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17 Replies to “Eric Holder: No ‘Credible Information’ To Determine Responsibility For Paris Attacks”

  1. I haven’t seen the whole interview, but it sounds like the question he is addressing is whether the responsibility lies with Al Qaeda or ISIS.

    • Yes. They should be rounding them up from Boko Haram to ISIS to al Qaeda to whomever, interrogating them with the most “enhanced” methods available, then executing them, ten-at-a-time. They don’t need trials or dream-team defences, just swift battlefield justice. These people have given up every right they ever had to consideration or mercy.

    • The big problem is that we are fighting this war of survival as if we are policemen rather then soldiers, you don’t worry about the civil rights of the enemy on the battlefield and you rarely care about more then what the Geneva Conventions says POWs have.

  2. NO news of the Glasgow bin lorry “incident” where several people wewre killed.

    Glasgow city Council still adament that the names of the driver and his two companions (who they), will NEVER be divulged.

  3. All of the ‘solidarity marches’, speeches spewing pompous bluster, calling for ‘calm’, singing kum by ah around the campfire, calling for interfaith dialogue,will accomplish not a damned thing, but it will make us all ‘feel good’.

    • Every one of those marchers should be carrying a great big picture of Mohammad, otherwise everything else they are doing is just self-congratulatory bullsh&t. I didn’t see any pictures of Mohammad in any of the coverage I’ve seen.

      The French have just been whipped by their new masters and they don’t like it very much – slaves never do – but that won’t stop them from falling into line after making their gratuitous little show of mock defiance…

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