Arrests across Europe, more plots foiled, Duke U wins one against Islamic dominance: Links 4 on Jan 16 – 2015

1. Students React To Duke University Reversing Muslim Call To Prayer

2. Several videos here on CNN on arrests across Europe today and tonight including imminent plots foiled to attack multiple countries. Yes, the A teams have been awoken.

This is one of them

3. Prosecutor: Terrorists planned to kill police

The alleged plotters — including two people killed Thursday night in a battle with police in Verviers — were confronted in 12 raids across Belgium from Thursday into Friday, federal prosecutor Eric van der Sypt said.

“Could have been hours, certainly no more than a day or two” before attacks were to begin throughout Belgium, van der Sypt told reporters of the alleged plot.

4. Clashes after anti Charlie Hebdo marches in Algiers

More marches by the highly intelligent and productive looking, religious people of Algiers

5. Of course when French cartoonists draw pictures that muslims don’t like, the first thing you do is, chant for the death of all the Jews

(For anyone left alive that doesn’t know it, the chant is a favorite one for muslims threatening all Jews to remember what happened to them at Kybar and that the army of Mohamed is coming for them)

More to come soon. Thank you M., Richard, Yucki, Wrath of Khan and a lot of people who regularly send in news items. Its interesting how the regular media is starting to become more and more similar to counter-jihad sites, isn’t it? It is because sooner or later the news has to reflect, at least to a degree, what people see out their windows.


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18 Replies to “Arrests across Europe, more plots foiled, Duke U wins one against Islamic dominance: Links 4 on Jan 16 – 2015”

  1. What a lovely bunch of mindless idiots.
    They remind me of a swarm of locusts. (Sorry, locusts.)
    So that is an example of the religion of Islam.

    Isis could have a grand time slaughtering them with their dull knives.

  2. said, “Yes, the A teams have been awoken.”
    you’re mistaken. Yes, many of the Europeans have changed their strategy from targeting known Islamic terrorist organizations (IE: Al Quada) to their wording now is to attack the Islamic extremist.

    What they’re not getting is how broad fundamentalism is with in Islam.
    Because of this broad fundamentalism within Islam the Europeans could be setting themselves up for a very rude awakening.

  3. Up to 3,000 people gathered in Hradcany Square in Prague on Friday to express their opposition to the perceived Islamification of Europe. In attendance were several members of parliament who spoke to the crowd as they cheered and waved Czech flags.

  4. I wish that some Hollywood hotshot director would do a piece set around the incident at Khaibar that these Muslims are referring to when they chant, “Khaibar, Khaibar, oh you Jews.” including, of course, the immediate history that led up to the attack Itself. Stephen Spielberg comes to mind, since he made Schindler’s List and obviously has deep feelings about genocide against the Jewish People. People need to know the story of Islam and see for themselves the hideous atrocities that Muslims consider their most cherished religious stories. Perhaps young Ben Affleck can star in the leading role as the handsome Hebrew hero King and Angelina Jolie can play the Khaibar leader’s wife, as she is widowed and raped by big Mo himself. People need to know what Muslims consider good and holy – what they don’t have the decency to be deeply ashamed of.

    They keep saying that you can find violent passages in any religious texts – and people keep nodding in sagacious agreement – but I have yet to see the part in the New Testament where Jesus murders anybody, tortures anybody, robs anybody, or rapes anybody. Maybe it’s somewhere in “Acts” or something and I just didn’t see it…

    • Imagine that, if Hollywood should suddenly find it in itself to take a long hard historical look at Islam. There’s a growing body of very interesting material to draw on, and as Tom Holland said after looking into it, everything is up for grabs.

  5. DIALY MAIL – UK Muslim tortured and murdered his wife while playing the Koran at full volume to hide her screams after a row over a shelf’

    – Thahi Manaa is accused of murdering his wife at their home in Sheffield
    Sara el Shoureifi suffered 270 injuries and had a screwdriver in her eye
    – Police recovered a blood-stained electric drill and tools from the scene
    – Manaa denies his wife’s murder due to diminished responsibility
    – He admitted manslaughter during a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court
    – The trial continues

  6. TURKEY – Istanbul protesters support brothers behind Charlie Hebdo attack

    Responding to an appeal by a group calling itself the Fraternal Platform of the Prophet’s Companions, the demonstrators held up a banner with the pictures of Cherif and Said Kouachi as well as the late Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden

    Charlie Hebdo in its first edition since the massacre put a cartoon of Mohammed on its front page, inciting further anger in the Islamic world.

    “The day came when by Allah’s hand two or three people punished and humiliated these infidels. Today, Western media and the infidels know that Muslims will take their revenge,” said radical Muslim Bayram Samsam, the leader of the rally.

  7. 1/ What will it take to wake the Rachels of university-world? As David Horowitz says, you can’t reason people out of positions they didn’t reason themselves into.

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