Some interesting news on Islam etc. links 1 for Jan. 5 – 2015

1. BBC on PEGIDA marches.

(It is always important to watch enemy propaganda as well as what enemies write for each other and themselves. We need to know what they want us to think as well as what they really think and what their ambitions are. BBC, CBC and so many other MSM videos should always be viewed using this metric. how would we view the above BBC video? Especially in terms of who they chose to interview from PEGIDA)

2. Anti-Islam demos spread to Berlin

The anti-Islam demonstrations which have rocked Dresden will spread to Berlin on Monday night, with the first such xenophobic march being held in the capital.

Calling itself “Berlin Patriots Against The Islamification of the West”, or Bärgida, organisers are calling for a crowd of several hundred to assemble outside the city hall at 6.30 pm for a march to the Brandenburg Gate.

However, that figure is likely to be dwarfed by counter-demonstrations, organised by both the city’s numerous anti-fascist activists and the capital’s Turkish community – who hope to draw up to 11,000 marchers.

Police numbers are also likely to be deployed in large numbers to keep the two factions apart.

3. An Islamic State group photo page showing the cold blooded execution of several bound and blindfolded prisoners.

4. Pakistani TV host blames India for the attack on the school in Pakistan

(The irony of course is that if it was a planned revenge against the Mumbai terror attacks, not to mention the random bombings done by Muslims in India, there could be some understanding for it if not an actual case. But it is extremely unlikely that India would do an action like this. It has Islam all over it. Let’s ask the survivors from Beslan)

5. Egyptian president Al Sisi: “We must revolutionize our religion”

(I just have to add this: “You keep on using that word. ((inconceivable)) I do not think it means what you think it means” – Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride)

Thank you M., Richard, Don C., Yucki and so many more for the valuable tips and great comments. It looks like its gonna be a busy day

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36 Replies to “Some interesting news on Islam etc. links 1 for Jan. 5 – 2015”

  1. #2 The reporter is doing his or her best to create the idea that the anti-Islam marchers are the minority in Germany. Base rule of thumb to use is that for every person that shows up at the march 10 more are setting at home agreeing with the marchers.

      • They are talking about the marchers being a minority and that they will be outnumbered by the counter marchers, but for everyone that is marching against Islam at least 10 people who are setting at home will support the marchers when in the voting booth.

        Rallying cry for the marchers “First Berlin and then the rest of Germany”.

    • A counter-demonstration by a mob of gesticulating beards ~~ might not ~~ diminish support for Pegida.

      Church-Traitor answered Enemy-Reporter’s leading questions as if they were reading from the same script. The Pegida spokesperson got flustered, maybe her English was weak.

      • There was probably another PEGIDA spokesperson who spoke perfect English and made their points clearly, but the BBC snipped that out and left it on the cutting-room floor. That’s how the MSM does it. Lying by omission has got to be the most insidiously effective of the tools of the professional propagandist.

  2. #4 It has to be some other religion because Islam would never support killing kids who are learning something besides the Koran.

    #5 I hope they can change Islam, I say hope because I don’t think they will get very far in the effort.

  3. 4/ Love it when he’s saying that India never accepted the creation of a separate, Islamic state in 1947. He goes on, crudely, ‘well, we’re here and India can [redacted].’

    Invert this tirade, rotate the globe a bit, and you get: Arabs never accepted the creation of the State of Israel, 1948. They keep plugging away, even going to the extreme: the invention of replacement theology.

    • Now you know how deep crazy conspiracy theories go in Pakistan. They will never change their wicked ways and continue to support Islamic terrorism. By blaming India they for their chickens coming home to roost is their way of living in denial and continue supporting “good” terrorists.

      • Conspiracies are nothing if they’re not tenacious. Blood libels become only more savory over time. They’re a compulsion, an addiction for addled-brain fanatics.

        They’ll never accept even tiny Israel – how can they cope with the “loss” of India!!

        Any place they’ve squatted on, however briefly, is rightly theirs, by golly – Eminent domain for the slaves of the Pirate Mohammed!

  4. #1

    Sometimes I think that the world is actually being run by copper-blooded lizard aliens posing as world leaders. How the heck else do you explain why the German establishment is so darn eager to let 30,000 Syrian refugees into their country on top of their already-burgeoning Muslim population, despite the fact that the people don’t want any part of it? Those Syrian Sunni anti-Assad refugees are going to be the exact wrong Muslims to be letting into the country; Assad is the secularist, the “rebels” are the Alahu Akbar chanting, hate beard wearing, Sharia law-wanting militant Muslim crowd. How else do you explain why Angela Merkel wants to bring thousands of potential enemy soldiers into her own country other than that she’s a lizard woman from space?

