A quick update on a few important stories

1. The name of the truck driver in Scotland who killed something like 6 people when his truck drove at top speed down a busy shopping district and slammed into a wall still has not been released and curiously no witnesses have come forward and described him or the scene that I am aware of and the names of the other 2 on the truck have also not been released and the authorities are saying that they never ever will.

2. The massive explosion in Greely ontario this fall that literally flattened 2 buildings and left just a metal frame of a barn, a 3rd building has not been updated since about 48 hours after it happened on October 9 when police said that it was not a meth lab or a grow op. They started referring to it as a ‘fire’ however but have not stated the cause. The explosion could be heard over 25 kilometers away. This would be the loudest fire in human history.

3. No new information on the building that exploded in Minneapolis USA over a year ago now which was said to be a gas explosion even after the gas company quite vociferously said it was not and gave evidence to the media showing it could not have been, in true Men in Black fashion, was demolished within a day or so of the event by Homeland Security so that the investigation could never take place even though local authorities had made it clear that the ruins would not be touched for weeks in order to figure out what happened.

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  1. been working on this for a while, what`s been said up to now is impossible ,driver name still on D-notice ,even ed.milliband leader of the labour party ,possible new prime minister later this year can`t even get the name ! 3 weeks on , [ed uk]

      • I`m in the uk been working on this since it happenend , I saved all the vids , some have now disappeared ? all you need to know is a uk D-notice issued by the uk secatary of state for defence restricts the media reporting on certain cases “,in the interest of national security ” !!!!!!! WTF for 3 low paid menial garbage collectors ???? [ed uk ]

    • When they say that the driver is believed to have had a seizure or a heart attack, I have to wonder why they can’t get any more specific than that. The doctors at the ER know the difference between a heart attack and a seizure, and I can’t imagine why it would be some kind of state secret. Why didn’t the “journalists” ask the doctors what happened and then put the answer in their articles, rather than say something so vague. Yup. This is suspicious alright…

      PS… I’ve had a number of heart attacks and they all started as persistent little pains with indigestion, then grew from there. They did not come on suddenly like you see in the movies. I definitely had time to turn off the stove and the heat and get my medical card before it got really bad. I wouldn’t have crashed my truck if I was driving at the time. That’s probably not always the case, but it is my experience.

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