Canadian forces attacked by Islamic State in Iraq and more links on Jan. 20 – 2015

1. Islamic State video attempting to extort 200 million of some currency or other, I dunno, Rupees? I’m not sure, by kidnapping two Japanese nationals and threatening to kill them.

2. France: Five Russian Chechens arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attack

Five Russian nationals of Chechen origin have been arrested in southern France on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack, according to authorities.

The arrests took place in the town of Saint-Jean-de-Vedas, near Montpellier, and the town of Béziers, around 70km away. Authorities seized weapons during their searches, according to local reports. A cache of explosives was also discovered not far from the Sauclières stadium.

3. Argentina: Thousands swarm Buenos Aires over Nisman death

4. France arrests 5 in alleged terror plot

BEZIERS , France, Jan. 20 (UPI) — Five Chechen nationals were arrested Tuesday in an alleged plot to bomb public buildings, police in the southern French town of Beziers said.

One of the unidentified men is a resident of the town, and caches of explosives were found near the town’s rail station and stadium, the local newspaper Midi Libre reported. It added one man was arrested in Beziers, a town of 71,000 on the Mediterranean coast; the other four were arrested in Montpelier, 42 miles away.

The men are held on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. Prosecutor Yvon Calvet said certain “products” were found in the suspects’ homes.

5. Comment: Channel 4 – Fighting extremism: anger inside British mosques

6. ISIS fighters killed in first confirmed ground battle with Western forces after attacking Canadian special forces training Iraqi troops

Canadian special forces clashed with Islamic State fighters in Iraq last week, in the first recorded firefight between Western troops and the Islamic militants.

Soldiers visiting front-line positions with Kurdish Peshmerga forces came under heavy mortar and machine gun fire, Brigadier General Michael Rouleau confirmed.

The Canadians used sniper fire to ‘neutralise’ the ISIS threat without taking any casualties.

He said the troops, whose job it is to train the Iraqi military, fired back only in self-defence, adding: ‘My troops had completed a planning session with senior Iraqi leaders several kilometres behind the front lines.

(Video at Daily Mail linked above)

7. British muslim org figures terrorism and preaching terror in British mosques doesn’t exist and is the problem of the British government. (Not a bad example of the clay-pot logical fallacy)

Thank you Buck, UK Pete, CB Sashenka, M., ML., GoV. and many others who sent in material. Brace yourselves. More to come.

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  1. #7. The fat scouser in the interview does some pretty good cultural documentaries. He is left leaning and here he is very vague. His end point that France will take generations to come to terms with and find its role with the ‘new’ population sounds a little like ‘ get used to it. It aint going away , you had better adapt’.
    He is not saying what he really thinks but I would guess he will bend with which ever way the wind blows.

  2. UK – Ex-MI6 Boss Warns West Not To Insult Islam

    Those who insult Islam should expect to be attacked, suggests ex-MI6 boss as he agrees with the Pope’s Charlie Hebdo comments.

    […]”I rather agree with the Pope that, of course, the attacks in Paris were completely unacceptable and cannot be justified on any basis whatsoever, but I think respect for other people’s religion is also an important part of this.

    “If you show disrespect for others’ core values then you are going to provoke an angry response. That doesn’t justify anything, but I think we just need to bear it in mind.”

  3. U.S. top court rules for Muslim inmate over prison beard ban

    An Arkansas policy prohibiting inmates from having beards violated the religious rights of a prisoner who had wanted to grow one in accordance with his Muslim beliefs, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.

    The justices, on a 9-0 vote in a closely watched case involving prisoner Gregory Holt, rejected the state’s reasoning that the policy was needed for security reasons to prevent inmates from concealing contraband.

    more on the page :

  4. MONTREAL – CTV – Concerns about controversial material at mosque connected to local school

    […]At the mosque, a man named Romiz Uddin said he could not answer questions about the pamphlet, saying he doesn’t speak for the mosque, but does work there.

    He did, however, denounced terrorism.

    “Yes. Terrorism — Christian terrorism, Jewish terrorism, Islamic terrorism — all terrorism is bad,” he said.

    video on the page :

  5. Rome Calls for More Security to Protect Against Attacks

    Rome’s mayor says 500 extra police officers and dozens of soldiers have been requested to strengthen security at sites in the Italian capital that could be targets for terror attacks.

    Mayor Ignazio Marino said he hopes the interior and defense ministries will quickly send in the security forces authorities have requested.

    But he stressed that Rome’s prefect, or top security official, said at a briefing Tuesday that current information from the Interior Ministry “tends to rule out an imminent possibility of terrorist attacks in our city.”

    Because of the heightened alert, government offices, embassies, tourist attractions as well as the Vatican are among the sites deemed by authorities to be “sensitive” and needing enhanced security.

    Marino said the prefect requested that 85 soldiers be deployed at subway stations.

  6. It’s nice to see that two faced equivocation is alive and well within the Muslim and Academic community.
    Here we have it all, the rabidly incisive interviewer ( I loved the way she mentioned the channel 4 program “Undercover Mosque”) to rebut his assertions that there are no problems in mosques; hang on no she didn’t.
    The Muslim’s stuttering changing of the story as the interviewer gently probed him and then failed to follow up, was a credit to the art of journalism. Bet Nigel Farage was glad he wasn’t on the end of such a relentless roasting.
    Then the academic, taking the message of grovelling and lying to new impressive heights. First the revealing the “secret” knowledge about this new “mystical”, airy fairy Islam, practically all Muslims follow. You could almost smell the joss sticks and Simon and Garfunkel, gently cutting the African night from the ever present minarets.
    Then the gentle speech of the host adjusting to the parasite. We are all going to have to learn to grovel, and prostate ourselves to Islam, in order to be “inclusive”.
    Brilliant example of how to deceive and placate until it’s too late.

    The only problem is, that more and more people are getting wise to the scam, as the voting statistics seem to be showing.
    The only people who don’t seem aware of the oncoming blood bath are journalists, politicians and Muslims.
    I wish I didn’t, but I fear I’m going to live in interesting times.
    Thanks to our political class there. So adept at getting people killed.

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