A trickle of truth weaving around a policy of misdirection: Links 1 on Jan. 23 – 2015

1. Boko Haram crisis: UN ‘not needed against Nigerian militants

(Seeing as how the UN is on the other side, that seems a wise move. I wouldn’t ask for American help either)

Nigeria does not need the help of UN or African Union troops to take on Boko Haram, the country’s national security adviser has told the BBC.

Sambo Dasuki said Nigeria, and its neighbours Niger, Chad and Cameroon, were in a “good shape to address the issue” of the Islamist insurgency.

He acknowledged the militants were a “real security threat” and said that close to 50% of Nigeria’s army was now deployed to the north-east.

Boko Haram took up arms in 2009.

It says it is fighting to create an Islamic state.

2. This smiling 17-year-old student survived a violent sex assault at the hands of a taxi driver and has now bravely come forward to warn women: ‘Don’t get a cab on your own’

A care worker has told of the terrifying moment the taxi driver she paid to take her home safely dragged her sleeping from the back of his cab before violently attacking her.

Zameer Arshad, a father-of-three, threw Carly Robinson – then a 17-year-old college student – onto a mattress before forcing himself on her and sexually assaulting her.

Afterwards he pushed her back into the car and drove on as if nothing had happened. When he was caught he told police she had initiated it.

Now Miss Robinson – who is expecting her first child – has released a picture of herself on the night of the attack to warn other women to be careful when travelling alone.

She said she was not ashamed of what happened but wanted to warn other women to be cautious, even if they had booked a licensed taxi as she had.

3. Notice the part about the signs the ‘rebels’ adorn their rifles with. It makes a distinction between Israel and Jews but wants them all dead. 

I only point this out because its time the veneer of geopolitics antisemites use, the excuse of Israel, was dissolved. Islam has a core principle, genocide of the Jewish people and Israel is a totem for that.

4. The Islamic State comes out with another video, this time of a crappy banal parable, clearly intended to try and look like its full of wisdom and insight but actually just another typical Islamic exercise in bad reasoning and propaganda to greater devotion to islam and greater degrees of obedience to islamic principles, mostly of jihad.

If any muslim sees this video and thinks it has any thing to offer I suggest he and his friend just kill each other at the same time. Then they both win.

Funny they didn’t think of that at the time, ay?

5. Gaza Attack: Hizb ut Tahrir Malaysia hands over memorandum, calls the Malaysian Armed Forces to wage jihad

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Buck, Tundra T., M., and many more. Some interesting things in the queue for today. Stand by.


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  1. The left will contine to support all attacks in Israel because they turned from a socialist nation into a Democracy that supports free enterprise, the left can never accept that and survive.

    • Actually a non muslim one. Then it isnt racist. Send any color of driver or any color of car for that matter. But no drivers who believe non-muslim girls are A OK for raping and killing, which means no muslim drivers.

      If enough people do it we can break the islam-is-a-race meme.

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