farce worthy of Chaplin: links 3 on Jan. 23 – 2015

1. Ok, so a dozen people at Charlie Hebdo are murdered in the middle of the day at work as well as four Jewish people at a grocery store because they are Jewish and for no other reason and the Independent makes muslims the victims because one kid got slapped and called a Paki allegedly and on top of that they use an actual jihadi attack at a Tesco against a Sikh as proof of Isamic victimhood by knowingly referring to the Sikh murder vic as “Asian” (A typical British euphemism for muslim) and calling the muslim convert who attacked him a white supremacist.

The good news is the teacher. The suggestion of wearing Charlie Hebdo cartoons on T shirts to affirm the Enlightenment is brilliant and brave even though it shouldn’t be brave or necessary.

2. Saudi King Abdullah Half-Mast Flag Call Is Making A Lot Of People Really Angry

In a gesture which could not be more emblematic of the economic importance of Saudi Arabia, the British government has declared all UK flags should be flown at half-mast to mourn the death of King Abdullah, sparking fury at Westminster.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) told Huffington Post UK the order had come from Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace said that it had come from DCMS.

(The Scots seem very unimpressed with this as well)

3. Swedish Journalist dresses as Jewish person and walks Malmo streets. It doesn’t take long for him to get the message. 

(I am trying to find a translator for the video now which I hope to have up tomorrow)

4. Another public execution of a woman on the street. What is that joke about the difference between Saudis and Islamic State jihadis? The IS ones are too lazy to stone? Something like that.

5. Pakistani Muslim Beats Christian Mother With Bat After She Prevented Man From Abducting, Raping Daughter

(A muslim love story. And people wonder why Shakespeare wasn’t born in South Asia)
Pakistani Christians (Photo: Reuters/Mohsin Raza)

Members of the Pakistani Christian community hold candles during a protest rally to condemn Sunday’s suicide attack in Peshawar on a church, with others in Lahore, September 23, 2013. A pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the 130-year-old Anglican church in Pakistan after Sunday mass, killing at least 78 people in the deadliest attack on Christians in the predominantly Muslim country.

Two Christian women were aggressively beaten by a Pakistani Muslim man in the country’s capital of Lahore after the women prevented the attacker from abducting the daughter of one of the women.

According to Pakistan Christian Post, Nusrat Bibi and her sister Rani Bibi, along with their two daughters, were walking home from the local factory on an early December evening when a Muslim man approached the women and began molesting Nusrat’s daughter.

6. Violent extremism is not Islamic, John Kerry tells leaders in Davos

DAVOS, Switzerland — Violent extremists who are killing children and others in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and other parts of the world may cite Islam as a justification, but the West should be careful about calling them Islamic radicals, Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience of opinion leaders Friday at the World Economic Forum.

In a speech calling for a global effort against violent extremism, Kerry said it would be a mistake to link Islam to criminal conduct rooted in alienation, poverty, thrill-seeking and other factors.

John Kerry on what U.S. partners need to do in the fight against ISIS

“We have to keep our heads,” Kerry said. “The biggest error we could make would be to blame Muslims for crimes…that their faith utterly rejects,” he added.

Thank you ML., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki and so many who sent in links today.


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  1. 2/ ‘Leader Nigel Farage said it showed “respect for an ally in the war against terror” and that the issue of human rights should be taken up with the new king.’ Makes Paul Weston and Liberty GB look that much more necessary.

  2. The Jews are the canary. The Muslim hates the Christian just as much.

    The White boys will come to understand if they have not already. Look at Rotterdam. Muslims like the white meat.

    But the Jews should best leave, sell their assets, move to Israel. Israel should then resieze the Sinai and West Bank, deport the arab muslims who will be no doubt warmly received NOT by their arab brothers and dumped into refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

    • The Hadiths give a description of Muhammad’s dream-girl and along with being big-breasted, wide-eyed, long-haired, toothsome, and drop dead gorgeous, she is described as having perfectly white skin. She looks like Hugh Hefner’s #1 wife, Barbi Benton. Also, a fact that almost no one ever gets is that Muhammad himself was white. That’s right. Muhammad was white. Read all about it in the Muslim holy books…

  3. 1. The Independent (same use as the word “equal” by Socialists) newspaper:” The report said the teenager, whose parents have asked that he remain anonymous, was the sole Muslim in his class and had felt “unfairly targeted and belittled” by the discussion.”
    When ever was it right for the kafir to discuss the actions of Muslims? It is uncomfortable. One class cannot criticize another. That is the definition of a Hate Crime in place.

    “The DfE acknowledged it did not provide specific advice on Islamophobia to schools but said it had no opposition to suitable material on the issue being distributed.”

