Geopolitics of Islam and the fog of war links post 2 for July 20 – 2014

1. Hamas military wing claims abducted Israeli soldier

Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – The armed wing of the Palestinian Hamas group claimed on Sunday night that it had kidnapped an Israeli soldier, prompting celebrations in the streets of Gaza City.

“The Israeli soldier Shaul Aaron is in the hands of the Qassam Brigades,” a spokesman using the nom-de-guerre Abu Obeida said in a televised address.

(And of course there is the usual hooting, credits to a proprietary god, and passing out of sweets as we see below)

2. Snaphanen.DK has a cool post. He juxtaposes 2 videos, both from France today. In one, a group of muslims and leftists trashing the city,  and then this one below of a group of Jewish people in France preparing to defend a synagogue. Please note what they are singing. It isn’t the Israeli anthem:

3. This video is alleged to be a muslim mob today firebombing a synagogue in Paris.

INN has the story here which they take from Le Figaro.

French newspaper Le Figaro reported Sunday that a synagogue at Sarcelles, in the Val d’Oise area of Paris, was targeted by a molotov cocktail. Flames licked the building but the fire did not take.

The incident reportedly took place Sunday during a demonstration in support of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza which had been banned by the authorities, but still managed to reel in several hundred people.

Shops were also looted, AFP reported. Dozens of protesters first broke the window of a shop and then threw rocks at police, who responded with tear gas. A funeral home, a pharmacy and a pizzeria were also vandalized. At this point, the police fired at rioters with rubber-coated bullets.

(There are hot links in the story which did not transfer over)

4. In Hebron the muslims are celebrating like its 1939 thanks to continued rockets fired at Israel.

5. At last someone, CAMERA, finally calls out the NYT for what they are. This banner is a thing of beauty, and right outside the NYT offices.

Thank you M, Yucki, Snaphanen.Dk, DP111 and many more. Thank you all for your comments and emails.


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  1. Gunmen in Kenya kill four in Mombasa (BBC, July 21, 2014)

    “Gunmen on a motorcycle have killed at least four people and injured several others in the Kenyan city of Mombasa. Police were quoted by local media as saying that the gunmen had fired indiscriminately at passers-by.

    The port city has seen a wave of violence in recent months, with a number of bombings and gun attacks. The violence has largely been attributed to Somali al-Shabab militants but many say local political rifts are to blame.

    Witnesses said the gunmen rampaged through the streets of Kenya’s second-largest city….”

  2. It’s only a matter of time before these French riots become lethal, how will the French police react if a suicide bomber gets them or if AK47’s start crackling in these no-go zones, are they going to fire back?
    I think they need to get serious.

    • The French government will get serious when the people force them to, until the politicians think they are in serious danger of being voted out of office they will do nothing, and the first thing they will try is cracking down on the people who are fighting for France and French values.

  3. Israel U.N. envoy says no Israeli soldier kidnapped in Gaza

    Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Ron Prosor said on Sunday there was no kidnapped Israeli soldier, dismissing a televised announcement in the Gaza Strip from Hamas’s armed wing that it had captured an Israeli soldier during the fighting in Shejaia.

    “There’s no kidnapped Israeli soldier and those rumors are untrue,” Prosor told reporters at the United Nations as the Security Council held an emergency meeting on the escalating crisis between Israel and Palestinians.

  4. Yucki I don’t think I expressed my thoughts at the time very well. What I meant was, that these Jewish people proudly sang the French anthem. To me, that said a few wonderful things. That they are French. They could easily have sung Ha Tickva (sp) and it would have been appropriate but singing the French anthem made me feel very proud of them.

  5. from the youtube page :

    60 Schools in Leeds joined to learn basic knowhow of Islam in Mecca mosque to understand the the needs of Muslim students in general.The participants find it very useful to get involve Muslim community and they dismissed the propaganda of certain media elements which always trying to portray Islam in a negative way.

    From the webpage of the Leeds grand mosque :

    -Dawah projects

    We organise an Annual School Exhibition every spring term. This runs for two weeks to accommodate the growing demand from schools and colleges. During the exhibition, there is an extra emphasis on inviting Primary & Secondary schools as well as colleges and the general public to visit our Mosque and ask questions. Between 40 and 50 schools and more than 1500 pupils and their teachers are welcomed through our doors. We see this as an excellent opportunity to dispel the myths about Islam; to break down any cultural and religious barriers that exist between Muslims and the wider community and to educate people about the basic principles and beliefs of Islam. During these days we specifically focus on the similarities of the Abrahamic faiths so that we can build bridges based on commonality. Our visitors learn about the Mosque and what it is used for besides the prayer; 🙂 🙂 🙂 they will hear the call to prayer and see and actual demonstration of how Muslims pray; they will hear the beautiful story of how the Qu’ran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( ). How Abraham and Ismail rebuilt the Kabah and called humanity to perform a pilgrimage to worship there. Links are made to Mary & Jesus, the Angel Gabriel, Moses, Noah, Adam and many of the preceding prophets and messengers. Children will learn about different traditional Islamic clothing and will have an opportunity to try some on and have their photos taken; and through this time our visitors are encouraged to ask any questions they like about Islam and Muslims. In addition to the exhibition, we offer an outreach service, where our volunteers visit schools and do presentations in front of school assemblies; as well as do class room based workshops and presentations. We help schools to develop their Islamic curriculum and provide training and resources for teachers so that they are more confident and better equipped to deliver Islamic education to their students.

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