A deranged person, aged twenty years old, slaughtered and burned his dog, claiming to have done this in the name of Islam …

An original translation from 20 Minutes France

By CB Sashenka with much thanks.

Marseille: He slaughtered and burned his dog that he considered unclean

Illustration of an American Staffordshire Terrier – Margie Barnes /AP /SIPA

Jan.16, 2015

A man, aged 26, was placed in the Edouard-Toulouse psychiatric hospital after committing acts of cruelty to his dog, reports La Provence.

According to our colleagues, the individual was at the family home last Saturday in the city of La Castellane in the 16th municipal district of Marseille.

Without explanation, he took the dog, a Staffordshire. Then he hanged, slaughtered and finally burned it. The body of the animal was found in an empty lot.

The individual told investigators that he wanted to purify his family home. According to him, Islam forbids the presence of dogs in a home.

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9 Replies to “A deranged person, aged twenty years old, slaughtered and burned his dog, claiming to have done this in the name of Islam …”

    • There are some Leftist/Liberal politicians on Parliament Hill who pay scantily clad young ladies to put them through these same stinging paces……and they pay handsomely for the experience……..

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

  1. Maybe if you can get someone, Vlad, who feels comfortable to translate this article from German to English… It roughly says that there were about 100 Islamist cells to be found in Germany. Those were made up of prayer groups, online propagandists, returning fighters from Syria… However, the investigations of those groups turned out to be difficult.

    (Yesterday CNN claimed there were about 20 Islamofascist terrorist cells in Europe. Now it is 100 Islamist cells only in Germany. Obviously those are not the same but some connections must be there as well. So something doesnt add up here apparently.)

    Hundert Islamistenzellen im Visier der Behörden (Zeit, Jan 18, 2015 )

    “Gebetsgruppen, Online-Propagandisten, heimgekehrte Syrien-Kämpfer – deutsche Behörden beobachten immer mehr mutmaßliche Islamisten. Doch die Ermittlungen sind schwierig…….”

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