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1. Here is a perfect example of dhimmi thought by both the author at the DM and Prince Charles. I wonder though. If I were to say that the prince offends the crap out of me, which he does, would he stand by my ‘right’ to pass a death sentence on him? I thought not.

2. Pro-Russians take control of Ukrainian troop carriers

3. Armored vehicles with Russian flags roll in to Ukraine

4. Another police station in East Ukraine taken over by armed men that seem to be rather pro Russian.

5. The Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization

The CIIC is a 6-story building in the heart of Montreal’s downtown business and academic districts. It promises to be the hub of Islamic knowledge, culture and spirituality in Montreal.

6. Is this brazen meeting of hundreds of al-Qaeda leaders a sign they are planning a new round of terrorist attacks?

(The video, courtesy of M, has been sent to our own translators. I hope to have it done soon if its worth it)

7. Now its TWO HUNDRED school girls kidnapped by ‘Boko-Haram. (Western education is forbidden by islam) I would not want to wager what will be done with their victims as it would likely be a crime to even publish what that would be, and yet strangely will be treated as less of a crime by those who actually do it. At least in terms of the apologist, dhimmi media.

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  1. April 16 2014 – Kiev’s anti-terror operation flops

    Ukraine’s military operation against anti-government protesters in the Russian-speaking east of the country appears to be unravelling into a messy flop.

    The very first attempt by the Ukrainian security forces to make a show of force ended in an embarrassing fiasco, with pro-Russian militia taking over their armoured vehicles.

    The “anti-terrorist operation” announced by Kiev two days ago, went into an active phase on Wednesday with a column of airborne, armoured, combat vehicles rolling into Kramatorsk, a town in the rebellious Donetsk region. However, paramilitary protesters who control the town stopped the column and persuaded the paratroopers to switch sides.

    Flying the Russian flag, the column drove to the city of Sloviansk, a stronghold of protests some 20 km away, and parked outside the city hall occupied by militia.

    Later on Wednesday militia leaders in Sloviansk said about 300 paratroopers agreed to lay down their arms and leave the city, while another 60 joined the protesters.

  2. On the Ukraine we are probably watching WWIII develop, and the fact that it is developing is due to Obama and the left cutting the US military to below 12/7/41 levels combined with his attempt to spend the US into bankruptcy.

    #6 It is probably a sign of them going on the offensive, Obama has destroyed our ability to respond to their attacks so they feel safe in doing anything they want.

  3. I am so surprized that the Ukraine are playing a 20th Century war. What America has shown is there are no boarders with drone-strikes and phone-location technology. Terrorists have been triangulated and eliminated. Each disagreeable Dictator has been toppled at will after destablizing the population with psyops. There is no frontline. Bye bye Putin and who is the next decision-maker to take on another country? Would makes them take their meglomanic resolves rather more personally. A top-down war that is over with a replacement ruler… leading a country into a war like Sadam was when given the green light to enter Kuwait… at least the Socialist-Islamic EU Alliance will save us by promising peace.

  4. @ 5 The CIIC

    Hello there….its me again…..Don Laird

    A mosque is a mosque is a mosque and by any other name still smells as rank, still intends to do harm.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  5. “Indian Muslims, decent, moderate citizens, felt and still feel under threat from the Far-Right Hindu nationalist party, who feel justified in their anti-Muslim prejudice as a result of incidents like the fatwa against Rushdie.”

    AN Wilson is a hypocrite and should take his own advice and not offend people of other religions. This caricature of Hindus in India is deeply offensive, and he would never describe Muslims or a Muslim party in the same offensive way.

    What if some Ayatollah like Hindu put a “fatwa” on AN Wilson for his offensive remark against Hindus? He just wrote something utterly prejudiced against Hindus so will Wilson accept a fatwa against him just like Rushdie? I think he would not which shows how shallow his opinion is, and how superficial his concern is about offending minority faiths. There are more Christians and more Muslims than there are Hindus in the world. Wilson should show just as much sensitivity toward Hindus as he does Muslims if not more.

  6. 1/Good idea, Softly.

    5/ Don,
    That’s one Big Mother of a Mosque. In the heart of Toronto’s financial district? That’s heaps of loonies.

    That can accommodate 2000 worshippers? That’s an optimistic outlook for Islam in Canada. And you know, once they do the “allah-blah-blah” thing, it’s theirs, forever.

    It has MBros. written all over it. Which means Canada’s Shiites are gonna want their own, bigger, fancier hang-out.

  7. Greeks, Turks unite in condemning Islamophobic attack in Greece

    Both Greeks and Turks unified on Tuesday in condemning Sunday’s Islamophobic attack in a northern Greek city, where unidentified people placed a pig’s head at the entrance of a mosque frequented by ethnic Turks.

    Nicolas Kozaris, a member of Alexandroupoli’s city council, denounced the attack, saying Muslims and Christians should live peacefully side-by-side.

    The city’s main church also condemned the attack, calling it an “upsetting incident orchestrated to insult Muslims of the region.”

    “The attack cannot spoil the peaceful atmosphere enjoyed in our city,” said Anthimos, Alexandroupoli’s metropolitan bishop.

    Selim Hasanoglu, the keeper of the the mosque, said he expected police to capture the perpetrators as soon as possible and bring them before the court. Consumption of pork is forbidden in Islam and this kind of attacks is perceived as an insult to the religion.

    www ( dot ) worldbulletin ( dot) net/news/133869/greeks-turks-unite-in-condemning-islamophobic-attack-in-greece


    pics :

  8. GLOBE & MAIL : We can end honour killings, but not with films by anti-Muslim zealots

    “Honour killing” is a centuries-old practice affecting primarily Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh women

    Unfortunately, the recent film Honor Diaries may do more harm than good.

    Brandeis University rescinded an honorary doctorate that it was to bestow on Ms. Ali this spring on the grounds that “certain of her past statements are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.” The university had initially been unaware of her strident anti-Islam position.

    Religion is an ally against “honour” killings. Islamic scholars (both Sunni and Shia) have condemned this practice. Their voices need to be amplified, in order to remove any doubts about the immoral nature of this crime. They carry far more legitimacy than anti-Muslim propagandists. But then again, eradicating honour killings was never the goal of Honor Diaries.

  9. Disbanding Muslim Surveillance Draws Praise

    Linda Sarsour, the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, applauds the NYPD decision to disband their Muslim surveillance program but said there’s still concern about the police use of informants to infiltrate mosques.

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