More evidence of the war to coverup all traces of Islam from islamic awfulness: Links 2 for Jan. 3 – 2015

1. A Taliban sharia court in Afghanistan

(I wonder what Al Sharpton would say if we punished people by “blackening their faces” when convicted of a crime.)

2. Man shouting “God is Great” tries to strangle French police officer

A man has tried to strangle a police officer while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great), the latest in a spate of attacks in France that have heightened fears of terrorism.

The latest assault took place in the eastern city of Metz on Friday when a man arrested for bag-snatching asked the officer to bring him a glass of water.

When the policeman opened his cell door, the 23-year-old lunged at him and tried to throttle him while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Other police officers saw the events on the video surveillance system and rushed to save their colleague, who had been thrown to the ground. His assailant was said to have a history of psychiatric problems.

(Just a little note for the idiots at the Telegraph.Uk. Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between God and Allah shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Because clearly they wouldn’t know the difference between a drive through McDonalds and a pedestrian cross-walk for the blind. The guy shouted “Allah hu Ackbar” according to your own article and God and Allah are galaxies apart. For one thing, god loves his creation while Allah commands his followers it slaughter it all)

3. Villagers: Boko Haram abducts 40 boys, young men in northeastern Nigeria

(There is a very interesting video at that site where the CNN anchor asks someone who I would wager is a white convert to Islam in Nigeria, his analysis of the situation. The man answers somewhat honestly, that Boko Haram have probably taken these boys and young men as recruits, but the truth is, this is an old and traditionally Islamic practice of taking children as tribute or in raids as Janissaries and forcing them to be soldiers against their own people. Funny that he didn’t mention that)

4. Islamic State video with John Cantlie on the state of Mosul

(I wonder if you can get any of Robert Spencer’s books in those book shops)

5. People involved in Calgary shooting, even the victims, are not cooperating with the police. 7 people were shot at this party. Article here at The Toronto Sun. Police confirmed the man killed in a fusillade of gunfire at a New Year’s house party is Abdullahi Ahmed, 26. That name translates roughly as ‘slave of Allah, Mohamed.

6. Two charged in Sydney counter-terror arrests

(CNN)Two Sydney men have been charged with terror offenses, with one accused of possessing documents designed to facilitate a terror attack on Australian soil.

Sulayman Khalid, 20, from Regent’s Park in western Sydney, appeared in Parramatta Local Court Wednesday, after having been arrested at his home the previous day, police said.

He was refused bail, and is scheduled to reappear in court on February 18, court staff said.

The maximum sentence he faces is 15 years, police said.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, and all. More to come.

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6 Replies to “More evidence of the war to coverup all traces of Islam from islamic awfulness: Links 2 for Jan. 3 – 2015”

  1. # 4:

    They say: “fake it until you make it”.
    Has John Cantlie/Tokyo Rose made it, or is he still faking it? If the latter, he is doing it well, methinks.

  2. #2:

    “Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between God and Allah shouldn’t be allowed to drive…”

    They should not be allowed to BREED !

    “…Because clearly they wouldn’t know the difference between a drive through McDonalds and a pedestrian cross-walk for the blind…

    Who is still looking at car “accidents” in which pedestrians get killed, in the same way as before Palesteeeeenians aka Arabs began their Car-Jihad, starting with running down a little Jewish baby in Israel, in the same way?

    I dont.

  3. From the concluding comments to NightWatch’s Special Topic: A review of the National Intelligence Council publication Global Trends 2015, published 15 years ago by the National Intelligence Council (NIC).

    (‘Nightwatch is brought to you by Kforce Government Solutions, Inc. (KGS), a leader in government problem-solving, data confidence and intelligence. ‘)

    ‘In hindsight, the daring analytical excursions of 2000 seem rather prosaic and tame on 1 January 2015. Out of the box ideas then look like straight line projections now, compared to the events that actually took place.

    GT 2015 placed primary [emphasis] on the role of “drivers” and “trends” in its projections. In fact, individuals – bin Laden, Obama, Merkel, Putin, Baghdadi — placed their imprints on history as much as or more than the “drivers”. In 2015, terrorism is a “driver.”

    Nation states reasserted themselves as people looked for safe havens during the Great Recession. The Middle East showed it was not ready for pluralistic democracy. China asserted its right to hegemony in Asia. Russia rose to defend its near abroad. Despite the preferences of some American politicians, the US has remained the indispensable country.

    GT 2015 missed the mark in its brief discussion of Islamic terrorism. The impact of medieval, authoritarian, fundamentalist Islam as a modern form of government was felt on every continent. In 2000, the notion of an Islamic State was as alien as extraterrestrials to the NIC authors. And yet, Taliban leader Mullah Omar governed an Islamic state in Afghanistan until late 2001.

    GT 2015 was a poor guide for policy makers and policy planners. It contains a vision of a world that mostly never happened.

    End of NightWatch for 31 December.’

  4. Two [ Muslim ] brothers arrested in India over rape of Japanese tourist

    Indian police have arrested two brothers accused of repeatedly raping a 22-year-old Japanese tourist over three weeks near Bodh Gaya, Buddhism’s holiest site, an official said Saturday.

    The tourist had been held hostage at gunpoint in a secluded underground room close to a pilgrimage site, according to a preliminary investigation.

    “When her health condition deteriorated due to repeated rape and poor living conditions, she was brought to Gaya (district headquarters) for medical treatment on December 20,” a police officer who is part of the investigation told AFP on condition of anonymity.

    But she managed to escape and reached Varanasi where she met some Japanese tourists who helped her contact the Japanese consulate in the nearby city of Kolkata, the officer added.

    Sajid Khan, 32, and his 25-year-old brother Jawed Khan, both tourist guides, were arrested in the case on Friday, police deputy superintendent Alok Kumar Singh said.

    “We have arrested the duo for confining and raping the Japanese student,” Singh told AFP by telephone from Bodh Gaya.

    The Bodh Gaya complex, 110 kilometres (68 miles) south of Bihar state capital Patna, is home to one of the earliest Buddhist temples still standing in India and attracts visitors from all over the world.

    The Japanese woman, a university student, had come to Gaya from Kolkata where she had checked into a hotel in November.

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