    On that evidence school inspectors should immediately close all schools because children should understand rimming, trimming and skimming are necessary functions for some elites to survive.

  4. Belgian festival cancelled over terror threat

    The week-long festival was abandoned yesterday after authorities in Tournai stated there were “serious” indications of a risk of an attack on the cinema.

    Local press has speculated that the planned Ramdan screenings of documentary The Essence Of Terror and Oscar-nominated feature Timbuktu may have sparked the terrorist threat.

    Timbuktu, directed by Abderrahmane Sissako, centres on the brief occupation of the West African city by militant Islamic rebels.

    Toulou Kiki co-stars in the drama Timbuktu.

    A dark cloud looms as Jihadists take over Timbuktu, Mali. The zealots have outlawed music, soccer and socializing. They’re hostile to local men and particularly treacherous to women, especially those who try to make a living. They impose harsh sentences, even death, for a multitude of offenses…

    “Four EU states have backed plans on how to combat Russian propaganda, including a regulatory crackdown on media which “incite hatred”.
    The two-page informal paper – endorsed by Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, and the UK and seen by EUobserver – was circulated to EU capitals on Friday (9 January).

    It describes Russia’s media campaign as “an asymmetric response to Western economic power” which poses “a real threat to security on the eastern edges of the EU”.

    It says “the objectives are to discredit EU narratives, erode support for legitimate governments in the region, demoralise local populations [and] disorient Western policymakers” in order to “widen the scope for its [Russia’s] military and political options”.

    It also says promoting the EU “as an idea” is important in eastern Europe because it “raise[s] public support for economic and political reforms, which in the long-term are the most effective guarantees of stability”.

    But it complains the EU “punches below its weight” by relying on “antiquated delivery channels such as one-off events or physical information centres” and by sending out messages which are “too technical, failing to connect emotionally”.

    The non-paper calls on EU states’ media regulators to hold Russian broadcasters accountable if they “manipulate, deceive, incite hatred, or propagate war”.

    The idea of a free press escapes Socialists. After decades of soft soaping their populations with lies and now addicted and reliant to being deceived to feel better about the world in which they are farmed; they discover someone better at it who employ all the American stereotypes of the radical right, and then come out on-message with the Soviets. Crying that their infantalized and demoralized Citizenry resigned to a European Superstate, won’t understand the difference.

  6. 4/ In the public slaughter of women department, Saudi Arabia actually outdid Islamic State with the execution of that terrified Burmese woman. ‘”Haram. Haram. Haram. Haram. I did not kill … I do not forgive you … This is an injustice,” she screams. “I did not!”’ ‘“This woman was beheaded without painkillers – they wanted to make the pain more powerful for her.”’

    What is the likelihood that Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim raped her young stepdaughter with a broom stick before beating her to death, as claimed – a form of abuse unlikely from women anywhere? In a religion that excuses men for actually murdering their own daughters, and a legal system where material evidence counts for next to nothing, close to zero.

    I saw it reported the child was also Burmese, suggesting the Saudi had another Burmese wife.

    • The Saudis are every bit as sickening as Islamic State

      How strange it is, then, that we’re at war with IS, but the Saudis are our allies. We don’t hear Barack Obama or John Kerry threatening to bomb the Saudis or even rebuking them. That’s left to an eminently forgettable spokesperson at the State Department who utters a few words of criticism – you know the drill, always enough to say the US has been critical; but never enough for the Saudis to be seriously offended.

    • Saudi Arabia is what the world would look like if the fascists had won World War II. I find it particularly indicting that Obama is so strident in his opposition to an oil pipeline that would drastically lessen America’s forced dependence on such an evil nation. To me, that is one of the bigger indicators that Barry is an enemy agent. (And there are so many darn indicators)…

  7. PAKISTAN -Sacrilegious caricatures: Bounties announced on Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, publishers

    PESHAWAR / SHABQADAR / KP: Several bounties were announced on the staff of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Friday as protests against its publication of sacrilegious cartoons continued across the province.


    Religious parties Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) announced a bounty of Rs100 million on the people who made and published the caricatures.

    Hundreds of activists led by JI’s Abdul Mastan, JUI-F’s Amir Hidayatul Haq and ASWJ leaders protested against the cartoons on Friday in Shabqadar and adopted a declaration urging people to boycott French products.

    Addressing the protest, Mastan demanded that the federal government expel the French ambassador from Pakistan, while JUI-F’s Maulana Wakeel Ahmad said Pakistan should call a session of the United Nations and rally for a ban on publications insulting religion and prophet Muhammad .
    AUSTRALIA – Hundreds join ‘Je Suis Muslim’ rally in Sydney

  8. Obama cancels end of India trip to fly to Saudi Arabia following king’s death

    President Obama has cancelled the end of his trip to India to fly to Saudi Arabia in the wake of the death of the country’s king and growing instability in the region, U.S. and Indian officials said Saturday.

