News links for April 16 2014 – 1

1. “Australian extremists” killed by US drone strikes in Yemen

(And I bet they deserved it. Walking through the desert screaming Waltzing Matilda at the top of their lungs, drinking Fosters and eating BBQ shrimp obnoxiously in front of the locals, using incomprehensible English idioms like ‘fair dinkum’ even when it didn’t apply. Curses on you Australian extremists and the kangaroos you ride in on! As an aside, the article linked has to be the most cowardly so far)

2. US Government Promoting Islam in Czech Republic

(I believe this is a direct and non-ambiguous violation of the US 1st amendment. At least if he did it in the US. I guess the founding fathers couldn’t possibly imagine a president promoting some religion outside the US)

3. A link on some opinions on the Nevada cattle, ‘Save the wee turtle’ issue. 

(I must say, and say with deep and profound sorrow, that I have begun to feel quite differently than I used to, about the US government. Not that long ago I would have volunteered myself to fight for American causes and outcomes as the greatest force for good the world had ever known)

4. India: Socialist Muslim Politician: “Women who are Raped should be Hanged”

5. It seems that the chem-weapons attacks where by the ‘rebels’ assisted by Turkey in order to prompt US involvement in Syria. Go figure!

6. ‘This is England, not North Korea’ – UK Hairdresser Tells Kim Jong Cronies Who Demand Removal of Parody Poster

A hairdresser in West London has described the bizarre incident in which he found himself face to face with North Korean officials who demanded the removal of a poster that parodied their leader Kim Jong-Un’s hairstyle.

Mo Nabbach, who runs M&M Hair Academy in South Ealing, told the Evening Standard that after putting up a poster with the words ‘Bad Hair Day?’ featuring a picture of the North Korean dictator, two ‘officials’ from the nearby North Korean embassy came to demand its removal.

Thank you UK Pete, EDL Buck, Fjordman, Wrath of Khan, M, Snaphanen.Dk and many many more. I am very behind on posting because there is so much to do. Culpas all around if I lost track of a link or person who sent it. The pace quickens it seems.

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  1. 2. US Government Promoting Islam in Czech Republic

    That’s not news. America has been promoting Islam, and siding with fanatic Islamic nations and groups for a long while. The fact that when the rabid Islamic groups that it has supported take power, and start to burn churches and mass murder Christians, it never seems to concern America. In fact they studiously ignore it.

  2. Just reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang and seeing how Western Governments are destroying free speech we will have the same system of lurching to the extremes of ideology. A. N. Wilson, I hope satirically, lampooned His Royal Higness in my last link.

  3. #6 Stopping a hairdresser putting up a poster – because they think they can. The green shoots of Communism are all around. The political class are mandarins.

  4. Hello there….its me again……Don Laird

    @ #1

    When are we going to start stripping these people of citizenship. A prime example is the Khadr family in Canada who have openly called for the destruction of Canada and the murder of Canadians and still we allow them “citizenship”

    We are bloody fools.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  5. YEMEN – Yemen’s al Qaeda leader vows to attack America in new video

    The leader of Al Qaeda’s wing in Yemen has vowed to attack the United States, in a video apparently showing a gathering of the group celebrating a mass jailbreak of fighters.

    In February, attackers mounted a bomb, grenade and gun assault on the main prison in Sanaa in which 29 inmates, including 19 jailed for terrorism-related crimes, escaped.

    The 15-minute video, dated March 2014 and posted on a website used by Islamists, shows masked men waving al Qaeda’s black flag and celebrating the arrival of the freed prisoners.

    Its authenticity could not be independently verified.

    “The Crusader enemy, dear brothers, still possesses cards which he moves around. We have to remember that we are always fighting the biggest enemy,” says a man speaking in the open in a mountainous area, whom the video identifies as its leader Nasser al-Wuhaishi.

    “We have to remove the cross, (and) the bearer of the cross, America,” said Wuhaishi, who appeared with his face uncovered, wearing a T-shirt and sporting the dagger common among Yemeni men.

    The video, entitled “Images from the reception of the freed prisoners from Sanaa’s central prison”, included testimony from fighters involved in the jailbreak.

    “We planned that we would need 10 hand grenades,” said a man identified as Munir al-Bouni.

    Another man said: “Once you got out, you turned right and the guys were waiting.”

  6. The Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization

    The CIIC is a 6-story building in the heart of Montreal’s downtown business and academic districts. It promises to be the hub of Islamic knowledge, culture and spirituality in Montreal.

  7. The MSM will continue to ignore Obama and his people supporting Islam and the murder of Christians since it fits their leftist goals of the destruction of Christianity.

    #3 Our crooked politicians are becoming more blatant about their thefts, in this case Harry Reid is one of the 10 top crooked politicians in the US, Obama and Rahm Emanuel are also in that group.

    #5 I wonder if Obama knew about this when he was trying to get us involved?

    What would the reaction in Britain be if it were an Islamic dictator demanding that a picture be removed?

  8. Richard

    I agree.

    The late Laurence Auster posited that liberal ideology was not just the ruling ideology in the West, but was now a totalitarian ideology. In as much, that any who showed the slightest dissent from the liberal paradigm, would be pilloried and bankrupted for starters, or charged with hate crime, and handed a harsh prison sentence. Thus homosexuality, gay marriage, mass abortion on whims, and such policies were used to destroy tradition, Christianity, marriage between man and woman, coupled with tolerance of the intolerant and murderous, such as Islam. Even the slightest deviation from liberalism, such as opposition to Jihad/Islam by people such as Tony Robinson, was crushed by the might of the state.

    What we are seeing now in the West, is the totalitarian state with liberalism as its ideology. The West, particularly the liberal West, now hates any nation that tries to live by tradition.

    Russia has had a bitter experience of communism. They are now trying to recover from the catastrophe of Stalin. Russians are increasingly turning to Christianity, and traditional values. And my, how the West hates that – particularly the liberal part – Guardian, NYT, etc. Christianity? gosh, what next? They dont hate Saudi Arabia or Islam, as that is culturally to far. But Russia, which shares our Western civilisation – that is too dangerous.

    Who cares for churches burned, and mass murders of Christians in Islamic countries – not America or the UK but Russia. In fact, America and the UK have been the prime movers of the destruction of Christianity in the ME.

    Pray for these poor defenceless people who have no friend in the world but an isolated Russia. Our liberal MSM positively hates Christianity and Christians, and simply ignores the ongoing holocaust.

    Happy Easter.

  9. DP111 the Russians have been racing back to Christianity since the fall of communism, that is why Putin in his quest to become Czar has embraced the role of protector of Christianity. A role he is ill suited for.

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