Attacks, cover ups and loss of public trust. The price of local islam: Links 1 for Jan. 15 – 2015

1. Canadian couple who converted to Islam and tried to attack Canada-Day celebrations Boston Marathon style begins trial.

The four charges involve an alleged domestic conspiracy between Feb. 1 and July 2, 2013, by Nuttall and Korody — recent converts to Islam who were reputedly members of a terrorist group.

They are accused of possessing, planting and intending to trigger two improvised explosive devices in Victoria hoping to maim and kill as many as possible during the national holiday.


2. There is a breaking story in the UK. A person or persons drove a truck full of propane or butane gas canisters into a council offices in Oxfordshire. This is the same method used by Glasgow Doctors who did that whole day of terror attacking the airport and other targets a few years ago.

A lot is coming in on this but the British media are denying its terror at this point, meaning denying its Islamic. Here is a BBC link with video

If this is Islamic terror and the government is covering for it like they do in the US, this will cause an even further erosion of public trust and grants an accelerated effect to the terrorists. I hope the British authorities keep that in mind. If they want a revolution, that is the fastest way to cause one. More links will appear soon. I hope people will watch this story.

BBC Radio has already posted that while they know nothing about this attack they do know it isn’t terror. Amazing conclusion before they know anything at all about it really. The British Government must be using psychics.

3. Oxford University Press reportedly barred pigs and anything pork-related from children’s book

As part of its policy of keeping books amenable to Jewish and Muslim readers—among others—Britain’s Oxford University Press recently asked a children’s author to avoid mentioning anything pig-related.

Specifically, the unnamed U.K. author was asked write out any mention of “pigs plus sausages, or anything else which could be perceived as pork,” according to a Wednesday morning report by BBC Radio host James Naughtie.

Mr. Naughtie’s wife Eleanor Updale is said to be in talks with Oxford University Press to produce an educational book series, although the host did not specifically name her as the author who inks and neaked him the letter.

(According to all Jewish people I have spoken to, there is no issue with pigs other than not eating them. Every Jewish child knows the story of the three little pigs and probably many have piggy banks etc. Only the muslims have politicized pigs to any extent beyond simply not eating them. National Post also covers this story)

4. Video from Channel4 where they contrast views from politicians and muslims on the success of the new issue of Charlie Hebdo

5. Big News is now reporting that the pilot’s last words were indeed “Allah hu Ackbar”

(And as many have pointed out, this does not seem to be what is said when there are man made or natural disasters so much as when they cause one)

6. Rushdie defends Charlie Hebdo


Thank you UK Pete, Maria J., M., Grace, TL., Ed, and all. More to come shortly.

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  1. Ohio Man Arrested for Alleged ISIS-Inspired Plot on US Capitol, FBI Says

    Ohio Man Arrested for Alleged ISIS-Inspired Plot on US Capitol, FBI Says

    • You mentioned how on the westerns the civil war was still being a major part of peoples lives and attitudes a generation or so after the war. The following movie was written by a Missouri man based on a novel he wrote, he wrote several westerns and then was hired by Hollywood to spend his time writing scripts. Most of his westerns were about Quantrill (sp?) and his followers either during or after the war, and he did his best to white wash the James Boys.

    • Crucify him! Oh, wait. Wrong time, same thing. The Muslims would crucify Christ. The murder of innocents is the heart of Islam.

  2. I would caution not idolizing Rushdie. In India guess who he slams more, Hindus or Muslims as an extremist threat? Hint not the religion that had him under a death fatwa.

  3. Three reported dead in Belgian anti-terrorism raid

    Casualties in Belgium police anti-terror raid in Verviers
    Three dead in anti-terror raid in Verviers, Belgian television reports

    Three people have reportedly been killed during a police counter-terrorism raid in Verviers in the east of the country.

    Federal prosecutors told the Belga news agency there had been a police operation near the centre of the town but did not confirm there had been casualties.

    Belga said there were several casualties and said police activity was continuing.

    Belgian public television channel RTBF also said it had reports of the deaths.

  4. 1/ So these two career losers buy a few pressure cookers, fill them with nails, she goes around in full hijab and he wanders the streets yelling into his telephone about jihad and blowing things up. And this has occupied the RCMP for almost a year, the prison system since July, and now it’s going to be 18 and more weeks in a large courthouse with scores of expensively-trained legal professionals billing the public for the duration. Then we pay for more prison time, and that’s if the state wins. I’d say their jihad has been a roaring success.

    • I try not to think about these things too much.
      But I cheer a bit when I hear one’s gone down in a “lead shower”, as police put it. Or “neutralized” as Israelis say.

      • If the Saudis don’t like what one of their own is up to, they hold a cursory rigged trial then hack off his or her head in the street. Civilization is so much more expensive than barbarism. But the way we’re going about this is lunacy. We can’t make every drug-addled attention-seeker the star of such a lavish production.

  5. The council office/funeral parlour/cottage arson in the UK is not jihad. It’s a bloke pi**ed off with the council over a planning application matter on his land.

    Perhaps he should have said it would be a mosque? Then they would have bent over backwards to accommodate him…

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