    The officials said Obama will fly from India Tuesday, skipping a planned trip to the Taj Mahal.

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president and first lady Michelle Obama would travel to Riyadh on Tuesday to pay respects after the death of King Abdullah.

    […]Obama’s travel schedule was changed so that he could meet with the new king and other Saudi officials after his speech in India Tuesday. Vice President Joe Biden will stay in Washington.


    Islamic school closed for ‘endangering children’

    Parents will now have to look for new schools for their children, and many have complained that the school board is discriminating against Muslims.

    Firm ditches Pegida chief for anti-Islam views

    Max Hermansen, the leader of the Norway branch of the anti-Islam movement Pegida, has been taken off the pay roll by a training organization because of his controversial views.

    Websites of At Least 40 Spanish Towns Hacked With ‘I Love ISIS’ Messages

    In Arabic, the message read: “The Islamic State exists and will persevere, Allah willing, and will destroy all with wrath.”

    Frenchman charged with inciting children to jihad

    One in three fears terror attack in Sweden

    A new poll carried out after the deadly shootings in France this month suggests that one in three Swedes are concerned about a terror attack in their home country.

  10. THE TELEGRAPH – Germany’s Pegida anti-Islam movement: Can ‘Cruella de Vil’ take it mainstream?

    Kathrin Oertel has just become the public face of German political movement Pegida, which campaigns against ‘Islamisation’. Claire Cohen examines what impact this 37-year-old mum might have on one of the country’s most ring-wing movements

  11. @Flag Half Mast……

    Its appropriate………from the Royals to the Bobbie on the street, every single one grinning through dental work flecked with the fecal matter of Saudi filth……..they deserve their fate, may shame and humiliation be their lives and may their lives be long.

    Here’s a little piece I wrote called “Day In The Life Of A Saudi Male”

    Ahhhh yes…..a day in the life of a Saudi male………..

    Up early, sodomize a little boy……

    Eat breakfast….sodomize the cook…….

    Bounce around on a camel for a couple of hours…..

    Cut a woman’s head off…..

    Sodomize a little boy……..a light snack……….

    Attend the stoning of an uppity bitch who tried to drive a car (with nail polish on….the nerve!!!!)………

    Down a fifth of scotch, sodomize two little boys……..

    Feeling tuckered out, have a little nap……….

    Up and feeling refreshed and looking for variety, sodomize a donkey…….kill the donkey for being sexually provocative……….

    Feeling lonely, go to Saudi playground, sodomize 3 little boys……


    Worked up quite an appetite, have dinner while watching the beheading of another one of those filthy vile bitches as she get her just deserts for allowing herself to be gang raped by a dozen Saudi men……….

    Act as judge in goat beauty contest (excuse self as worked into a froth of sexual excitation watching all those slutty goats mince around)……..

    Act as judge in sheep beauty contest, get in fistfight with other judges over bias, (excuse self owing to previous relationship with contestant #3)

    Attend a seminar, “Muslim Good – Jew Bad”……..standing room only…..

    Watch movie “The Stoning of Soraya M”, laugh till pee pants…………..

    Sodomize little boy…………

    Beat wives…..

    Prepare a couple of dozen gifts to humanity, (a variety of bombings, threatening letters from Rahool P. Agarwal, some hijackings, bribery and distribution of hate mail)………….

    Take goat for walk (duck into alley and sodomize goat….) flog goat later for being slutty temptress…………

    Stop by book store in mall, delighted latest Tariq Ramadan bestseller is still in, “The Holocaust: Chicken Soup for the Muslim Soul”, buy a dozen copies……….

    Back at palace, pace up and down ranting and raving about filthy infidels……..

    Warn goat to stop mincing about the paddock or it will suffer fate of donkey if it keeps wandering about in such a sexually provocative manner (goat runs away)………

    Beat wives………

    Watch bedtime movie (a documentary about the Holocaust, laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh till pee pants)……..change undies

    Think about Jews in ovens, laugh and laugh again, (pee pants again…change undies)………..

    Time for bed……….

    Pray to Muhammad, ask forgiveness for not sodomizing enough little boys and domestic livestock……..(Muhammad says all is forgiven, we all have our bad days….try harder tomorrow)

    Go to bed……..can’t sleep……………

    Look for goat, can’t find goat,…….sodomize donkey…………


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  12. Hello there…….its me again……Don Laird…

    Presenting Jon Stewart…….


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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