The geopolitics of Islam. The fight-back begins? Links post 1 for July 13 2014

1. Mysterious rash of assassinations of prominent muslim terror supporters in Mombasa

Kenya soldiers stand by as hundreds of people attend the funeral ceremony for moderate Muslim cleric Mohamed Idris, shot dead by unidentified gunmen on 10 June 2014 in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa.Security has been tight in Mombasa where a number of prominent Muslims have been murdered recently

Two gunmen have shot dead a prominent Muslim businessman facing terrorism charges in the Kenyan city of Mombasa.

Mohamed Shahid Butt was driving back from the airport on Friday evening when his car was blocked by another vehicle and two gunmen opened fire.

(The related stories at that page look interesting as well)

2. Muslim Brotherhood in Europe issues press release on Israeli actions in Gaza, no mention of rockets and no mention of slain teens. 

(This is quite instructive. It isn’t even spun for sympathy, it is an outright lie. This exposes the MB’s modus operandi and agenda better than much of what they do in many ways)

3. Two major Palestinian West Bank cities hit by rockets fired from Gaza

One rocket hits Hamas-controlled Hebron, two rockets hit Bethlehem, and Israeli Gush Etzion, IDF confirms. 

(Maybe if left to their own, Hamas will just start firing on their own positions and solve everyone’s problems. At least then they would hit something)

4. Gaza group film themselves firing missiles from hidden cart on busy street

this Group is the Al-Aqsa Brigade, the military wing of the Palestinian Authority. Here they film themselves firing a salvo of rockets from a hidden cart in the middle of a busy residential street in the Gaza Strip.

5. Double agent jihadi: To his extremist ‘brothers’ he was a Muslim convert hungering to commit atrocities in Britain. In truth, he was a spy for MI5. In a new book he blows the cover on his terrifying double life…

(It is an exciting read)

6. Court: Islamic law holds no legal sway in India

(The problem is, it makes no difference. Sharia law is pirate law enforced by thugs. It needs no recognition. It just needs thugs and a population that is afraid of them and, as we have in Canada and Western Europe, a police force without the will or courage to act against them)

NEW DELHI (AP) — Islamic courts have no legal authority in India, the country’s Supreme Court ruled Monday, saying Muslims cannot be legally subject to a parallel religious authority.

Individuals may abide by Shariah court rulings if they wish, but cannot be legally forced to do so, Judge C. K. Prasad said.

“No religion is allowed to curb anyone’s fundamental rights,” he told the court, giving the decision of a two-judge bench. Indian law does not recognize Shariah court rulings, he said.

The court was responding to a petition filed in 2005 by a lawyer who said the Shariah courts should be disbanded for running a parallel judicial system in a country with 150 million Muslims among its 1.2 billion population.

Islamic courts wielded considerable influence in Muslim-dominated areas, and people often felt powerless to oppose their rulings, the petitioner Vishwa Lochan Madan argued.

7. Somali voter fraud in Minnesota 

more than 140 people used 419 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis as their home address, when they registered to vote.

The address is for what’s called Cedar Mailbox Center. No one lives there.

(Video at site)

8. David Harris of INSIGNIS new article on Canadians of inconvenience. 

(The Khadr family springs to mind. Using our medical system and passports as tools to destroy our way of life)

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s Cairo dictatorship put the grab on Khaled al-Qazzaz, a key player in Egypt’s former Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi government. Al-Qazzaz is a Canadian permanent resident rather than a citizen, but supporters say Ottawa must push to free him.

Egypt’s also got Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy, convicted on terror charges relating to alleged Brotherhood connections. Fahmy holds Canadian citizenship, so his friends insist Canada must campaign for release.

9. Muslims in Frankfurt Germany protesting Israel use police equipment, mikes, amplifiers.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, M, Golem Bar, Nicolai Sennels, and many more. You know who you are.

Below the more tag, I have put a few links dealing with the galloping leftism and irrationality of the Obama administration for those who follow internal US politics. The obscene reasoning used by senior members of the US government based more on communist think tank, The Frankfurt School than on reason or facts has become a new normal.

Nancy Pelosi tells outright lies about the Hobby Lobby decision and appeals to sexism rather than the actual decision.

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  1. Boko Haram chief claims Lagos, Abuja attacks in new video

    Lagos (AFP) – The head of Nigeria’s Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for a bombing in the capital Abuja and an attack hours later in Lagos which the authorities tried to cover up, in a video obtained by AFP Sunday.

    In the 16-minute video, Boko Haram chief Abubakar Shekau also voices support for the extremist Sunni Islamic State (IS) militants who have taken over large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria.

    He mocks the social media and protest campaign Bring Back Our Girls, which emerged after the Islamists kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls on April 14 from the remote northeastern town of Chibok.

      • Isn’t there supposed to be an organization called the, “United Nations”, that goes around protecting human beings from crimes against humanity such as this? Isn’t slowly sawing off a captured enemy soldier’s head considered a crime against humanity? Isn’t anybody willing to strap on a gun and go get these varmints? Can’t people see that allowing this sort of thing endangers us all?

      • Chris the UN was a dream of leftist from the word go, it has been and will continue to be a useless debating society that way too many people in the world think has power to do things. The only people it will go after are westerners who believe in freedom.

        Yucki they probably haven’t figured out how to sharpen them yet.

  2. #2

    When Muslims or leftists lie like this it’s hard to imagine why they bother because it appears so obvious that they are lying. What is easy to forget, however, is that a very large percentage of the population is 100% ignorant of anything other than the drying-time of the nail polish they are using and who is winning on “Dancing With the Stars”. When those people glance at an article like that they see it as the truth and that’s the end of it. The Muslim Brotherhood knows that outright lying is much more effective than it seems at first glance.

  3. The world cup final tonight is not between Germany and Argentina as we’re led to believe, but between Portugal and North Korea, and not only have the Koeans have yet to concede a goal in the tournament, and have handed out some heavy defeats to their capitalist opponents…Who says so?…….Well the North Korean state media of course, sounding about as truthful as the BBC do on the whole issue of “climate change” and t`he “religion of peace”…..Ah the shape of things to come……

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