What would the ‘teachable moment’ be from the shooting of 3 volunteer American doctors in Afghanistan by their own muslim guard?

Everyone agrees that this shooting was, ‘unprovoked’. Which would lead us all to believe that the usual motives for this attack, anger at a person or event for personal reasons, can be discounted. The motive was almost certainly ideological then, and that ideology was Islam. And if that is the case, what does it tell us about religious muslim in positions of trust?

Imagine if a Jewish community center hired a zealous Nazi to guard it. The guard was known to attend Nazi ideological enforcement meetings daily or at least every Friday afternoon. He dressed in the manner of a Nazi faithful and lived in the prescribed lifestyle.

One day he turns on the community center killing as many as he can using the weapon provided to him by the Jewish community center who hired him.

The news reporter asking about this attack asks the following questions:

at 1:02: “And what are we to understand about why this supposedly happened, we are hearing it was a security guard do you think he was an implanted insurgent, or is this about somebody having some sort of psychotic break, what do we understand?”

Answer is that it is too early to speculate. LOL!

Of course the answer goes on to add weight to any possible motive whatsoever so long as it does not allow for the obvious.


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14 Replies to “What would the ‘teachable moment’ be from the shooting of 3 volunteer American doctors in Afghanistan by their own muslim guard?”

  1. Look, why do people like these doctors put themselves in harms way to help a bunch of people who hate them.

    Just get out !

    You cannot help these people even if some are deserving of it, it is an excercise in futility. This may seem heartless but Afghanistan is a basket case and will always be so. The international community have given tens of billions of dollars; the lives of numerous soldiers and volunteers to try to stabilise this benighted country. All to no avail and when the west pulls out it will just go back to what it was before our stupid intervention.

  2. The extinction of stupidity is the one part of Darwinism I can see works. In order to feel good with your action, by putting yourself in harms way you bring pain to your families and your loved ones.

  3. Look at this as evolution in action, every time a fool is killed the average intelligence of the human race raises a fraction of a percentage point.

  4. “It’s still too early to speculate on a motive”

    Yes, of course it is, I agree.

    It will still be too early to speculate when an airship with a giant, scrolling digital sign on the side saying “We are killing you because Islam explicitly tells us to! Which bit of that don’t you Kufar idiots understand?!” flys over every western capital, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the severed heads of non-muslim children thrown out of the gondola onto the streets below for good measure.

  5. imno-
    I agree. If you have warm & fuzzies about Muslims, you’re too compromised, get- out/ or/dead, adios buenas noches. UK was shocked – shocked!! – some “militants” go to Syria disguised as civilian aid workers!!

  6. Everyone agrees that this shooting was, ‘unprovoked’.

    Agreed it was unprovoked. But from the Islamic perspective, these doctors were actually evangelists, as they were working for a Christian charity “Cure”. By doing good for Muslims though they were Christians, they were “provoking” thoughts among Muslims, that perhaps Christianity was better then Islam. This is tantamount to encouraging Apostasy – which everyone who knows Islam, is punishable by death.

  7. DP,
    Completely warped, but you’re right. Imagine hating anything more than you love your own flesh & blood. Whatever this “Allah” figure represents a dark force beyond my comprehension.

  8. The same charity took over Oasis Hospital in Al Ain, in the UAE, in 2006. The hospital was founded in 1960. ‘A population that was once decimated has since surged. Infant mortality rates that stood at 50% are now less than 1%.’

    CURE’s CEO says,‘We do this not because it is what Jesus would do, but because it is what He did.’ They’re out there in the world doing their best to do good, but it’s hard to see how tens of thousands more brainwashed Emiratis are a net benefit in any sense. And why does the oil-soaked UAE need American charity?

  9. Yucki

    One of the dangers that arises for anyone who tries too understand the moral horror of Islam, is that their own minds become warped. Islam perverts everything – good becomes bad, bad becomes good. Such moral inversion evokes horror in any normal person, and if not actively countered in the mind, becomes the new moral truth, An example, I started to read C S Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. The book inverts morality as we know it, and does it so well, that I felt very uncomfortable.

    Therefore it is essential when analyzing Islam and commenting on it, to read something nice or listen to some good music – Bach or Mozart. Its the equivalent of going out for a breath of fresh air.

  10. Thank-you for your kind admonitions
    I avoid altogether those topics I don’t care to understand, from points of view flat-out contradictory to my sense of right & wrong. I’m not a missionary, I’ll leave others to engage with the extremely alien Other.

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