Senior member of Iranian government makes telling threat against the West

This is a partial translation of this article in Farsi by Shabnam.

According to Iran’s state media, Mehr News Agency, Ali Motahari, an Iranian Member of Parliament and a so called ‘moderate conservative’ politician stated that western counties are clueless about the philosophy behind ‘Ghesas’ and executions in Islam. Motahari also said that Islam states that if ANY country/regime prevent spreading of Islam, it must be overthrown and Muslims must unite and intervene as prophet Mohammad had done it many times in his time.

I hope to get a full translation soon. Meanwhile, even a google translation reveals some interesting thinking. Namely the classic totalitarian theme of dehumanization to the point of mass murder of ‘the other’. All unbelievers, this speaker seems to say in the google trans, are not human, and therefore their execution is not really an execution at all. The article also refers specifically to the idea of removing freedom from all peoples, the justification being because they resist accepting the total supremacy of Islam.


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