  5. Sweden: “We want thousands against the Islamisation of Sweden,” says Swedish PEGIDA founder

    Founder of the Swedish branch of PEGIDA Henrik Ronnquist defended the organisation in Malmo on Monday, denying the organisation is racist and saying he wants thousands upon thousands of Swedes to vocally oppose the ‘Islamisation’ of the country.

    • CNN – ‘A perversion of Islam’
      Rebel fighters in Aleppo face a duel fight with both Bashar al-Assad’s regime forces and ISIS. Some of those fighters share with us the destruction and fear ISIS has brought to their city, and how they see ISIS as a perversion of their faith.

        • Jan 06 2o14 – White House: If Keystone Pipeline bill passes new Congress, Obama would not sign it

          “If this bill passes this Congress, the president wouldn’t sign it,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday, stressing that the president wants to wait for a State Department review process to finish.

          The White House issued the threat within minutes of the 114th Congress convening. Lawmakers in the House and Senate were introducing Keystone legislation on Tuesday as the first order of business for the new Congress.

          Should the bill pass and face a presidential veto, the big question is whether congressional leaders, then, could muster the two-thirds majority needed to override.

  6. #5

    Holy crap!!! That’s got to be one of the most important, most correct speeches ever delivered. Mr. al-Sisi is the man! How dare the weasel Hussein turn his face against him?

    • It will be interesting to see what comes of it. But what is Islam except sanctified ideology? What’s left if you take that away? Saying there is no deity but Allah, banging your head on the ground at regular intervals, cruelty to animals and gorging at Ramadan, circumambulating the Kaaba once in your life and giving part of your earnings to needy Muslims. And then endless rules about which direction to point the toilet and how hard you can beat your wife. It’s not as though there are interesting theological or spiritual ideas to discuss.

      Mo didn’t get anywhere until he had political authority. After 1,000 years of buttressing Islam’s insistence that it must dominate and not be dominated, is Al-Azhar all at once going to tell the world’s Muslims that Islam is no longer about that?

      • The real reason I started reading the Quran was out of spiritual seeking rather than political understanding. I assumed that the book would be packed with little pearls of timeless wisdom just like the Torah and the New Testament. Wrong! If you take out the threats and the hatred the Holy Quran becomes a pamphlet. But what about the Ismailis? They’re Muslim and they seem to have dealt with the Quran somehow. I think they let the Agha Khan make it up as he goes along… Whatever…just do it!

        What Mr. Sisi is pointing out to his fellow Muslims is that they are on a collision course with a Muslim-against-the-world fight, which is a contest they can’t possibly win. Like, who is going to stop some future generation from eliminating them altogether? The Martians? He’s afraid we’ll wake up one day and start contemplating a final solution. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just get on a plane? Wouldn’t it be nice to put on an Olympic Games without a billion-dollar anti-Muslim security bill? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little peace on earth and to live in modern times instead of the Dark bloody Ages?

        • The problem with a final solution is that once the Moslems are gone people will start looking for another group to use that solution on. That is a slippery slope that would be impossible to get off.

        • I’ve never taken a hard look at the Ismailis. I guess it’s time. Maybe, as you say, they have figured out a way to defang and de-venom the Koran. A lot of other Muslims, especially Muslim women, seem to carry around an image of Mohammed that is weirdly disassociated from the figure that emerges from the hadiths and sira. Two Muslim Arab women have told me on separate occasions that they despise and discount the hadiths (‘stories made up by old men’) and seemed to think the Koran could be interpreted in the context of what seemed to me an idea of the life of Mohammed that had no connection to the sources. So maybe something can be salvaged from the Koran if first of all it is completely decontextualized (and so abrogation is thrown out as well).

          It sure would be nice to get on planes the way we used to, when air travel wasn’t the grief it is now. And bravo for Mr. Sisi, for talking to the fanatics at Al-Azhar in those terms. I look forward to seeing how all these old men with a stake in the stories made up by their predecessors respond.

  7. I wonder what ex-bishop Nazir Ali has to say on the subject. I will bet that Bishop Nazir Ali knows a lot more about Islam then the dean of Cologne cathedral.

    Tne Bible also says “Hate evil, love good”.

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