Europe and terrorism. More like ‘Brazil’ at times than 1984: Links 3 on Jan 18 – 2015

1. Italy on Maximum terror alert level

AGI) Rome, Jan 18 – The Italian Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, has called a maximum terrorism alert. “Since the end of December, we have expelled 9 people and specifically five Tunisians, one Turkish, one Egyptian, one Moroccan and one Pakistani”, he said. He went on: “I said we would further tighten the expulsion mechanism and we did so ahead of the Paris events”. The suspects were people with long-term residence permits. “My actions in this direction will not stop at expelling them and we will continue to be extremely strict”, Mr Alfano said. Referring to the people expelled, the minister said that they had been in Italy for years and that two of them had incited their respective families to go fight in Syria.

(Sooner or later, Western governments will have to abandon the ‘drive a wedge between religious and cultural muslims’ game and name the threat as it is or lose it all)

2. CBC now deep in a scandal that actually should matter to Canadians.

(The sexual appetites and behaviour of hosts and reporters is not necessarily a reflection of the journalism or standards of journalism at a given media outlet although covering up criminal activity should be reported. But this is a solid indicator of how the CBC operates at taxpayer expense)

3. In France, an anti-Islam demo was forbidden but an anti-Israel and pro islam was indeed allowed. Media at this link

The video looks to me like clear threats to use sharia standards in France.

4. There appears to be at least one journalism prof. who has a grip on what journalism is and how it is to be done. The New York Times response, to call him an asshole, is an excellent example of post modern thought.

5. This is a major TV show in France where the studio audience was told to leave as they presented a potential security threat to their guest.

The guest assumed the persona of a jihadi on FB and was looking to connect with jihadis in France where she was told to move to the Islamic State and so on. When she was busted, serious fatwas were placed on her and she is now under police protection etc.

Article and info can be found here in French

6. Sharia being enforced in public

7. Here is an interesting article about John Baird, Canada’s FM, trip to the Palestinian territories.

Thank you ML., M., Yucki, Richard, Wrath of Khan and frankly too many to name and remember but please keep sending it in. There is a terrible feeling in the air over Europe this week coming I think. Be situationally aware everyone. These are not nice people who oppose us.

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