The horrors of Islam and leftism for June 1 2014 – 2

1. interesting tweet from captured/deserter ‘US’ soldier’ father Obama traded a bunch of top terrorists for.

2. Excellent video from an Arab exposing the utter lunacy of the BDS movement

3. Tories fund program hoping to combat ‘honour’ crimes in Canada’s Muslim community

Kellie Leitch, the federal Status of Women Minister who is also an orthopedic surgeon, uses her experience in the operating room to explain the delicate reasons for the government’s special funding announcement Thursday to combat “honour” crimes in Canada’s Muslim community.

“Not every broken elbow is the same and I take a different approach in the operating room to fixing certain types of fractures of the elbow depending on what might need to be addressed,” she said in an interview Thursday.

“And I think we see those differences amongst ethno-cultural groups as well,” she said, noting different communities often deal with different family violence issues.

“They are different amongst different ethnic groups; they are different amongst different cultural groups. They require, sometimes, a different approach.”

4. A rather good, if enraging, article on the illegal prisoner exchange Obama did for a deserter and probable agent of treason.

Whenever his name came up in conversations, the response was always that he was one of ours, that we leave no man behind and we must get him back. Having him remain in the hands of the enemy was an insult to the code of honor that is so much a part of the military culture. When we got him back, we’d address those questions, not before. Now, the gloves are off. Now, the truth can come out. Yes, this will be painful for his family but they have been given every consideration until now. And they have always known he was, at least initially, a willing participant in his capture.

5. An interesting article contrasting the direction of the US and Russia. Dr. Dre and Putin.

What we do with our freedom is another thing. Apple has just bought Dr. Dre’s earphone company for $3.2 billion, making the rapper one of the country’s wealthiest men. One presumes that the selling point of his earphones is not their superior technical characteristics but their association with Dre’s rapping, which is too disgusting to illustrate on this site; readers may satisfy their prurient curiosity here.  Dre raps about drug use, rape, pimping and violence: he is a repulsive degenerate whom a healthy society would excrete and forget. Dre’s $3.2 billion score gauges the popularity of evocations of rape and murder.

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  1. Northern Nigeria bomb blast ‘kills football spectators’ (BBC, June 1, 2014)

    “At least 14 people have been killed in a bomb attack on a bar that was screening a televised football match in north-eastern Nigeria, police say. The attack place in the town of Mubi in Adamawa state, close to the border with Cameroon.

    Adamawa is one of three states that have been placed under emergency rule because of an insurgency waged by Islamist Boko Haram militants. However, no-one has yet said they carried out the latest attack.

    “So far we have 14 dead while 12 are injured, some of them critically,” said the police spokesman for Adamawa state, Usman Abubakar. Some reports put the death toll higher. According to the BBC’s Nigeria correspondent, Will Ross, it is hard to get eyewitness accounts because of an overnight curfew in the area.

    Bombings by Boko Haram in central and northern Nigeria have killed at least 200 people over the past month…”

  2. #1: Think that was actually from the father, no? Still plenty disturbing to think we may have just traded them their own top jihadis for another potential jihadi. Would really like to know if that god is god or no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.

  3. 3/ Why in the name of all things sane and right is there even something called the ‘Canadian Council of Muslim Women’ ‘empowering Muslim Women to remain true to their Islamic heritage and Canadian identity?’ Why are Canadian tax dollars spent ‘mapping the laws and policies that relate to qiwamah (the husband’s authority) and wilayah (the wife’s submission) in the Canadian context?’ How did this become a ‘Canadian’ problem? For crying out loud. For that matter, why is there a single Muslim in Canada?

  4. 3/ The BS is thick at the CCMW. Getting an orthopedic surgeon Status of Women Minister on board looks rational compared to much else.

    One of the other kafir luminaries involved with CCMW is Pamela Cross, ‘a feminist lawyer’ and author of ‘Muslim & Canadian Family Laws: A Comparative Primer,’ which refers to Allah as ‘God’ and the POS Mo as ‘the Prophet’ throughout. ‘Muslims often hear the strong egalitarian voice of their religion and expect that all laws will have that spirit,’ warns Ms. Cross, giving little indication that she herself has heard the strong anti-egalitarian voice of the 64% of the Koran that Bill Warner calculates is devoted to the kafir.

    The discussion of forced marriage in Islam in this booklet is extremely confusing. In section 3.6, we are told that ‘forcing marriage is largely a cultural practice that is not sanctioned by Muslim laws.’

    But immediately afterward, in section 3.7, POWER OF THE GUARDIAN OVER MARRIAGE, we learn that ‘the traditional Hanbalite, Shafiite and Malikite schools allow the guardian of a virgin girl or woman to contract a marriage without her consent or knowledge.’

    And inexplicably, if forced marriage is not a Muslim issue, ‘Britain, which has Muslim populations similar to Canada’s, is struggling with a significant problem of forced marriage, along with associated honour killings and sequestration of girls in foreign countries for marriage.’

    Section 3.9, AGE AT WHICH A GIRL CAN BE MARRIED, that is, at puberty in Islam, informs that ‘there are minimum ages below which a person cannot be said to have reached puberty, for instance, twelve for boys and nine for girls,’ though not how nine for girls was arrived at and whether this had anything to do with a drooling concupiscent 54—year-old “prophet.” There is a discussion of wet dreams, hymens and pubic hair in their Islamic legal context, clearly another important use of Canadian tax dollars.

    We do learn that ‘a wife’s refusal to engage in sexual relations is considered by the law to be disobedience if she has no valid reason.’ And the consequence of disobedience?

    ‘The husband can “hit” the wife.’

    Quran 4:34 ‘has greatly troubled modern Muslim thinkers.’ It troubles Pamela Cross, too. Although God’s idea about “hitting” wives was ‘in accord with the patriarchal spirit of the era in which it was formed,’ it ‘is not consistent with an equal and loving relationship.’ Looks like feminism trumps God there.

  5. 3/ Even richer, the non-Kafir, non-filthy believer who wrote the Foreward for filthy Kafir Pamela Cross’s 2013 ‘Violence Against Women – Health and Justice for Canadian Muslim Women’ – Asma Barlas, professor of Politics and Director of the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity, at Ithaca College (New York) and author of ‘“Believing Women” in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an.’

    From a capsule review: ‘Does Islam call for the oppression of women?… many Muslims read the Qur’an in ways that seem to justify sexual oppression, inequality, and patriarchy… Taking a wholly different view, Asma Barlas develops a believer’s reading of the Qur’an that demonstrates the radically egalitarian and antipatriarchal nature of its teachings… This new view takes readers into the heart of Islamic teachings on women, gender, and patriarchy, allowing them to understand Islam through its most sacred scripture…’

  6. #1

    Have you looked carefully at the names and positions of the five Taliban that they traded for Bergdahl? They are absolutely huge. To call them merely, “terrorists”, is an underestimation. They gave back five top Islamist leaders in trade for one deserter. Once again, Barrack HUSSEIN al-Obama, Lion of the desert and devoted servant of Allah, is showing his true colors. Every time that guy does anything, you can see evil men all over the world rubbing their hands together and saying, “Excellent, excellent…”

  7. Re: . An interesting article contrasting the direction of the US and Russia. Dr. Dre and Putin.

    The comments are far more illuminating then the article.

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