Totalitarian, intolerant leftists and muslims and the wake of destruction they leave on the Earth June 28 2014 – 2

1. The other day an Ezra Levant piece about a fascist little city council banning a motivational seminar because of a sponsor that once said something in favor of pre-revisionist marriage was posted at Vlad. They responded to Ezra’s video. Now here is the follow up:

2. Here is the section of the islamic conference in Canada right before Trudeau and his royal majesty, Justin Trudeau, who didn’t blink at the demand for killing those who reject islam, right before he spoke. For the whole 4 hours 45 mins, click here.

3. Some Algerian ex-pats in France proving their love and loyalty to their new adopted land.

4. Police hunting for group of ‘Asian men’ who took a 17-year-old girl into woods and gang-raped her

Detectives confirmed today they were looking for five Asian men in connection with the brutal attack which happened near the Jubilee River in Slough.

The girl raised the alarm shortly after 9pm last night and she is being debriefed by specially trained officers.

Thank you Snaphanen, M, Oz-Rita,  Wrath of Khan, ML and more.

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  1. Russia: US, EU must combat Mideast ‘terrorism’

    DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) Russia’s deputy foreign minister has called on the United States and Europe to take “serious” steps to combat terrorism, warning that several Middle Eastern countries are threatened.

    “Russia will not stand idle toward attempts by terrorist groups to spread terrorism in regional states,” Sergei Ryabkov told reporters Saturday during a visit to Damascus, apparently referring to the rapid advance of the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant across eastern Syria and northern Iraq.

    He praised Damascus’ “responsible” decision to give up its chemical weapons, saying that doing so has boosted Syria’s security.

    On Monday, Syria finished handing over to Western powers 1,300 tons of chemical weapons it acknowledged possessing, completing a deal reached last fall under threat of U.S. airstrikes.

  2. Poor white pupils put off school by multicultural timetable
    Telegraph [UK], by Graeme Paton

    White working class children are being “marginalised” at school after being forced to follow a multicultural timetable that shuns British traditions, according to research. Large numbers of schools follow a curriculum that celebrates a “diverse range of pupils” while sidelining those from poor British families, it was claimed. Head teachers told how they ran numerous projects such as Black History Month and “cultural days” to raise awareness of countries such as Portugal, Poland and Jamaica. But it was claimed that white British pupils from deprived homes often “cannot see themselves or their lives reflected in the curriculum”, turning them off

  3. Nice Bombathon start!

    At least 19 militants killed in Pakistan offensive (CNN, June 28, 2014)

    “Pakistani forces have killed at least 19 militants as part of their offensive in the country’s tribal region, the military said in a statement Saturday. The operation, in North Waziristan, includes airstrikes and artillery shelling.

    A Pakistani Taliban leader known as Commander Umer was killed Friday evening on the outskirts of Miranshah, according to the military. A prominent al-Qaeda commander, who was not named, has been arrested while trying to flee northwestern Pakistan and security forces determined during his interrogation that he is an expert in explosives….”

  4. 2/ Transcipt

    TARDO (translating Koran surah 3 (Al-Imran) verses 85-90:

    And whoso seeks a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him. And in the life to come, he shall be among the losers.

    How shall Allah guide a people who have disbelieved after believing, and who had born witness that the messenger was true, and to whom clear proofs had come? And Allah guides not the wrongdoing people [zalimun, i.e.’ polytheists’].

    Of such, the reward is that, on them, shall be the curse of Allah, and of angels, and of men, all together.

    They shall abide thereunder [=in hell]. Their punishment shall not be lightened, nor shall they be reprieved.

    Except those who repent thereafter, and amend. And surely, Allah is most forgiving, merciful.

    “The French translation shall be provided later.”

    TURDO (regurgitating something he swallowed whole):

    As salaam aleikum. It is a true pleasure for me to be gathered among you today celebrating. I want to recognize everyone here in this room, but also, I give my very best to the women and children as well who are with us. And emphasize just how extraordinary it is to see a community come together with the positive message that underpins the Amadiyyah celebration.

    We are in a country that has figured out how to make differences and diversity a source of strength, and not a source of weakness. And although it is easier, always, to divide…

    • I’m all for saving the vast and beautiful countryside, and a few of my relatives, and Vlad and Ezra and their fellow freedom-fighters. Landscape with bloggers. But just listen to those Nanaimo marsupials, look what geographic isolation has wrought. They don’t need to be on anyone’s protected species list.

      It would be nice see the Nanaimo bars hurt in the pocket book for their fascism as well as at the polls and in the court of public opinion.

  5. Hello there…..its me again……..Don Laird

    The duplicity, the stupidity and fawning, cowardly, grovelling and deferential licking of Muslim ass and boots as displayed by the rotten little apple Trudeau, is little more than an echos of his spawners contempt for Canada as he too ran about in the accoutrement of the enemy; specifically, Nazi regalia during WW2……..and yet another ode to the stupidity and masochistic nature of Canadians, we elected that same Leftist/Liberal piece of garbage………more than twice.

    And now this little Leftist/Liberal whelp, singing the praises of the vulgar Muslim through his fecal flecked dental-work.

    How the vulgar Muslim must soil itself with laughter at the sight of this little pompous worm as Trudeau writhes and wiggles at the approaching footsteps of his Muslim masters.

    How ridiculous.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  6. By the way…….excellent post of the video clip…..

    I am still looking for more archival footage of the Khadr Family………anyone?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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