10News.dk: “Ferry catastrophe: Muslims beat women and children to save themselves”

“It was hell. I saw some scary scenes. There were men, Iraqis, Turks, Pakistanis on the ship, who was told to sit down to allow rescuers to prioritize children, elderly and women. But they climbed, beat and pulled the people to come first to the rescue helicopter and into safety. I was also beaten. I was so furious. It was really ugly. I will never forget it.”, Said Dimitra Theodossiou.”

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  1. We know from many countries in the West (Sweden also) that they are cowards. They never attack alone, always many against one. This MO seems to be a typical characteristic for muslims. Why can’t they be men?

  2. Ebola case confirmed in Glasgow hospital (BBC, Dec 29, 2014)

    “A healthcare worker who has just returned from West Africa has been diagnosed with Ebola and is being treated in hospital in Glasgow.

    The woman, who arrived from Sierra Leone on Sunday night, is in isolation at Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital.

    All possible contacts with the case are being investigated, including on flights to Scotland via Heathrow.

    UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt confirmed that the woman would be taken to a specialist unit in London.

    She will be flown from Glasgow and taken to the Royal Free Hospital in north London “as soon as we possibly can,” Mr Hunt said.

    It is expected she will be transferred overnight by air ambulance….”

  3. Egypt court bans Jewish festival for ‘moral offences’ (BBC, Dec 29, 2014)

    “A court in Egypt has banned an annual Jewish festival held in honour of a 19th Century Moroccan rabbi.

    The Alexandria Administrative Court said its decision was due to “moral offences” committed in previous years.

    Locals had reportedly complained about the consumption of alcohol and mingling of men and women at the tomb of Yaakov Abuhatzeira in the town of Damanhur.

    Jews, mostly from Israel and Morocco, have made pilgrimages there since Egypt’s 1979 peace deal with Israel.

    However, they were prevented by court orders in 2001 and 2004.

    And in 2012 the festival was cancelled by the Egyptian authorities because of security concerns after the uprising that forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign.

    Monday’s ruling will make the ban permanent unless a higher court overturns it on appeal….”

  4. Afghanistan conflict: Taliban declares ‘defeat’ of Nato (BBC, Dec 29, 2014)

    “Taliban fighters in Afghanistan have declared the “defeat” of the US and its allies, a day after the coalition officially ended its combat mission.

    A Taliban statement said the US-led force had “rolled up its flag” without having achieved “anything substantial”.

    Nato formally ended its 13-year mission on Sunday, but about 13,000 troops will stay to train the Afghan army.

    Meanwhile, officials said four Afghan soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack in Helmand province on Monday.

    Three other soldiers were injured during the attack on an army checkpoint in Sangin district. Eight insurgents were said to have been killed.

    The US-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) marked the end of its mission by lowering its flag at a ceremony in Kabul on Sunday….”

      • Anecdotal evidence: In French buses they cater generously for the “handicapped” and the “aged”, as they do in Australian trains. In both I observe, often enough for it be more a pattern than accidental that Muslim women and Arab men (often young) occupy these seats as a matter of “entitlement”, even while poor oldies and handicapped have to stand or take less accessible seats.

        How do I know they are Muslims? Women = their veils, and the males (I dont call these kind of creatures “men”) are easily recognisable – one does not always need to see their head gear.

  5. BELGIUM – BRUSSELS – Man drives into pedestrians at Muntplein

    A car ran into 3 pedestrians at the Muntplein in central Brussels on Sunday. The Muntplein is presently the location for an ice skating rink. An investigation has been started, with the Brussels judicial authorities keeping the man in custody for the time being. He is facing charges of attempted manslaughter and possession of weapons. He will be undergo psychiatric tests.

    The incident took place around 6pm in the Schildknaapstraat, next to the ice skating rink. “A man driving an Audi A6 drove into pedestrians that were crossing the street”, Jennifer Vanderputten of the Brussels judicial authorities told a press conference this morning.

    The victims got injured, but are not in a life-threatening condition. The 58-year-old motorist continued his way, but could be apprehended and was questioned. “It turns out the man needs psychological help”, Vanderputten said. “We consider the vehicle as a weapon in this case because of the way it has been used.” Blood tests did not reveal elevated alcohol or drug levels.
    they should also test how much koran he has in the brain !!!!

    The incident resembles similar reports from France. In Nantes and Dijon, two drivers ran into a group of people recently. These incidents involved a deliberate move by the driver though and at least one is believed to be a terrorist act. One person died on each occasion.


    video on this page :


  6. The video (RTL, the French version of BBC in the service of the Left and Islasmisation) insists editorially, that this is not an act of “Terrorism” ….. THEY WOULD ! ARRRRGHHHHHHH

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