Submission to Islam in honour of 9/11 by Western leaders: Links 1 for Sept. 11 – 2014

1. Obama to Visit Mosque, Host Muslim Leaders on 9/11

2. FOX News video showing the events of 911 in realtime.

3. Obama: The Islamic State “is not ‘Islamic’”

(For anyone uncertain of the truth or falsity of this, I recommend the first post of today which deals exactly with this subject in painstaking detail)

4. Award-Winning Film ‘Honor Diaries’ Now Available on Netflix

Clarion Project’s award-winning film Honor Diaries is now available for viewing on Netflix. It is available globally, not just in the US.

Watch it here.

5.  ‘Armed patriots’: the private citizens out to secure the U.S. border 

(On the Vlad Tepes BlogTalk radio program of last week with Don Laird, we discussed some of the implications and meanings of vigilantism. It appears that for the reasons discussed, more and more people feel their personal cost/benefit analysis requires them to take on the job for which they are already so heavily taxed. This is a bad sign for the state of representative government in the US)

6. Nigeria’s Boko Haram puts Maiduguri under ‘siege’

Nigeria’s militant Islamists have “completely surrounded” Maiduguri, the main city in north-eastern Borno state, traditional elders have warned.

The military needed to “fortify” the city, which had a population of more than two million, to prevent an assault “from all directions”, they said.

(There are many links on this now)

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan and all. May you all enjoy a peaceful and secure day.

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17 Replies to “Submission to Islam in honour of 9/11 by Western leaders: Links 1 for Sept. 11 – 2014”

  1. #5 In the first American Revolution it took one to two years for enough patriots to support the rebellion to get independence declared, wanna bet that government actions against the people trying to protect our borders won’t cause another revolution faster?

      • First you have to get the guard to go against their friends and relatives, then you have to get the police to do the same thing. In the big cities it might be easy to get them do to this but not in the smaller cities and towns. Then you have to understand that most of the people who will be rebelling have military experience, in some cases a lot of it so they will know where the weakness of the military weapons and tactics are and how to exploit them.

        Back to the first point, the oath of office that all police and military take say they will defend the Constitution, that means that not all, possibly not many will obey the orders to put down a rebellion that is based on reestablishing the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

  2. Italian Bishop: Muslims Must Condemn Islamist Violence or Leave Italy

    Mons. Tommaso Ghirelli Says Nobody Wants Enemies in Their Own Home

    An Italian bishop has called on Muslims in traditionally Christian countries in Europe to publicly denounce Islamist persecution or they should be “courageous” enough to own up to their beliefs “and leave our country,” because “nobody wants enemies in their own home.”

    In a forceful editorial in his local diocesan newspaper this past weekend, Bishop Tommaso Ghirelli of Imola called on citizens to stop blaming foreigners en masse. “Rather we are asking the Muslims who live among us to show that they are honourable men, and publicly condemn these persecutions and acts of cruelty,” he said. “Otherwise they ought to have the courage to leave our country, because nobody wants to have enemies in their own home.”

    He added: “We know that they are intimidated by fundamentalists, but the time has come to break the vicious cycle of abuse.”

    He also called on politicians to fulfil their duty to protect and defend the lives and the freedom of the people, otherwise they “will pay dearly for every silence and every act of cowardice.”

    Bishop Ghirelli’s words have already shaken consciences. The president of the House of Islamic Culture in Imola, Mohamed Sabir, wishes to address the bishop’s concerns during commemorations on September 11, the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

    Here below is the full text of Bishop Ghirelli’s editorial:



    September 7, 2014

    Let’s take a look at what’s behind the influx of refugees and immigrants arriving by sea, and the vast number of youth and entire families from Africa and the Orient that have come into Europe across the “mare nostrum” [the Mediterranean Sea] in the space of one year. The number is about 150,000, by the end of the year it will be almost 200,000.

    It is certain that we will see not one, but a complete series of dramatic conflicts, political problems and social tensions. This is the reason we are talking now about a third world war in progress. As well as the immediate response to the emergency, the most important thing [to do] is to look further than the sea. Which means also looking – by reflex – at our own home: not only in political spheres, not only in business affairs, but also inside our own hearts. Is there fatalism or resignation there? What is happening to me?

    So, let’s look then at distinguishing first of all the refugees – those in search of asylum – and the immigrants – those in search of work.

    The wars the refugees are escaping from are not natural phenomena. Who is causing them? For what reasons? Who precisely are the contenders? We must be informed and be informed by the ones who know. Also this diocesan weekly is called to play a part here.

    Some dramatic warnings were launched at the end of the terrible month of August by Syrian and Iraqi bishops at the Meeting in Rimini. The proposal to have another day of prayer for Syria and the Middle East on Sunday September 7 was launched, repeating the one of a year ago at Pope Francis’ invitation. We note that in the meantime the conflict has extended and has aggravated, even if politicians have become more circumspect, by recognizing some of their grave errors. The number of victims however is rising; the persecution of Christians has spread to other religious minorities and the cruelty and arrogance of the armed bands have reached levels of bestial paroxysm. Faced with the armed actions of ISIS, the people are appealing to Governments and International Authorities.

    It is my view that we must be demanding of them, like the courageous mothers of the Russian soldiers.

    Politicians, you have the duty to protect and defend – not supremacy, but the lives and the freedom of the people, otherwise you will pay dearly for every silence and every act of cowardice. And we the citizens must stop blaming foreigners en bloc. Rather we are asking the Muslims who live among us to show that they are honourable men, and publicly condemn these persecutions and acts of cruelty. Otherwise they ought to have the courage to leave our country, because nobody wants to have enemies in their own home. We know that they are intimidated by fundamentalists, but the time has come to break the vicious cycle of abuse.

    The situation is grave, so let’s all get started without hesitation, going beyond either do-goodism or intolerance.

    Bishop Tommaso Ghirelli, Bishop of Imola.

    video in Italian :

    • Martin, This is powerful beyond belief!

      A bishop calls out to Muslims who’ve emigrated to traditionally Christian nations. Stand up and denounce the barbarians and their atrocities in the name of Islam.

      If they won’t, they must leave.

      • This is the type of leadership we have been waiting for, it will have a very powerful appeal to all Christians, Catholic or Protestant. May a lot more Preachers do as he is doing.

  3. UK- Police investigate as semi-naked man in homemade burka does ice bucket challenge video while waving sausages and bacon outside Zakariyya Mosque in Daubhill

    A VIDEO showing a semi-naked man wearing a burka while doing an ice bucket challenge outside a mosque is being investigated by police.

    The clip shows the man, clutching a packet of bacon, with sausages dangling between his legs, being drenched in water outside the Zakariyya Mosque in Peace Street, Daubhill.

    The man, wearing only his underwear, socks and shoes and a makeshift burka — a traditional female Muslim headscarf — makes several offensive remarks about Islam.

    Another man with him can be heard telling him to hurry up, to which the man responds that he is not scared.

    The video — seen by The Bolton News — was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook but was later removed.

    It is believed a number of people reported the incident to police, who are now investigating the incident as a hate crime.

    Police say the video was filmed some time between midnight on August 24 and 5pm on August 25, and are urging anyone who recognises the people in the film to come forward.

    PC Mel Jackson said: “We are aware of a video.

    “The content is offensive and has caused distress in the local community – a hate incident has been recorded and is being investigated.

    “If anyone knows the identity of any of those in the video we would urge them to contact us.”

    A clip of the video — which was named the Ice Mosque Challenge — was also posted on the Stop The Astley Bridge Mosque Facebook page, although it has since been removed.

    In the video, the man nominates Muslim social and political activist Anjem Choudhary, muppet Miss Piggy and Bolton boxer Amir Khan before being soaked.


    Former Daubhill resident Annis Patel, who was among those who reported the video to police, said: “I was shocked when I saw this after a friend sent me the link.

    “For something like this to happen there in daylight and for these guys to film this in front of a mosque is unbelievable.”

    Mr Patel, who now lives in Heaton, added: “It beggars belief — the community round there is Muslim so I cannot believe that this could happen.”

    Bryn Morgan, one of the adminstrators for the Facebook page, said: “We feel that the acts in themselves were childish and inapproriate and could be deemed as inflammatory.

    “We feel that these kind of acts do nothing to promote our cause and in fact undermine it.”

    Imteyaz Ali, from Bolton Council of Mosques, said: “Frankly this sort of behaviour is unacceptable and not welcomed by anybody or any group.

    “If this is an ice bucket challenge, it’s about time these people cooled their extremist views.

    “It is not helpful and the people prosecuted should be dealt with robustly by the authorities.

    “They could do something like this outside any place of worship, whether it’s an Islamic one or not, and this is what I would think.”

    The hate crime came just weeks after a large-scale protest from the North West Infidels to a proposed mosque development in Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge.

    Police are also investigating after a video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley was posted on the Stop The Astley Bridge Mosque page.

    Anyone with information can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

  4. Turkey refuses US permission for combat missions against ISIS: official

    ANKARA: Turkey will refuse to allow a US-led coalition to attack jihadists in neighbouring Iraq and Syria from its air bases, nor will it take part in combat operations against militants, a government official told AFP Thursday.

    ” Turkey will not be involved in any armed operation but will entirely concentrate on humanitarian operations,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

    The decision echoes the country’s refusal to allow the US to station 60,000 troops in Turkey in 2003 to invade Iraq from the north, which triggered a crisis between the two allies.

    Ankara then also refused Washington permission to use its air bases to attack Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    Turkey has come under fire by some critics for indirectly encouraging the formation of ISIS because of its support of Islamist opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and its loose control of its borders.

    […]Turkey now sees itself a victim of ISIS with Islamist militants holding 49 Turks hostage, including diplomats and children, abducted from the Turkish consulate in Mosul in Iraq on June 11.

    Ankara is therefore reluctant to take a stronger role in the coalition against ISIS militants in apparent fear of aggravating the hostage situation.

    “Our hands and arms are tied because of the hostages,” the official told AFP.

  5. US official: Saudis to host Syrian rebel training

    A U.S. official says Saudi Arabia has agreed to open its bases for the training of moderate Syrian rebel forces as part of an effort to better equip them against the threat of Islamic State militants.

    The decision by the Saudis signals a significant new role for the influential Sunni kingdom in the fight against the Islamic State group.

    President Barack Obama is asking Congress for authorization to arm and train Syrian fighters.

    The use of moderate Syrian rebels is a key component of Obama’s strategy because the U.S. considers the government of President Bashar Assad to be illegitimate.

    The rebel fighters are essentially in a two-front conflict, fighting both Islamic State militants and Assad’s forces.

  6. UK forces want three new bases to fight Isis

    Britain is looking to establish three military bases in the Middle East to help to contain the threat posed by Islamic State, The Times understands.

    The enhanced presence in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain would enable the armed forces to conduct more training exercises with friendly militaries in the region as part of a long-term plan to stabilise an area that is considered a growing threat to the West

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